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Heroes: Destiny #3: Capture


Inside a darkened warehouse, Santiago slowly regains consciousness. Elisa and the mysterious blonde lady stand nearby observing him. MBL senses that Elisa is attracted to Santiago. Elisa denies it, saying that he's just a project. But MBL isn't convinced.

Elisa goes over to Santiago. He wants to know where he is and what's happening to him. Elisa tries to explain, but before she gets a chance, Santiago tries to use his powers to escape. But there's no way out. All the exits are locked.

MBL tells Santiago that they want to help him. Elisa reassures him that he's not alone and that there are others out there just like him.

Santiago asks how they know about his powers. MBL tells him that his gift was inherited from his father, a former employee of their organization. She wants Santiago to take his father's place and work for them as an assassin. Santiago refuses, and MBL points a gun at his head. Santiago uses his powers to take away MBL's gun, and points it back at her. MBL says that if anything happens to her then his mother will die. Knowing that he has no choice, Santiago asks who the first target is.

Whilst Santiago is having a shower, Elisa materializes behind him. She says that she's there to save him. They kiss.


Well, now we know how The Organization knew about Santiago's gift. It was inherited from his father. So presumably they've been watching him from afar, waiting for his powers to kick in.

It appears that Elisa has the hots for Santiago. Hardly surprising really. Everyone on this show is so amazingly attractive, it must be difficult to get through the day without someone catching your eye.

Would Santiago have shot MBL, I wonder? A lot of effort seems to have gone into portraying Santiago as some kind of modern day saint. But if MBL hadn't blackmailed him, what would he have done? Was it all just bluff on Santiago's part?

And no obvious connections to The Company thus far. MBL's employer appears to be another organization entirely, with a decidedly darker purpose. Killing rather than capture. Nasty fellows.

MBL seems straight to the point with Santiago. She doesn't sugar coat what she's asking of him. Yes it will involve killing. Elisa however seems to be under the impression that The Organization are all about helping people and making the world a better place. Two sides of the same coin perhaps? Or is Elisa simply repeating the kind of spiel that attracted her to The Organization in the first place? Spiel she's since become disillusioned with?

Longest webisode so far, clocking in at almost six and a half minutes.


MBL: “You're attracted to him, aren't you?”
Elisa: “He's a project, just like the others.”

Elisa: “You're not alone. There are others out there like you. Each of us have a gift. We want you to be a part of something much larger than yourself.”

MBL: We've learned that it's better to apologise than to ask for permission.”

Elisa: “You've been given a gift, Santiago. We're offering you a future. A purpose. We're trying to make the world a better place.”

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