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Lost Missing Pieces #6: Room 23


Room 23 is a locked room located inside the Hydra compound. Alarms are sounding and people are running around frantically. On Benjamin's arrival Juliet tells him that the boy “did it again.” Ben orders Juliet to go talk with him. Juliet refuses. Ben suggests sending in Beatrice, but Juliet informs him that she won't go in either. Neither will Tom. In fact everyone's scared of the boy.

She suggests bringing the boy's father to the compound, but Ben refuses. Juliet tells him that the boy is his responsibility, as it was Ben that wanted him there in the first place. Ben points out that it's actually Jacob that wants the boy there, as he's somehow important.

Juliet says that he's dangerous. Ben protests, reminding her that he's just a child. Juliet takes him outside and shows him a collection of dead birds under a boarded up window. “What kind of a child does this?” she asks.


At a little over 1:20 this is the shortest webisode I've reviewed so far. Who is the boy in the room? Walt seems like the most logical choice. My reasons are:

1. In the fifth missing piece, Juliet reveals to Michael that Walt's abilities are creating a stir amongst the Others.

2. In the episode "Three Minutes" (2:22), Beatrice Klugh says to Walt, “Do you want me to put you in your room again?”, a possible reference to Room 23.

3. Juliet tells Ben that “the boy's father is out there looking for him.” A likely reference to Michael.

4. In the episode "Special" (1:14) a bird crashes into a glass door near Walt.

I found this webisode a little too short to get excited over. And what we are told seems unnecessarily vague. Why the omission of names? What did the boy (Walt?) do that has everyone so scared? They live on an island where smoke monsters roam free, and dead people come back to life. Whatever the boy did, it was surely more than just killing birds.


Juliet: “He did it again.”
Ben: “Did what again?”
Juliet: “You know.”
Ben: “Well, you're going to have to tell him to stop doing it.”

Juliet: “This is your responsibility, you are the one that wanted him here.”
Ben: “Jacob wanted him here. He's important. Special.”

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