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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #3


Aboard the stranded raptor, Brooks offers to examine the ships CO2 scrubbers. He removes a panel from the side of the ship and begins his diagnostic. Behind him, Gaeta whispers to Sweet Eight, "You're her."

We go back in time 15 months. Inside a tent on Cylon-occupied New Caprica, Gaeta and Sweet Eight hold a clandestine meeting. Gaeta gives her a sheet of paper, which she tucks into her jacket before leaving.

Back aboard the raptor, Brooks sees a loose connection but can’t quite reach it. Pilot Eight offers to help and Brooks hands her the pliers. She attempts to fix the problem, but is shocked by the electric current. Esrin tries to kick her free, but she's already dead. Sweet Eight tells Gaeta to check the pliers. He notices that the insulation has been stripped from the grip.


Although short, I found this episode surprisingly difficult to process. I’ve seen it about five times now, and I'm still not sure what parts of it mean. But at least we got some answers this week. Of course, we got a whole load of questions, too.

One thing we do know for certain is that Gaeta and Sweet Eight knew each other back on New Caprica. But in the flashback, who was showing who the list of names? Did Sweet Eight bring the list to show Gaeta? Or was it Gaeta giving the list to Sweet Eight? Either view seems possible.

Initially, I thought the most obvious candidate for Cylon killer was Brooks. Back in the hangar bay he was less than ecstatic to see the two Cylons. Plus there’s no way a competent mechanic would use uninsulated pliers to effect an electrical repair – unless he had an ulterior motive, that is. But how could he have predicted that Pilot Eight would volunteer to help? What if Gaeta had offered instead… or Esrin or Finn? In fact, what if no one had offered? He also seemed genuinely shaken up by her death.

Is it significant that Sweet Eight was the one to draw everyone's attention to the pliers? Was she afraid they would miss this valuable "clue"? Am I being paranoid? Sure I am. But I do wonder sometimes just how "sweet" she actually is.

And has no one in the future heard of CPR? Why didn't someone try to give Pilot Eight the kiss of life? I'd have been in there like a shot.


Gaeta: “You're her.”

Brooks: “My Gods. I was just doing that! I was doing that same thing!”


  1. CPR on a Cylon? That one gave me headaches. First I thought that she downloaded at the moment of death, then I remembered that there was no more downloading, then I thought that you can't breathe life back into a machine after the moment of death, but then I thought that machines can't have life, but that skinjobs are somewhat organic.


    These are too short. I feel like a drug addict that is pissed off about only getting high for 2.5 minutes. Course, I'm just greedy.

  2. Hi Sloth,

    It is a bit of a conundrum isn't it? In the episode "Torn" Gaius strangled a dying Six on board the infected base star......so they must require air to breathe, just like humans do.

    You shoot them they die...you strangle them they die.....you cut them they bleed...they can have babies. I wonder where the physical similarities end?


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