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Buffy Season Eight: Time of Your Life, Part 3

Melaka: "Summers, you drive like a spaz!"
Buffy: "And that phrase stood the test of time?"


Buffy, reading through Fray's old books, is extremely upset about the no-more-slayers thing, as well as the world-not-being-better thing.

Xander and Dawn have fled into the woods away from the "flamey snakey ren-fair monsters." As they are pondering their next move and making the predictable horse jokes, they are confronted by forest souls, who look like huge, flaming, mystical tree things. (What's with all the flamey and snakey beings lately?)

Harth and minions show up somewhere above Gunther's watery lair, angry that Gunther has fed Melaka information. Gunther threatens Harth with sunlight. Harth counters with the fact that lurks don't breathe, and they all jump into the water after Gunther.

Buffy and Malaka are in a flying car again, with Buffy driving, not very well. Melaka sees people injured and hurt and surrounded by vampires wrapped in bandages (did I get this right?), and jumps in to slay. Buffy wants to find the source of the lurks in order to take them all out, so she waits in the car. Future Willow is waiting in the shadows for Melaka; she wants Melaka to take out Buffy. Melaka is not so inclined.

Present Willow is naked and on a mystical plane somewhere with her Snake-demon-woman (you can tell it's a mystical plane because of all of the clouds and fog). Willow says that Snake-demon-woman lied to her about Buffy and asks for help getting Buffy back. Snake-demon-woman says that the time rift will open again that night and Willow can grab Buffy and bring her back, but that Willow herself cannot look into the future.

The flying car gets away from Buffy and she goes back to Melaka's, only to encounter Melaka's sister, Erin the cop. Melaka shows up and shoots Buffy, telling Erin she's doing it to save the world.


Big apologies. I was completely overwhelmed by the new fall season combined with my lack of knowledge about Fray. And the winter/spring television season will be even busier for me than the fall.

Apparently, all the demons and all the slayers ended during Buffy's time. Is that why Future Willow is still alive, and a madwoman? Because she was the one who activated all the slayers? And the Snake-demon-woman plot about Present Willow getting Buffy back but not looking into the future is intriguing. We all know how curious Willow is, and lately Willow has been somewhat full of herself and sure of her power. What will happen if Willow looks into the future and sees herself? Which must be what Snake-demon-woman doesn't want Willow to do.

I also thought it was interesting that Future Willow pointed out to Melaka that she and Buffy had something huge in common, other than being slayers -- that the most important men in both their lives were vampires, the enemy.

This issue ended with many, many cliffhangers. Stay tuned. The most intriguing of which is, how can Buffy go back? Won't she change the future, which is Melaka's present?

Bits and pieces:

-- Future Willow is no longer human. She's not a vampire, either. What is she?

-- Buffy likes that she was famous. She brings it up a lot. "You may have read about me."

-- Erin called Buffy "Puffy."

-- Didn't Principal Snyder say, "Summers, you drive like a spaz" in the episode, "Band Candy"?


Buffy: "I created a race of slayers. To tip the scales, to beat back the darkness, to make the world better. But they're not in the books. Not a mention. Nothing. And the better world... turns out like this. Wow. Spoiler alert."

Xander: "How're you feeling?"
Dawn: "Like I was ridden hard and put away wet."
Xander: "Agh! Dawn, that's dis -- oh. No. It's just true."

Xander: "Bomb. Plus magic. Equals..."
Dawn: "Warren and Amy."
Xander: "The Laurel and Hardy of being a dick."
Dawn: "Man, I'd love to get them under my hooves."
Xander: "Amen. But first we gotta find a way out of these woods, before there's any more -- "
Huge tree thingy: "Intruders must die!"
Xander: "Why do I open my mouth?"

Dawn: "What's your deal, anyway? With the fire and the branches and the sword -- did you get caught in a legend blender?"
Legend blender. That one made me laugh out loud for awhile.

Melaka: "We both want riddance on the lurks."
Future Willow: "The most important men in both your lives are 'lurks'. You think it's really that simple?"

On to the finale,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.

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