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Heroes: Destiny #4: Escape


Elisa tells Santiago that they need to escape. She tells him that neither of them belong there. She also reveals that his father wasn't a bad man. He was simply destroyed by The Organization. They kiss and she dissolves... slips under the door and unlocks it from the other side. MBL and her henchmen appear. Santiago uses his powers to get both himself and Elisa to safety.

Outside, Santiago realises he's no longer in Peru. He's in Chicago. A car speeds towards them and Elisa saves them from injury by pushing Santiago to safety and turning herself to water. The car passes right through her.

They arrive at Santiago's church where his Mother Iris is praying alone. Santiago tells her that his father had been keeping secrets from them. Iris tells him that she's been keeping some secrets of her own, and creates a fire in the palm of her hand. She warns him that now they know about his powers, running is no longer an option. It's time to fight. Santiago gets a text through on his phone, urging him outside.

Outside, MBL is arranging to kill all three of them, when Santiago's father Edward appears, seemingly out of nowhere. He confesses to staging his own death to protect Santiago. But MBL has betrayed him. He uses some kind of lightning charge to incapacitate her. Santiago appears behind him and they embrace. Behind them, MBL regains consciousness and clutches a key tightly in the palm of her hand.


Another comparatively long webisode, clocking in at around 6:42. I must say, I think this second batch of webisodes worked slightly better than the first. The first series was too short, and when you're coming at new characters cold, there's just not enough time to warm to them. Plus, each webisode in the first series followed too predictable a pattern. Baddie turns up, baddie gets obliterated. Rinse and repeat.

Edward's abilities appear to be a combination of accelerated probability, super speed and some kind of lightning power, which he can mould into the shape of a ball.

Why didn't MBL do something the instant she saw Edward powering up? She just stood there and watched him for almost eight seconds. I mean, come on! You know what's coming. Get behind a tree. Run away. Shoot him with your taser. Do something!

The appearance of Santiago's father, although partially set up by his mention in previous webisodes, still felt a little tacked on. Too much clich├ęd exposition in the last minute or so of the episode. I think I'd have preferred to see Elisa, Santiago and Iris take MBL and Co out themselves (although to be fair, Elisa and Iris' powers would probably have cancelled each other out).

Iris' power appears to be pyrokinesis, a power also possessed by Flint, Meredith and Peter Petrelli. Present day Peter absorbed the power from Flint, whilst future Peter absorbed it from Meredith. Wow! Complicated.

Was this the last webisode of the series? It was billed as a tetralogy, so I'm assuming that it was. But what happens now? Who is MBL working for? What's the key for? Questions I hope we get answers to, and soon.


Elisa: “You don't belong here, Santiago. Neither do I.”

Elisa: “I met your Father. He was a proud, brave man. But they destroyed him. Every day, every mission, they took another piece of him until there was nothing left. I feel it happening to me. They're changing me. I don't want that to happen to you, too.”

Iris: “Now that they know about you, we can't run. Not any more. It's time to fight.”

Edward: “I staged my own death, to get out of this life. To protect my family.”
MBL: “There were never any guarantees.”
Edward: “So you betrayed me? After all we've been through?”
MBL: “Like I said, I had no choice.”
Edward: “No, but you are responsible. And we always have choice.”

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