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Dexter: Go Your Own Way

Dexter: "Just what I ordered. Feigned civility with a heaping side of betrayal."

Dexter seriously underestimated how completely ruthless Miguel is. But then again, Miguel still does not realize with whom he is screwing.

This episode just flew by and was over before I knew it. It was a deadly chess game between Dexter and Miguel with human pieces – Syl, Deb, Rita, Maria, George King, and finally, Dexter himself. (I was expecting it to be "disrespecting" Deb, so that was a surprise.) Dexter in mortal danger isn't an easy thing for the writers to pull off, since the title of the show is Dexter, we know it's been renewed for two more seasons, and we can be reasonably certain that Dexter himself will survive. But putting Dexter bound and helpless in the trunk of a car, kidnapped by a man who skins people to death? I think you could say it's a tense situation. I'm not going to feel comfortable until this freaking season is over, let me tell you.

Miguel was ready to seduce Maria to keep her under his thumb, so to speak, but he seriously underestimated Maria, just as he has seriously underestimated Dexter. Maria now knows that Miguel wasn't home the night Ellen was killed, and a monster SUV like Miguel's was seen in the neighborhood. Old friend or no old friend, Maria is a good cop, and Ellen was important to her; Miguel is going to have serious legal trouble. I don't think Dexter will let Miguel live long enough to go to jail, though. Miguel was actually threatening to get search warrants for Dexter's apartment and boat. Even worse, he was threatening to tell Rita the truth about Dexter, and start an ethics investigation on Deb. No, I'm betting Miguel won't live long enough to do time. Although I've been wrong before. Many, many times.

I was expecting the Deb/Anton relationship to blow up, and it did. Anton actually should sue the city for what happened to him. Quinn apparently has his good points, but his laziness and corner-cutting nearly killed Anton. Deb has been seriously out of control, too, although it doesn't seem fair that she might not get her shield, after all. Why isn't it fair? Because she's Deb, and I like her. How's that for objectivity?

Bits and pieces:

-- Loved the dry cleaning ticket to the Shirt of Trust in place of Ellen's ring in Miguel's humidor. One little piece of paper said it all.

-- Totally on the other end of the spectrum from Miguel, Dexter was a good friend and warned Angel not to cross the line and do something inappropriate to the john who hurt Barbara. And Angel took Dexter's advice. I got the feeling that something was going on with Barbara and that guy that she didn't say, though.

-- Was this the first time we saw Deb's new apartment? I think it was.

-- "George Washington King." And he's from Nicaragua? Sounds like an America-worshiping alias to me.

-- The author of the Dexter novels, Jeff Lindsay, had a cameo as the cop guarding Barbara Gianni's hospital room. I haven't read the novels (on purpose, and I won't until after the series is over), but I can't imagine any writer could be displeased with an interpretation of his novels that is this good.

-- Miguel brought up his brother Oscar again. A reminder that that situation still hasn't been resolved. Miguel certainly doesn't know who killed Oscar. If he found out, his blood pressure would probably make his heart explode.

-- The thought of Vince Masuka throwing a bachelor party for Dexter just makes me smile. I'm sure it will be completely inappropriate and embarrassing. Can't wait.

-- In this week's hair report, is it me, or did Dexter's hair suddenly get shorter?


Rita: "His best friend is cheating on my best friend, and he won't tell me with who."
Deb: (to Dexter) "You have a best friend?"

Masuka: "I am taking donations for Dexter Morgan's bachelor party. Produced and directed by Vince Masuka, a Vince Masuka production. Dig deep now, it's gonna be off the charts. We're gonna have Sergeant Cop-a-Feel, Jo-Jo the lesbo go-go, Maureen the limber mermaid and her even more limber friend, Nadia the Russian gymnast."

Angel: "Maybe you should keep the party low-key."
Masuka: "I got a reputation to live up to. I mean, if my show does not make people vomit and have an erection at the same time, then I've let my audience down."

Masuka: "Come on, I was just joking. The party's for Opie out there. A hooker is a terrible thing to waste."
Dexter's friends see him as Opie. Too funny.

Rita: "I feel like Cinderella. Except for the whole Disney virgin thing."
Syl: "Don't worry. No one will know Prince Charming knocked you up before the ball."
Nice dress. Is this wedding really going to happen? I think it is.

Dexter: "Wow. I didn't get it before, Miguel. But you can't be reasoned with, guilted, controlled. This whole back and forth game for leverage is pointless."

Dexter: "My search for connection always ends in blood."

And yet another excellent episode. Was this a four? What's your rating?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. As someone who's read the books, I can tell you that the series is actually better than the books lol. At this point you could probably read them without being spoiled for anything; season 1 was basically book 1, and then the series branched off on its own from there, with a few details from book 2 mixed in.

    Books 1 and 2 are great, but the 3rd one totally jumped the shark. And I find Dexter more likable in the series; he's definitely colder in the books. I mean in the show he isn't a complete sociopath--he obviously does care about Deb and Rita and her kids. And Rita is such a better, more developed character in the show. He doesn't actually care much about Rita in the books. He just likes her kids. :/

    So yeah, overall I enjoy the series much better. I really did enjoy the first 2 books, but I also read them before the show came out. :) Michael C Hall is just too amazing as Dexter, and the rest of the cast is great too.

    As for this latest episode... wow, I'm enjoying this deadly game between Miguel and Dexter. Season 3 started out slow but it reallllly ramped up. Can't wait to see the last two episodes!

    I did not see Miguel sending the skinner after Dexter coming at all... And you're right, I can't wait for the reaction when Dexter tells Miguel he killed his little brother... hopefully when Miguel is being pinned down by yards of plastic. ;)

  2. Anyone else get the feeling that Miguel is actually responsible for setting George Skinner loose on the city? I thought I heard him say "That's why I got you out."
    And apparently let him continue even after he learned Freebo was dead. It raises the question - how many serial killers does Miguel have on his "team"?

  3. Definitely a four. I've already watched the episode five times, which is usually a sign.

    I did originally think that King had been connected to Miguel all along, but now I am not so sure. Their conversation didn't seem to have much familiarity in it.

    But it's certainly possible. Maybe Oscar was Miguel's first hired goon - when he died Miguel got King, and when suspicion started to fall on King, Miguel decided to dispose of him (by killing him, with Dexter). Then King would be replaced by Dexter, whom Miguel had been manipulating in preparation.

  4. I think Miguel and George King's relationship only started in the last episode, when they were alone for a few minutes in the interrogation room, with the camera off.

    Kelly, thanks for the info on the books. I bet I would feel the same way about them, so maybe I won't read them after all. I like Dexter as he is on the show.

  5. Solid episode, certainly ratcheted up the tension in a lot of moments.

    Miguel and Dexter's cat and mouse antics are brilliant. Both are seriously underestimating the other but Dexter will triumph eventually of course.

    Miguel in cahoots with the Skinner makes sense and now Dexter has been snared by him. I thought those two were never gonna properly meet up.

    Deb, Quinn and Anton are a mess. Quinn varies for me but Anton had every right to be furious. Deb needs to make a decision.

    When did Rita become such a harpie? You don't tell someone that their husband's cheating on them unless you know for definite. Dexter never said that Miguel was cheating on Sylvia.

    I like that Maria began to piece some things in regards to Ellen's murder. Hopefully she'll bust Miguel and that Dexter kills him of course.

    Angel could've killed Barbara's attacker but he didn't. Good move on his part and Vince surprisingly hit it off with Tammy.

    With Jeff Lindsay making an appearance on Dexter, I wonder when Charlainne Harris will do the same on True Blood, 9/10.

  6. Giving this season a re-watch and have just lost it at the scene on the rooftop with Miguel and Dexter...

    Miguel (untucking his shirt and pointing to the faded blood): “Think this is funny?”
    Dexter: “Not at all, they said that stain would come OUT!”

    This is why I loved this show for so long!


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