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Lost Missing Pieces #11: Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course


Jin, Michael and Hurley are playing golf. All Jin needs to do to win is sink the putt. But he misses by about ten inches. As Michael celebrates, Jin suddenly and inexplicably flips out. He's angry at how stupid the game is. He's angry about not being happy. He's angry that no one can understand him... and he's angry about losing the game to Hurley and Michael, of all people.

Michael and Hurley, unsure as to the cause of Jin's outburst, eventually leave him to himself.


A hilarious yet touching webisode. Again, it's short. But it does give us an explanation as to why we don't see the Losties playing golf so much these days. Jin's tantrum seems to have sapped their enthusiasm for the game. Of course Jin's outburst has nothing to do with golf and everything to do with his crummy life. But Michael and Hurley aren't to know that.

The webisode focuses mainly on Jin's continued isolation and frustration. Stood on the golf course with his two friends, he can't even explain to them why he's so upset. And therein lies the problem. Because he can't speak English, he has no means of communication. He can't confide in anyone, nor can he make his voice heard when important decisions are being made. Even his angry outburst falls on deaf ears.

Hurley makes the observation that although Jin can't understand him, he can “feel" him, and there's probably an element of truth to that. Hurley can certainly "feel" Jin. Although baffled by his outburst on the golf course, Hurley is intuitive enough to know that all Jin needs is some space to vent his anger.

The way Jin holds the ball in his hand and shrieks at it, before breaking down into tears, is both amusing and heartbreaking. And why not shout at the ball? It probably has as much chance of understanding him as his two bewildered friends.

Jin's last words are desperate. “I'm so alone.” And he truly is.


Hurley: “All right, Jin. You sink this putt, you win.”
Michael: “He can't understand you.”
Hurley: “He can feel me, dude. He can feel me.”

Jin: “How can I lose to both Hurley and Michael!?”
Hurley: “I think I heard our names in there somewhere.”

Jin: “Who invented this crazy game? No! You horrible ball. Why!?"
Michael: (unsure) “Maybe we should... do something."

Hurley: “Maybe we should take a break from golf for a while.”

Jin: “I'm so alone.”

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