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Lost Missing Pieces #12: The Envelope

Where it fits

During the episode "A Tale of Two Cities."


Whilst rescuing burning muffins from the oven, Juliet burns her hand. She runs it under a cold tap and reassures a concerned Amelia that she's fine. Amelia senses there's a problem between her and Ben, and asks whether Juliet has invited him to the book club meeting. Juliet admits that things are currently a little awkward between them. Amelia guesses that Ben has told Juliet how he really feels. Juliet tells her that he hasn't said anything, but admits to there being other complications. Amelia wants to know what's going on. Juliet tells her that they're in trouble, and after making Amelia swear a vow of secrecy, she removes an envelope from the kitchen drawer. Before we get to see what's in the envelope, the door bell rings.


Pretty short and uninformative, this one. In fact, the webisode seems to be more of a deleted scene than anything else. The kitchen sequence is discussed by Elizabeth Mitchell and Damon Lindelof in the audio commentary of "A Tale of Two Cities." The kitchen stills were used to promote the episode, but the filmed footage never made it into the final cut.

We find out what's in the envelope in the episode "One of Us." Karl gives the envelope to Juliet. It contains Ben's X-rays, which reveal a tumour on his L4 vertebrae.

I was a little disappointed with this webisode. It tries its best to be mysterious, but since we already know the answers to the questions it poses, it has no real impact.


Amelia: “What happened, Julie?”
Juliet: “I think... I think we're in big trouble.”
Amelia: “Are we?”
Juliet: “I need... if I show you something, do you promise not to tell anyone? Do you swear? Not anyone?”

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