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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #5


Pilot Eight's body is jettisoned into space. Sweet Eight observes the ceremony, her face contorted with grief. Later, whilst everyone's sleeping, Gaeta, clearly in pain, injects himself with morpha. Beside him, Sweet Eight watches silently, before closing her eyes and pretending to sleep.

We flash back to New Caprica. Sweet Eight tells Gaeta that she's managed to rescue two people from the list. But on relating the story of a missing child, she unexpectedly starts to cry. Gaeta tries to console her and tells her that she's saved so many already. The two of them kiss.

Aboard the raptor, Sweet Eight wakes a still groggy Gaeta. She tells him that by plugging herself into the raptor's interface she can determine the corrupted memory address. But she warns that if seen, the others will think she's sabotaging the ship. So she asks Gaeta to stand guard.

Suddenly Brooks slumps to one side and Gaeta discovers two empty morpha syringes about his person. The rest of the crew wake up, and in the panic that ensues they restrain Sweet Eight, believing her to be responsible for Brooks' death. Gaeta tries to speak up in her defence, pointing out that it could have been suicide. But Sweet Eight tells him it's okay.


Schindler's List anyone? Or more precisely Gaeta's list. The idea of the list... Sweet Eight's sadness at not being able to get more people out... all very reminiscent of the closing scenes of Spielberg's epic. The question is, which character will Sweet Eight turn out to be? Amon Göth or Itzhak Stern? Place your bets, folks.

It also looks as if the evidence is mounting against Sweet Eight. She saw Gaeta injecting himself with morpha shortly before Brooks mysteriously died from a morpha overdose. This obviously gives us, the viewer, a cause for concern. But by the same token she looked genuinely upset when Pilot Eight's body was ejected into space... and her behaviour in the flashback sequences, well... what are we supposed to make of those? Is the Eight back on New Caprica and the Eight aboard the raptor even the same person? Or is it possible that the Eight on New Caprica died long ago and another Eight is using her memories to fool Gaeta?

And poor Brooks: almost electrocuted the episode before last... morpha overdose this episode. Someone really has it in for that guy.

Thankfully we got some kissing this episode. Not because I like the thought of Gaeta and Sweet Eight kissing. It's more to do with the fact that their relationship has been ambiguous from the word go, so it's nice to have one piece of the puzzle in place. So Gaeta's officially bisexual then? No wait... homosexual... hang on, heterosexual... no... dare I say it, robosexual?!

And how blunt did that needle look? I hate watching injections (I counted four in the last episode of Heroes... urghhhh). But that needle had no point on it at all! He might as well have injected himself with a drinking straw.


Sweet Eight: "I tried so hard... I tried so hard."
Gaeta: "You did great. You saved so many of them."

Gaeta: "Wait, he might have killed himself. We don't know."
Sweet Eight: "It's okay, I understand. It's okay."


  1. We just got caught up through Ep. 7 last night. I definitely had instant flashes of Schindler's List when I saw this episode.

    I don't know what to make of Sweet Eight's behavior. Your theory about her maybe just using the memories to manipulate Gaeta is interesting.

    But I also wonder if we are too obviously being directed to suspect Sweet Eight. Maybe the killer is someone else entirely.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the more recent episodes. They've been giving me some ideas re: the events of the main series.

  2. Hi Jess,

    Just watched episode seven an hour ago and I agree, somethings not quite right. It's looking all too clear cut. Of course, it's possible they've been setting us up all along. In fact, I rather hope that they have....lol.

    These have actually been pretty decent webisodes.

  3. As to the Schindler's List reference, that was exactly my thought when I watched this episode. But I think Gaeta would be Itzhak Stern and that Sweet Eight would either be Amon Goth or Oscar Schindler.

  4. Hi Peter,

    Yeah, the analogy isn't exact. Gaeta's wrote the list, hence Gaeta's list, but Sweet Eight is the one doing the saving...or at least we assume she is. I guess the two of them are more a composite Schindler.



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