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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #6


Racetrack and Hoshi continue their search for the missing crew. Their first FTL jump brings up nothing on DRADIS... so they jump again.

Aboard the missing raptor, Gaeta awakes to find Sweet Eight free of her bonds. She asks him not to wake the rest of the crew. He gives her a scalpel and she cuts a hole in the palm of her hand, into which he forces one of the ship's data cables. Once connected to the ship, she struggles to project because of the low oxygen. Gaeta asks what she's projecting and with a smile she says, “You know where I am.”

We briefly flash back to their kiss on New Caprica – and then we're back aboard the raptor, where Gaeta and Sweet Eight are about to kiss again. He tells her he has someone now. Sweet Eight tells him she's glad, and that he deserves someone – they kiss passionately. The kiss is broken when information starts to flood through the data cable. Sweet Eight claims she's found the fleet, and tells him to prepare to jump.


Well, I know we've been expecting it, but Gaeta... really! One minute he's dreaming of new beau Hoshi... next minute he's locking lips with Sweet Eight in a full on cylon-human snogarama. I suppose to his credit he did at least mention he was in a relationship. Always best to get these things out of the way, I suppose. But his willpower did seem to crumble rather quickly. Not that I blame him. I'm just pretending to take the moral high road, when really I'm thinking... lucky chap!

And why oh why must we have so much pain? Injections with blunt needles, scalpels cutting through flesh... arghhh! When I saw that scalpel go in, I felt my toes curl.

And why do I get the distinct feeling that where ever it is they're jumping to, it's not going to be home? When she said to him, “That's trusting,” I thought to myself “Yes it is, Gaeta, don't do it, you fool!” And then he only went and gave her a scalpel, the most cringe-inducing weapon known to man. This isn't looking good. Let's just hope no one gets sliced next week. Gaeta's making some weird decisions lately. Perhaps it's the morpha.


Gaeta: “You undid those yourself?”
Eight: “You gonna tie me up again?”
Gaeta: “I was gonna untie you.”
Eight: “That's trusting.”

Gaeta: “Okay, what are you projecting?”
Eight: “You know where I am.”

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