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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #7


Aboard raptor 1029, Racetrack and Hoshi are discussing Gaeta. Hoshi tells her of Gaeta's penchant for doing the right thing. Racetrack compliments him on his strong moral core, but points out that such convictions often lead to death. She apologises for her faux pas, but Hoshi tells her it's okay and they continue their search.

Back aboard the missing raptor the jump is complete. Gaeta notes that their reserve power is almost gone and is frustrated to find that there's still no one in DRADIS range. Sweet Eight offers to send out a pulse – she tells him that if anyone's close enough to hear it, they should be rescued within ten hours.

Gaeta, wanting to give Finn and Esrin the good news that they're almost home, finds them both dead at the controls – their throats cut. Gaeta stares across at Sweet Eight, who hold his gaze silently.


Okay, so in the grand scheme of things, giving Eight the scalpel was a bad idea. As in fact has been virtually everything Gaeta's done since stepping aboard the raptor. And was anything actually achieved on New Caprica? Or was Sweet Eight (assuming it's the same model) simply using him for information, perhaps throwing him the odd freed prisoner every now and then to create the fa├žade she was on his side?

Anyway, it's going to take a humdinger of an excuse to extricate her from blame here. So it looks as if we've found our killer... unless someone's hiding under one of the seats. Surprise!

As a side note, how long have Esrin and Finn been dead? They looked a little grey. Or was that just the poor lighting in the raptor?


Hoshi: “He's got this fire about doing the right thing.”
Racetrack: “A moral core, eh? You don't see a lot of that.”
Hoshi: “No, no you don't.”
Racetrack: “I guess it's cos it can get you so killed.”


  1. I still think Sweet Eight is the too obvious enemy here. It is possible that Gaeta is the killer. They are already in an oxygen deprived state that can lead to delusions and irrational behavior. Plus, he's dosing himself pretty heavily with morpha. He could be doing it and not know it (which may later lead to problems with his moral core).

    Maybe Sweet Eight knows that he's the guilty party and is trying to protect him because of their past. She told him she "understood" when they tied her up.

    Or maybe this is all in his head. A massive delusion caused by lack of oxygen and drugs. Something he secretly fears about himself.

    (Confession: my husband and I think Gaeta is the final Cylon. I'm not sure how this fits with D'Anna's revelation that only four of the five were among the fleet, but he remains our favorite candidate at the moment.)

  2. Hi Jess,

    Interesting theories and definitely plausible. I've just watched the next episode and I'm developing an even crazier theory...hopefully I'll get round to posting it later (or maybe tomorrow). But I think you're right....there's more to this than meets the eye.

    I did consider Gaeta being a Cylon. I suppose he already has that mechanical leg ;-)

  3. How did you see the next episode already? It doesn't look like the next one comes out until Monday.

    I like the idea of an even crazier theory. I look forward to hearing it!

  4. Hi Jess,

    Since I'm in England I can only watch them when they come out on youtube....so if it's early then I guess one must have leaked. I did hear that all of them were leaked by amazon at some point. I'm not sure whether that's true or not.

  5. Actually Jess, thanks for letting me know. I was going to post something later on tonight...unaware that it would've been a massive spoiler. I'd best keep it till next week now. Whew!!!

    Thanks again.


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