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Buffy Season Eight: Time of Your Life, Part 1

Willow: "She's never been in New York."
Buffy: "I'm the King Kong of the Worrrrld!"
Willow: "Or, apparently, a limo."


The story begins with Buffy fighting a young woman in mid-air, above a city-scape that looks decidedly science-fiction-like. Buffy doesn't know where she is or whom she is fighting, but both Buffy and her opponent are holding identical Scythes.

Back to the castle, earlier. Buffy, Willow and Xander are eating Chinese food and talking about going to New York to find the power of the Scythe because of what dream-snake-demon-woman told Willow. Even though they recovered the actual Scythe. That makes the kind of sense that doesn't. A commotion draws them outside and they discover Dawn is no longer a giant; she has just become a centaur.

Somewhere in a dungeon, Warren is pitching something to Twilight, with Amy looking on. Pull back, and we see a huge missile, on its side, covered with mystical markings and burning candles, with a book open in front of it.

Buffy and Willow catch a plane (and they're even in first class) to New York. Kennedy greets them and there is a joyous and ubercute Willow/Kennedy reunion. (Bleah.) Buffy is excited about New York, has never been there, gets a charge out of the limo with the sun roof, and has an outfit crisis.

Violet (seventh season potential Slayer Vi, I assume) fills in the New York contingent of slayers and Buffy and Willow on what's going on, which is that there are mystical turf wars all over. They've traced the mystical signature Willow sent them to 53rd and Lex. Willow explains that it's a temporal anomaly. She draws a diagram with a long line and circles.

Back to Scotland. Xander and Centaur Dawn are talking about Willow's assertion that enchantments like Dawn's come in threes. Xander tries to reason with Centaur Dawn, who runs off. Suddenly, incoming -- something (I assume Warren's missile) hits the castle.

Back to New York. Buffy, all dressed up and no place to go, apparently turns into a monster, except she didn't; she apparently traded places mystically with the monster. (When Buffy and the Monster trade places, Kennedy says quietly, "The other look was fine.") Buffy is off somewhere (lost in a space time bubble of sorts) still clutching the Scythe, and in terrible pain. As Kennedy protects Willow from the monster, Buffy arrives in the future. She's hit by someone, I'm guessing Fray. Fray seems to know who Buffy is. Buffy doesn't know who Fray is.


I'm at a disadvantage. I don't read comics in general, and I haven't read Fray. And I don't want to read Fray. Let's hope I can follow the story. (I guess this makes Fray canon?)

A lot of this issue was a witty change of scenery and set up for a new story arc. So much for the castle in Scotland, apparently. Xander wasn't dealing well with losing Renee. He may have just lost all of the other Scotland-based Slayers, too. Let's hope many of them stayed in Japan or went somewhere else or were hanging out in the basement or something.

Lots of funny, clever lines; I had to reign myself in and transcribe only my favorites. And we got a real Scooby meeting only lacking Giles, which gave me a pang. And speaking of pangs, I was not happy to see Kennedy. Even though it was fun having her tell Buffy to keep her "lez faux" grimy paws off Willow. How long do I have to wait for Tara? *sigh*

Dawn made a terrific-looking centaur, and I'm still enjoying this Dawn subplot. Can't wait to see what her third transformation will be.


Xander: "Man, you really haven't lived till you've had Scottish Chinese take-out. Anybody want some more sweet and sour haggis?"

Buffy: "Yay! Dawnie, yay?"
Dawn: "Neigh."

Buffy: "Sorry to leave you holding the bag of oats..."
Xander: "Flicka and I will be fine."
I sense many, many horse jokes approaching.

Willow: "More largesse from your mysterious benefactor who is actually you stealing things?"
Buffy: "You know, we do have some legitimate funding..."

Buffy: "You got a time frame on this mystical event thingie?"
Willow: "I'm guessing midnight."
Buffy: "How come?"
Willow: "I'm a witch. We like midnight."

Violet: "There's dark mages gathering in Tribeca, Harlem is overflowing with fyarls, and there's a blood war in the financial district, which is actually status quo. Oh, and an angry spirit is attacking the cast of Xanadu, don't ask me why."

Dawn: "Great. Three magic enchantments wherein my ass is huge."

Xander: "Mmm, this foot tastes delicious. Ah, what are you gonna do? Who can fathom the mystery that is horse-slash-woman?"

Three stakes?

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.

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