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Heroes: The Recruit #5: The Truth Within


Angela frees Rachel from her restraints and concedes that she's lost the battle. She commends her on being a fighter, much like herself, prompting Rachel to insist that they're nothing alike. Outside a car is waiting to take her to freedom.

Later, Rachel pulls in at a gas station and goes to the bathroom, where she prises the missing vial from her shoulder wound. She dresses the wound before leaving, only to be confronted outside by Angela who's been hiding in the shadows.

Angela admits that the whole interrogation was a test to see whether Rachel was trustworthy. Rachel confesses that she just wanted to find a cure. Angela tells her that her ability is part of her. Rachel hands over the vial and one of Angela's henchmen pulls a hood over her head and drags her away.

Angela makes a video call to Leona.


Okay, it's been pretty obvious from the word go that this whole series has been about Rachel trying to find a cure. We knew pretty early on that she already possessed an ability. We also knew that a vial of serum was missing. So it was relatively easy to fit the pieces together.

Evidently Leona's still alive. That was an interesting tidbit. Shame they didn't elaborate. How can she still be alive? I suppose this is a thread they could pick up in the series proper, but I suspect they won't. At least, not in any meaningful kind of way. She'll probably turn up in a future episode selling doughnuts or something equally as lame.

I wasn't particularly impressed with this series. Having Angela in there was probably its only redeeming feature. We learned zilch about Carlos. Hanover and Sullivan were vaguely interesting but both ended up dead. And Mills just wanted to cure herself... but in the end didn't manage it. The only semi-hmmm-worthy moment was the Leona reveal... and that lost some of its impact by virtue of the fact we've had similar plot lines in the show before (Arthur Petrelli, Claire Bear, etc).

Jesse Alexander was responsible for this webisode series. Anyone remember him from Alias? I think he had co-production duties on Lost, too.


Angela: “I commend you. You are a fighter. We are a rare breed.”

Angela: “This is why I never wanted a daughter. They're so much more complicated. You watch helplessly as the world slips in and turns all the sugar and spice into bitterness and deceit.”

Mills: “I just wanted to try and find a cure... maybe.”
Angela: “Rachel, your ability is as much as part of you as the colour of your eyes. Or the loss of your mother. Leona. Beautiful name.”
Mills: “I'd like to think I'm going to see her again one day.”
Angela: “Well, that's up to God.”


  1. So I watched the first two webisodes, and then I decided to just read your reviews to see if they're worth it. I'm glad I didn't waste my time. They really need to learn some tips about webisodes a la Lost.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. Hi Jamila,

    I was pretty much in the same boat as you. Two episodes in and I was wondering why I was bothering.

    The writing of the main show is so bad at the moment, we perhaps shouldn't be too surprised that the webisodes are poor too. I'm not sure how long the main series can continue. Kring's recent comments, that the fans are "saps and dips**ts", hasn't helped matters much either.

    They should drop the webisodes and concentrate on the main show - before there's no main show left to concentrate on.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Yeah, those comments are ridiculous. But they seem to be a part of a larger problem, which is that the show cannot take responsibility for their own problems. It's always about blaming the fired writers, blaming technology, blaming the strike, etc. etc. etc. It's ridiculous, and doesn't boost confidence in what the show may offer to redeem itself.

    I think the other problem with the series is that it's far too disconnected. There's no proper transition or development from one volume to another, or the series to the webisodes. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. The first episode of "Fugitives" is a (small) step in the right direction, but the fact that I'm watching this show without anticipating any enjoyment is a problem.

    One thing's sure - if it gets any worse, I'll just stop watching, and read Billie's reviews.

  4. The links from Billie's main site to these reviews are busted. Just thought I'd mention it.

  5. Thank you so much, Anonymous. I never would have known. The document I loaded looked correct and had all the right links. It took me half an hour to figure out what I'd done wrong. You know what it was? I left out an equal sign. ONE EQUAL SIGN.

    HTML. Can't live without it, can't dump it into a black hole.


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