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Heroes: The Recruit #4: Day of Reckoning


Angela asks Rachel about her relationship with her mother, only to be told that Leona killed herself. Angela admits to knowing Leona and confesses to being there the day she discovered her abilities. She criticises Leona for being weak and abandoning Rachel. She also tells her that Leona killed herself because she couldn't live with the fact she was different. She urges Rachel to claim her power and accept who she is.

Angela then explains how she knows Rachel has an ability. When the lab was destroyed at Pinehearst, the facility was locked down. Rachel shouldn't have been able to escape. But she did escape... right through a locked door.

Rachel insists that's not who she is. Angela tells her she doesn't believe her and turns to leave.


This must surely be the slowest of all the webisode series. We're four episodes in, with one more to go and to be honest, little of note's happened. There's just so little intrigue. If it wasn't for Angela I would probably have stopped watching two episodes ago. But Angela's dialogue's so good, and she delivers it with such aplomb, you can't help but hang on her every word.

By contrast, Rachel's dialogue is one dimensional. All she seems to say, week in week out, is that she's not special: when it's perfectly obvious to all and sundry that she is. I know it, Angela knows it, and Rachel certainly knows it. Yet she keeps on denying it with such conviction that you can't help but wonder who she's trying to fool. Herself maybe? She's certainly not fooling us.

They did throw us a small bone this week. Apparently Rachel inherited her abilities from her mother, who also possessed some kind of gift. So that would make her abilities natural rather than synthetic.

And how convincing was Angela's speech about her love for her sons? I don't recall seeing much of that love when she ordered Peter's death in “Powerless.” Nor did she seem particularly fazed by Nathan's shooting. Perhaps she's one of those people who internalise their feelings. You think?


Angela: “I have sons... handsome boys. And I love them with all of my heart.”

Angela: “I knew your mother, Rachel. We were girls together, Leona and I. In fact I was there on the day she discovered her power. She was very special. But she was also scared and weak and didn't want to be different. So she chose to kill herself rather to face up to the truth of who she really was. She chose to abandon you, left you to fend for yourself rather than embrace her power and be of service to the world. It's just so difficult sometimes to see the ones we love in the cold light of day.”

Angela: “I know you. I know you went into the service to make your grandpa proud. And I know that you had to fight for every good thing you ever had in your life. But you can stop fighting now, Rachel. Claim your power now, Rachel. This is your day of reckoning.”
Mills: “I'm not special.”
Angela: “There's so much you can do for this world if you just accept who you are.”

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