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Lost: The Lie

Ana Lucia: "Oh yeah. Libby says hi."

This episode was worth it for the Ana Lucia surprise ghost cameo alone. And I loved everyone carrying Sayid around, sort of like the Lost version of Weekend at Bernie's. Even Jack carried Sayid. And Jack discovered that waking Sayid is something you do very carefully.

Hurley's parents were both pretty good parents for a change. They did their bit to earn their millions. I started feeling uncomfortable about Ben being there at the end, though. I hope he didn't do anything to the Reyes'. It was also unfortunate that Hurley chose capture over going with Ben. Before Sayid was shot, he told Hurley to do the opposite of whatever Ben told him to do. Maybe he should have added some caveats, like, not if you're wanted for murder and the only alternative is the cops.

Was everyone else creeped out by Sun "forgiving" Kate for leaving Jin behind? I just didn't believe her. We still don't know who the other person is that Sun blames for Jin's death, but it could very well be Kate.

The most intriguing bit was Ben and his new, mysterious accomplices. We have Jill the butcher who can keep Locke safe. (In a meat locker?) And there was the time travel jewelry shop woman from "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "Catch-22." Is she the mother that Faraday told Desmond to find? The accent certainly makes it believable. Plus the fact that she was writing formulas on a blackboard and typing stuff about event windows. Okay, being a physicist isn't an inherited trait. But why would she be working for Ben? And why would their secret headquarters be under a church?

Actually, she might be the boss, not Ben. She told Ben he only has seventy hours to get all of them back to the Island. Seventy hours? I bet it still takes a whole season, though. Possibly two.

Character bits:

Hugo believed that bad things were happening because he bought into the Oceanic Six lie. This seems to be a trait of his, like his superstition about the lottery numbers.

Jack was sobered up by Ben. That's really funny.

I kept thinking Ben looked really good. Then I realized it was because he was clean for a change, instead of beaten and bloody. He was beaten repeatedly for two whole seasons.

Sawyer got something sharp in his foot again. That happened before, in season three, I think.

Bernard thought he could boy scout a fire. Not so much. Loved Neal, a.k.a. Frogurt, and the flaming arrows. Be careful what you wish for, Neal.

Hurley's father made a caviar and pepperoni sandwich before sitting down to watch Expose'. Must be nice to be rich.

I noticed that Kate was looking less well-groomed and more like Island Kate: messier hair, no make-up. Life on the run will do that to you. Even if you're just now on your way out of town.

Headaches and memory loss. Yeah, Charlotte's gonna die.

Miles can sense the dead. Handy for dead boar finding. If only there hadn't been those flaming arrows.

Sawyer called Neal 'Frogurt'. He didn't call Juliet anything. Has he ever called Juliet a nickname?

Bits and pieces:

— Lots and lots of dialogue about lies and lying, and about how it's not working any more. Because the big lie that the Oceanic Six told is falling apart.

— We have yet another dangerous faction, and this time it's very young, nasty British soldiers who say it's their Island. (The leader had a name tag "Jones".) I really thought that Juliet was in serious trouble for a moment there. Locke came in handy. That was a pun.

— I could swear I saw the word "jarrah" on the soda Hurley was drinking when he told his mother the truth.

— Penny's boat was named "Searcher." No kidding.

— Jack's phone number is 323-555-0156. Cheech's license plate was 2HDQ234. And the ticket Ben pulled at Hill's butcher shop was number 342, with 42 emphasized.

— Even though there was an emphasis on Hurley, there were no single character flashbacks/flashforwards for the first two episodes. This is a significant change in the standard Lost method of storytelling. Will it continue?


Ana Lucia: "What if I were real? What if a real cop stopped you?"

Sawyer: "Welcome back, Doctor Wizard."
Miles: "I think it's Mister Wizard."
Sawyer: "Shut up."

Ben: (to Jill) "Have Gabriel and Jeffrey checked in yet?"
Gabriel and Jeffrey?

Carmen: "Who is Sayid? I thought he was your friend."
Hurley: "He is my friend. He's also got this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff."

Hurley: "I'm a murderer. I killed four people. Three people. However many I did, I killed them. I killed them all."

And here, for your reading enjoyment, are the first four seasons of Lost according to Hurley.

Season one:

"Okay. You see, we did crash. But it was on this crazy island. And we waited for rescue, and there wasn't a rescue. And there was this smoke monster. And there were other people on the island, we called them the Others, and they started attacking us."

Season two:

"And we found some hatches, and there was a button you had to push every hundred and eight minutes, or... well, I was never really clear on that."

Season three:

"But the Others didn't have anything to do with the hatches. That was the Dharma Initiative. They were all dead. The Others killed them. And now they're trying to kill us."

Season four:

"And then we teamed up with the Others because some worse people were coming on a freighter. Desmond's girlfriend's father sent them to kill us. So we stole their helicopter and we flew to their freighter, but it blew up. And we couldn't go back to the Island because it disappeared. So we crashed in the ocean, and we floated there for awhile until a boat came and picked us up. And by then there were six of us. That part was true. But the rest of the people who were on the plane? They're still on that Island."

Okay. I'm exhausted. This was a busy reviewing week, and we just had a minor earthquake here in L.A. Three polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hi Billie,

    Hurley's summary of the past four seasons was an absolute peach. Have you ever heard of a more improbable story? Although his mum said she believed him, I was kind of her expecting to nip out back and phone up the Looney Bin ASAP. I could hardly believe his story and I know it's true...lol.

  2. Yeah, I laughed so much at Hurley's summary. Almost seems like the show is poking fun at itself a little bit, especially when there was also Juliet explaining to Miles about what Desmond had to do in the hatch ("Really?" "Yeah, really".)

    And the reveal of Ms. Hawking at the end? Holy crap. I might just need to re-watch "Flashes Before Your Eyes" now to see what she said to Desmond about time travel...

  3. I don't know why exactly but I think Sun blames Jack for Sin's death. The way she asked Kate about him just seemed off to me. I'm also curious about how they're going to show three years passing on the Island and with seventy hours off it at the same time.

    i loved these two episodes but if I could change anything I would have had Libby appear to Hurley instead of Anna Lucia

  4. Anyone else notice that Neil was wearing a red shirt? You just KNEW he was going to die. For the uninitiated, that was definitely a Star Trek reference.

  5. Damn, Billie, this is a great review. I think I laughed five times. Maybe six, with an additional set of giggles for Hurley's recap of the series, broken down into season. :-)

    I'd forgotten how impressive Jorge Garcia can be. He cries, and the world cries.

  6. I love that the writers have given Hurley such a clear moral compass. He's so guileless, so basically trusting and so childlike (in a good way) that I just love to watch him. I really enjoyed watching his parents being so protective of him. It's nice to see some good parenting for a change.

    His re-cap of the show to his mother was simply wonderful. It made me smile and I was so glad that she believed him. "I don't understand you, but I believe you" brought tears to my eyes.

    Sun scares me no end these days. She is definitely up to something which leaves me wondering how they are going to get her back to the Island.

  7. The soda Hurley was drinking is a soda called Jarritos. Close to Jarrah...

  8. great to see ana lucia again. wish she could stay. i wish some of my friends were dead people/ana lucia.

    hurley's parents were fantastic. wow.

    so hurley don't want to lie anymore eh? he makes this big deal about not wanting to lie anymore, "we shouldn't have lied." it's breaking my heart, he is so right. but then what does the chump go and do? run out to the cops and start lying all over agin. dude -- stop it with the lies. go back to the island and take your awesome parents with you.

    sun -- she is a stone cold B****. i wouldn't trust her. they're going to have to put her in a sayaid coma to get her back on the island. i can see hate in her eyes when she is talking to kate. and she completely has amnesia about all the bad stuff she's done, and sun has done PLENTY of bad stuff. hypocrite.

    i'm glad mouthy neil got an arrow to the chest. my patience for jerks has worn thin.

    my grandmother had a bumper sticker that said "i love my shih tzu." very nice choice hurley. now stop lying!! get back on that island.

  9. Hi Billie!
    I started binging Lost (and your reviews)for the very first time six days ago. I'm bleery eyed and sleep deprived, but just can't stop!
    What a mind blowing,incredible show! Your reviews have helped me so much and any thoughts or questions I've had, you have always addressed, so I've never left a reply... which in retrospect now feels really rude! So let me first just say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    For the first time during this episode I had a thought/question that neither you or your repliers addressed. I'm not sure if you even still monitor your replies to Lost but I figured no harm in asking!
    I wondered if Sun had hired the attorney who had come for the paternity test from Kate and Aaron. I agree that Sun seems to have gone off the deep end and if Kate is the second person she blames for Jin's death what better way to get back at her than to threaten taking away Aaron?
    Well back to binging!
    Thanks again for your wonderful reviews, I'd be simply Lost without them!

  10. Hi, Nancy Warren! Thanks so much for your comment, and it's never too late to post a comment here. Five seasons in six days??? That's amazing.

    And it's been so long since I rewatched Lost that I honestly can't answer your question. I hope this doesn't mean I lose my Lost expert merit badge. :)

  11. They missed a great opportunity here ... Hurley's recap should've been used as a "previously on" at the beginning of an episode at some point. Someone should edit together footage to accompany it.

    I have to say that the most powerful moment for me was when Hurley's mother (after hearing his implausible confession) told him "I believe you. I don't understand you, but I believe you." The relief on his face wrecked me. Gold acting stars for Jorge.


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