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Heroes: Cold Wars

Noah: "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray."

They're trying. I know they are. But it's not working for me. I like Noah and Matt. I should have been emotionally engaged in Noah's suffering and Matt's grief. And I just... wasn't.

I wonder if it's just too late for Heroes to save itself? A good television show lays foundation and builds. The characters and continuity on Heroes have just been fractured too many times; it couldn't carry the weight of this story. It was trying really hard to be like "Company Man," which is probably my favorite episode. But we've already been to this emotional place; we've already seen Noah's conversion to Claire's side. Going there again just didn't work for me.

And speaking of going there again, the ending made me feel like smacking my head. Daphne's alive. Again, lessening any possible dramatic impact by reversing yet another character death. Even worse, we've been in Isaac Mendez's flat before, looking at a painting on the floor of the destruction of an American city. Why are we back there again?

I did like some stuff. I enjoyed seeing Peter, Mohinder and Matt collaborating, although they fell out and destroyed a motel room way too quickly for me. I liked Peter as flying around errand boy. And Angela giving Noah a gold watch and a pension was pretty hilarious.

But (yes, there is more complaining) Nathan's motivations still don't make sense. I went around the bend, nearly killed my own brother, and now I want to make things right by putting him in superhero Gitmo? It doesn't even feel that Nathan is doing this because he hates himself, his own hero-ness. It just feels like they decided to make Nathan the villain because it would be cool, and forgot that they'd already established that he'd never do something like this.

And Peter thinks he can kill someone in cold blood? Um, no.

You know, I could probably write the resolution of "Fugitives" myself. Danko will capture Claire. Nathan will have to use his power to save her, and it will teach him a Valuable Lesson. Danko will die horribly and stay dead, unless his character is popular enough to keep around for later badness. The heroes will join together to save DC from the flames, and the president will give them a secret medal and stop asking his secret guys to put them in prison camps.


Bits and pieces:

-- Peter can still fly. So apparently there isn't a time limit; he just hangs on to the last power until it's overlaid by the next one. I kept wondering if he'd brush up against Mohinder and the next time he tried to take off, he'd plummet strongly to the ground.

-- Mohinder was captured, and is unable to break his chains. Why is that now? I didn't watch it twice; are they drugging him?

-- Again, with Danko and his thing for Claire. And he was just smacked in the face with the probability that Nathan can get places really, really fast. Like Peter. Oops.

-- Nathan: "I thought you'd enjoy the extra time with your family." Noah: "There's only so many crossword puzzles I can do." See I don't get that. If I didn't have to work all day, there's a thousand other things I'd be doing.

Two out of four sighs,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I totally agree with your review Billie, i think it might be too late for heroes to save itself, which is a shame, because i keep watchin the show wanting them to pull it off, but its just not working. I really didnt want heroes to lose me, but i just dont see anything that will keep me coming back, purely because the characters have just become so absurd, i just cannot care for them, things that would normally have been great just seem to fall flat...It is realy upsetting because i had such high hopes for heroes, even after everyone complained during the second season, which i actually thought was decent, i stayed with the show and kept the faith, but now that faith is fast disapearing with every new episode. Thank god i still have Lost, which just seems to get better and better with each season!!!!

  2. You're dead on, Billie. Something here can't be fixed, and a reliance on past plot lines isn't going to reinvigorate anything (it's just a little depressing).

    And since when have crosswords driven someone to moral ambiguity? Why not volunteer to mentor an underprivledged child, or build houses for Habitat for Humanity? Start cultivating orchids? Can HRG really think of nothing else to do with his time?

  3. I was so dissapointed in this ep, especially at the end when we see DC being destroyed, that I did let out a big sigh and say to my fiancee how much heroes sucks now. And like you, I felt no emotion whatsoever during this ep.
    four out of four sighs

  4. You pretty much touched on everything I was thinking, although I liked the idea of going back to the Company. I mean that in terms of Angela and HRG, not in terms of the flashbacks and his reasons. Speaking of, is that REALLY the best they could do? Make HRG go back because he's BORED? That makes him a much less sympathetic character. If normalcy is so boring, I kinda wonder at him forcing it on Claire so much.

    Can't wait for your next Lost review! Thank God there's something consistently interesting on TV!

  5. Please! Enough with the goldang doomsday-future-mural-paintings already! Enough!
    I'm this close, thiiiis close, to giving up on heroes!


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