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Lost: The Little Prince

Sawyer: "Who came in these? Other Others?"
Juliet: "Don't look at me."

And we have French people.

Young, pregnant Danielle. She seemed so sane and normal. Will we get to see Danielle killing her entire crew after they "change"? Will we finally find out what happened to them? At least Jin is alive, and not one of the creepy Walking Dead. I was also glad that some of the French castaways spoke English. After all of his language lessons, it would have been ironic if he couldn't talk with them. (Yeah, future Danielle speaks English. I forgot that for a moment. It's hard thinking in two directions.)

The Oceanic Six are getting closer to a quorum, with Sun in Los Angeles and all. Only a jailbreak stands between Ben and the Oceanic Six doing... exactly what Ben wants. I should have realized that Ben was the one who was after Aaron. That's what the Others do, isn't it? Take children? I actually got chills down my spine when Claire's mother asked who Aaron was. Maybe it was just the exceptionally creepy look on her face afterward.

Interesting package delivery for Sun: transcripts, chocolates, and a gun. Who is she gunning for? It certainly feels like she's after Ben. I hope she's after Ben, because I just don't think he's being honest about his motives for getting everyone back to the Island of Nosebleeds. (If the Oceanic Six don't return soon, everyone on the Island will have blood all over their clothes.) I was less upset about it when it was just Charlotte; she's my least favorite cast member. According to Daniel, it's length of exposure to the Island that's causing it – which means both Charlotte and Miles have been there before, comparable to Juliet's three years. (Yes, I know, Miles is Dr. Chang's baby, yadda yadda yadda.)

Internal clock, shminternal clock. I'm starting to think the nosebleeds are because they're all freaking exhausted. Hiking, rowing, running around in the jungle. Let's go to the Orchid Station. Let's go to the beach. And has anyone actually eaten anything lately, much less slept? At least the boat didn't disappear out from under them. The writers are keeping to the rules: if they're touching something, it goes along. Which is why Sawyer never lets go of that rifle now.

I'm not sure why I'm liking Sawyer and Juliet together so much. It's just a vibe between them, I guess. I especially liked the way she got him to open up about seeing Kate in the jungle. That scene was the emotional center of this episode: Kate helping Claire give birth to the baby Kate is now raising. And it made me think again about the whole "we're giving you the story but it's not in chronological order" thing. Sawyer told Juliet that what's done is done; you can't change the past. But they can learn from it. And I think they are learning from it. It's not just the writers jerking us around in time for the sake of an exciting story. Although that's okay, too.

I should start a weekly section entitled, "What I missed in the previous episode." Let's see. There was Sayid's comment about the cement under the Hatch being like Chernobyl, so that's probably where Jughead is. Even though Widmore's pocket said "Jones," he was called Widmore, which means he was wearing someone else's jacket. (Some dead American soldier, most likely.) I also thought I'd posted something about the jewelry store woman almost certainly being Faraday's mother, but I guess I didn't.

But I thought it. So it counts, right?

Character bits:

In the brief flashback, we learned that lying about Aaron was Kate's idea. Who knew Claire's mother was alive, after all? And after three years, I don't blame Kate for refusing to give him up; he's her son now.

Sayid outwitting the shooter in the hospital just made me laugh out loud. Funny how Sayid is making me laugh this season. He doesn't usually. Drool, yes; laugh, no.

Kate and Sun sharing clothes. I guess if you've lived on a desert island together for 108 days, you're just like sisters.

I kept thinking, what about the rest of the Losties on the beach? But then I started counting. With the cast split into two groups, the only people left on the beach to worry about really are Rose and Bernard. And Vincent. What happened to them?

Still no nickname for Juliet. In fact, there were no Sawyer nicknames at all in this episode. And there is a general nickname-reversal theme. Locke and Juliet both call Sawyer "James." Sayid says Hurley, while Ben pointedly says Hugo. I guess the Others don't go for casual.

Well, Sawyer did call Locke "Johnny Boy." I don't know if that counts, though, since John is his name.

Bits and pieces:

— Ah, The Little Prince. Or as we called it in French class, Le Petit Prince. If you're not familiar with the book, check out the Wikipedia entry. It's full of Losty metaphor goodness. Stranded in a mysterious place, dead but not dead, etc. Aaron would be the obvious choice for the prince. I think.

— Who were the long boat people? I loved Miles and Juliet asking each other who they were. Your people? No. Yours? Miles is growing on me, by the way.

— Ben was driving a van labeled "Canton-Rainier." That's an easy one: "reincarnation." Whose? Locke's? There are so many dead characters now that it could be anybody.

— A bottle from Ajira Airlines based out of India? Finally, an airline that isn't Oceanic.

— Fun with numbers. Kate lived at 42 Panorama Crest. Sayid was out for over 42 hours. They all met at the Long Beach Marina, Slip 23. There was a box from the French ship wreckage labeled "besixdouze," which is B612, the asteroid number in Le Petit Prince. And on the beach, the French castaways could hear "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42" on their walkies. Man, they're so good with the details on this show.

— In the flashback on the boat, Kate talked to Jack about losing Michael, Jin and Sawyer. That seemed odd to me. Why those three? Jin and Sawyer, yes, but Michael? And not all of them are actually dead. Wasn't she closer to Claire and Charlie than to Michael?


Jack: "Are you with me?"
Kate: "I have always been with you."
Except when she was with Sawyer.

Juliet: "What is it?"
Locke: "It's Vincent's."
Sawyer: "Where's the rest of the dog?"

Sawyer: "Thank you, Lord! (a moment later) I take that back!"

Another multi-polar bear episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. From the great and all-knowing lostpedia:

    Ajira translations

    * Ajira is Hindi for "island" or "isle". [3]
    * Ajira in Sanskrit may mean "a place to run or fight", "area" or "court". [4]
    * Ajira in Sanskrit also means "The Body" and "Any object of sense, air, wind, a frog" "Swift" [5]
    * Ajira could refer to the Hegira, or the journey made by Muhammad and his first followers to flee to Medina from persecution in Mecca. This "flight" to Medina resulted in the creation of the first Muslim community, and that city remained the base of Islam until the capture of Mecca some years later. The Hegira is a transformational event in Islamic history. For Muslims, the it marks the beginning of the Islamic era and is thus counted as Year 1 in the Muslim calendar. [6]


  2. Could they have been shot at on the boat by themselves? A past or future version?

  3. Wow...that's an interesting thought Anonymous.

  4. My guess is kate chose Michael, Jin and Sawyer because those are the three people they lost while leaving the island. If it weren't for the bomb and the weight problem, those three would have made it out of the island with them

  5. Sayid just doesn't get a break, does he? For all the time he's been conscious, he's been fighting like 90% of that time. I love it! :)

  6. Great review Billie :-) I've never commented before but I always read your reviews and enjoy them - it gives me a much needed semi-discussion of the episode.

    I just wanted to point out that they can't have been shot at by themselves from the past or future because the other boat had floating stabilisers on both sides whereas their canoe has only one.

    I think we're going to meet some nasty Ajira people sometime soon!

    I fully agree with Billie - we need to see the island losties eat/drink soon or I'm going to have trouble suspending my disbelief!

  7. Thanks so much for the comments, everyone.

    And Harry -- or anyone -- if you're in need of a good discussion, you're welcome to join my Lost discussion group, Lost Reviews. Best group on the web, if I do say so myself.


  8. I am confused by the time line. The Oceanic six have been gone from the island for three years while the nose-bleed gang have been flitting willy-nilly through time. So how much time has passed for Sawer, Locke et al (or is that even a meaningfull question?). What I am getting at is the severity of the time travel sickness is increasing at an alarming rate. If the O6 do go back, how will they get there in time to save anyone? Oh screw ... I am so confued by all this time travel that I can't even frame a semi-intelligent question. I guess my point is what happened to those remaining on the island in the three years that the O6 have been in L.A.?
    Yes, Sawyer watching Claire and Kate was great, so much melancholy (which I love). And I too like the Sawyer/Juliet interactions. They really spark in a low key kind of way. Juliet is a real wise ass and I love that about her. Full of irony and sarcasm - my perfect woman (not to mention not all that hard to look at). I love smart, witty and snarky women. Keeps things interesting. Juliet can hold her own with Sawyer and I think he responds to that.
    And Jin is alive!!! Waiting for the Jin/Sun meet up. Sun really tugs at my emotions. The scene where she visited Jin's grave just makes me lose it.

  9. Hmmmm, did anyone else think that when Juliet shot back at the people in the other boat, that she managed to hit someone?

    I wonder if that will come back to haunt them, or someone.

  10. I just found a Web site for Ajira Airways. It's pretty great. http://www.ajiraairways.com/

    (Via: http://www.tvguide.com/Episode-Recaps/lost/Lost-Episode-Recap-1002457.aspx)

  11. Ajira Airways website is pretty great! Good find.

    How bout this....

    The O6 go back to the island via Ajira and THEY are the ones shooting at Sawyer, Juliet, etc. Too far out there?

  12. Essentre that was exactly the theory I came on to post. It makes complete sense. We know the O6 are comin bak to the island and something tells me they ain't gonna just land a plane there. But it makes me wonder when they get to the island how are they goin to affect by the flashes if at all??

  13. I'm really enjoying Lost at the moment. The arrival of Jin and Danielle was inspired writing (imho) but the nose bleeds are really beginning to worry me. I'm also really annoyed with myself for not realising who Miles was. When we saw the baby I actully thought to myself that baby's going to turn up at some point but I didn't make the connection.

    I'm also wondering if/when Aaron's biological father is going to enter the picture. Fathers have always been important on Lost and i'm beginning to wonder if Claire's boyfriends (or his family) is in any way connected to the island.

  14. Previous eps have suggested that the Losties live a charmed life (ie the island won't let you die) Another theme seems to be that you can't change what's done. Yet obviously every leap opens up this exact possibility happening.

    Is the island forced to use the only mechanism it has now (time jumping the losties) in its effort to both protect them and stop them altering the past?


    Peter Gillespie

  15. i dont get the time travel concept anymore...didnt fraday explain to us that you cant change the past, cant meet people you´ve never met before etc???? up until now it made sense:
    sawyer could`nt get to desmond inside the hatch but faraday could because they knew each other from desmonds "unhinged in time" experience..okay i get it so far, but how is it possible for danielle and jin to meet and rousseau never recognizing him later on? or did they actually never meet in the "regular" present? please, somebody explain!!

    oh and btw, great review billie just as always. i´ve been reading them since season 1 and enjoyed every single one of them!!

    cheers from germany

    the pew

  16. Nick and essentre -- I agree, I think it was the O6.

    jo -- You're not alone. I also didn't make the Miles connection =S

    pepelepew -- If he's time jumping with the rest of the Losties, then maybe he'll leave before they really get acquainted. Danielle not remembering him would make sense, because it'd be a long time ago, and really, do you remember every face that you meet? Another theory is that he also gets "sick" and is killed by Danielle like the rest of her group (I REALLY HOPE NOT)!!!!! But if that's the case, then if she doesn't know about the time jump thing, she would never associate the Jin from Flight 815 with the Jin who's with them now. Also, Jin knows English now, while he didn't before. So that may also play a part.

    Finally -- Charlotte said in (I think) 402 Confirmed dead that she was trying to look for the place where she was born. So another baby born on the island. And given that she started getting sick first, she's probably been there longest. I'm sure I'm just repeating stuff you already know.

  17. I don't know about you but ever since I saw Charlotte I kept remembering the little girl who was so fond of Ben when he was little, and who gave him the only present he got at his birthday. We never got to see her dead body and the way Ben was connected to her it'd be so bad to have him kill her, okay I know he is the ultimate villain, and there is this difference of age between them, but couldn't it be? That'd explain why she got sicker before everyone else. Either way, it may be a theory.
    FYI: I'm from Brazil and here is Brazil the 5th season will only start to be aired in mid March. I couldn't wait that long and I'm watching everything online, lol.

  18. So many great theories! Intriguing!

    What really bugged me was why when they were looking at the Ajira bottle they didn't look at the expiry date. That would have given them a time frame for what period they'd ended up in. (No, I don't know why water has an expiry date either:).)


  19. I can't believe I'm just realizing this now, years later. The little prince in the eponymous book loves the rose not because it is perfect, but because it is his, right? The relationship of love to possession is one of the (creepy) themes of that book, and it dovetails nicely with Kate's relationship to Aaron and even Ben's relationship with the island.

  20. Goodness me, but that was a lot to take in! My head is spinning.

    The young, pregnant Danielle was a joy. It's only made all the more sad by the fact that we know what is not that far away, but I was glad to see her at the beginning of her story. And, Jin?? I figured he would turn up at some point, but did not see it here and now. He must be absolutely freaking out.

    Guess I was wrong about Widmore being the one to take Aaron. But, of course it would be Ben. I'm still not sure why, but am willing to find out.

    As soon as I saw your note about Miles being Dr. Chang's baby, I metaphorically slapped my head. Of course he is. Duh, as my six year old niece would say.

    Josie, I was so excited that I was finally, finally going to post something that no one else had thought of, but of course, you beat me to it. The relationship of the Prince to the rose. So, I doff my hat to you...

  21. Hi Billie! I’m not sure if you’re still keeping tabs on the comments, but I’ve been enjoying your reviews. I’m watching Lost for the first time (in 2020..I know) and when I began Season 1 I was looking for reviews/reddit threads from when the show aired. All I found were rewatches and spoilers, and then I came across your site! I’m watching alone and it is so nice to see a discussion about the episodes. I really appreciate your attention to detail! I too pick up on those details. When you said Miles was Dr Chang’s son, I did NOT make that connection on my own, but it makes sense! I had thought back when Claire’s mom first saw Aaron, her comment “You have a lovely son”, I thought that was indication that she knew the baby was Claire’s. That she had done the math in her head and noted his blond hair. But now we find out she had no idea! I suppose in retrospect that makes sense since why would she not have attempted to obtain custody/visit the baby. Combined with the press release where Kate was questioned about being pregnant when she was arrested in Australia - you’d think at six months she would be showing at least a little...this is just my mind analyzing more than Claire’s mom probably would, especially since she believed Claire died in the crash. All the different groups of people are confusing - 815 survivors, others, original inhabitants of the island, Widmore’s crew, Danielle & her team, Dharma Initiative, walking dead, people who never die, time travellers (eg Richard, Desmond)....its a lot!

  22. Clara, thanks so much for your comment, and please do feel free. This is something of a time travel site -- it's never too late to talk about our favorite shows. Glad you found us. :)

  23. "I don't know what is wrong with you, lady."

    Says the person who waited a whole decade to respond to something no one really cares about anymore.

  24. Dammit, Mark beat me by like half a second.

    Just you wait, Mark. In about 9 1/2 years I'll have such a zinger of a reply for you! As all rational people do, regarding comments from 10 years ago regarding a minor television plot point from 12 years ago.

    So... just you wait... For that...

  25. Like Aaron Burr I'm willing to wait for it (wait for it).

  26. Well I'm sorry, but that leaves me with no choice but to not support your US Presidential bid.

    I'm sure this will work out fine for me with absolutely no consequences.

  27. As long as you don't endorse Jefferson we're cool.

  28. In that, case I have no choice but to demand satisfaction, but I'll settle for Jumpin' Jack Flash.

  29. Will you accept as a counter offer two Mother's Little Helpers and a Bowie cover to be named later on?

  30. Make it something from the Labyrinth soundtrack and we have a deal.

  31. Then we have a compact.

    There is nothing I haven't loved about this entire conversation.

  32. I look forward to revisiting it again in ten years time.

  33. http://wondermark.com/1k62/

    A sea lion cartoon

  34. This comment thread is now closed. The last string of amusing comments in 2021 were in response to a persistent troll, whose comments have now been removed.