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Lost: 316

Frank: "Wait a second. We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Well, color me shocked. And delighted. I thought we'd have to wait until the end of the season to see the Oceanic Six return to the Island. Actually, I thought they might make us wait until next season. They could have made seventy hours last a year and a half. I wouldn't put it past them.

I loved how they "recreated" so many elements of the original crash. It was so mystical and weird and fun. Locke was Christian, the dead man in the coffin. Sayid played Kate's role of transported prisoner. Hurley was carrying a Spanish language comic book and what I kept thinking had to be Charlie's guitar. (Did Charlie give it to him?) Jack was in much the same suit that he wore the first time, and he was carrying a hand-written letter, like Sawyer did.

Even the flight number was similar (316, 815). And Frank Lapidus was originally supposed to be the pilot of 815. I hope this doesn't mean the Monster will kill Frank. I like Frank. And will the woman in charge of Sayid will die a horrible, lingering death like the marshal?

Even though they gave us some great stuff, there were as many questions as there were answers. Which is why we all love this freaking show, isn't it?

1. No babies on this flight. Did Kate give Aaron to Claire's mother? Why did Sun leave her daughter behind? Yes, plane crash, big danger, but I'd never leave my child for any reason. (I just wouldn't have gone back.) Kate looked weird throughout the episode. Maybe she was just in mourning for her son. I wonder why she jumped Jack? It sure made him happy, though, didn't it? Is she going to drop him again the minute she sees Sawyer?

2. What happened to Hurley? He also looked weird, and wasn't talking. Did he get a visitation from Charlie? Loved him buying up all those airline seats to save people. It was just the sort of thing Hurley would do.

3. A wet, bloody Ben, who went to keep his word to an "old friend," called Jack from the marina. What did he do to Penny? Maybe she pummeled him with an oar. Maybe Desmond caught him and beat the crap out of him. Ben can't go more than an episode or two without getting beat up. (And hey. I thought Ben couldn't go back? How come he was on the plane?)

4. Why would any authority whatsoever be taking Sayid to Guam? Did he carry out an assassination there?

5. What happened to the plane? Did they maybe just need to get close enough to the Island to get caught up in the time displacement thingy? Did their arrival above the Island cause time to stop moving? If Jin had a Dharma jumpsuit and a van, he must have been stuck in the past for awhile, though. If Jin is in the 1970s, are Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Faraday there, too? And what happened to the people on the plane? Were they the longboat people? Is that where the Ajira bottle came from?

This was a Jack episode, and the action centered on him. He looked different to me. He was nervous and tense, but excited and pleased; at the same time, everything was so mystical that the scientist in him couldn't quite accept it without question. His reluctance to read Locke's suicide note made it seem important, but it turned out to be all about blame. See, you made me leave the Island and kill myself, Jack. So there.

I assume we're getting a resurrection. If Jack is Doubting Thomas, does that make Locke Jesus?

Character bits:

Jack kept going for the booze, but didn't actually take a drink. Kate may have had something to do with that.

Twice, Jack found Kate looking dead: once in his bed, and the other time in the lagoon. Huh.

Ray, Jack's grandfather, kept threatening to run away to find a better place to live. And he talked about magic shows. A bit of Island metaphor there.

Eloise Hawking told Desmond that the Island wasn't done with him yet. Desmond certainly wasn't buying what Ben and Eloise were selling; he lost four years of his life to the Island. He's probably right, too. I wouldn't trust Eloise or Ben. Although I don't want them to write Desmond out, so I hope Eloise is right. (I hope it's not Desmond returning to the Island for revenge. Penny had better be okay.)

Locke's suicide note said, "Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL."

Who was the guy who gave his condolences to Jack? He was the only one in first class (except the woman with Sayid) who wasn't one of the Oceanic Six. He must be important or they wouldn't have pointed him out to us.

Jack putting tennis shoes on Christian's body was actually doing him a favor, considering how much Christian's gotten around lately.

Frank looks great without his beard. In fact, he looks a lot like a guy I was once engaged to.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode began with a close-up of Jack's right eye, just like the very first scene in the pilot episode of the series. And just like the pilot, the first thing Jack did was run to help someone.

— Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) is no longer in the cast.

— New Dharma station in the church: The Lamppost. (I thought it looked more like The Phallic Symbol.) I was reminded of Christian holding the lantern. Loved the very cool Foucault's Pendulum that the actors had to walk around while delivering their lines. See the mighty Wikipedia for info on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foucault_pendulum

— An Oceanic sign was right near Ajira Airlines at the airport. Their logos are both circular. Just saying.

— Hurley's comic book listed Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, and was called "Y: El Ultimo Hombre." The illustration on the front showed a skeleton in an environmental suit. (Yorick? As in the Shakespearean skull, "I knew him well?")

— Ben was reading Ulysses on the plane. And I'm going to again take a shortcut and give you the Wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_(novel)

— Jack saw an old photo in the church. It was labeled "9/23/54 U.S. Army Op 264 Top Secret Eyes Only." I bet that was the ill-fated detachment of U.S. soldiers who brought Jughead to the Island.

— Jack was assigned seat 8C.

— The plane actually had a sign for "Use seat bottom for flotation" that lit up during that bad turbulence before whatever happened... happened.

— Jack: "The other people on this plane. What's going to happen to them?" Ben: "Who cares?" What a prince.

This episode was almost more fun than you should actually have watching television. Four out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "Jack putting tennis shoes on Christian's body was actually doing him a favor, considering how much Christian's gotten around lately."

    You crack me up!

  2. Someone theorized that for some reason Kate had to kill Aaron, in order to protect him or something.

    It would explain why she was so distressed and why she told Jack to never ask her about Aaron again. Who knows, I didn't come up with that one.

    And by the way, I love your reviews, and I've been reading them since season 1!

  3. The comic that Hurley was reading, was a Spanish version of "Y: the last man." It's the story of a man and his monkey, after a disease wipes out all the men on the planet except for him. Maybe it's supposed to tie in with the idea that pregnant women on the island are unable to come to full term? Every thing seems to have some meaning on this show. Remember Hurley's comic with the polar bear from the first season? : )

  4. Maybe Kate is pregnant, a replacement for Claire

    Aaron may be with his grandmother, what do you think ?

    Remember Claire telling Kate not to bring him back to the Island, Claire must have paid Kate a visit

  5. Eloise: "This man, and his team, created a series of equations, which tell us, with a high degree of probability, where [the island] is going to be at a certain point in time."

    I guess this pretty much confirms that our "psychic" Richard Malkin really was a fraud. So either he works with th Others or he was paid off by somebody to get Claire on 815. Interesting that he sad he was sending Claire to 'good people' in LA, too...

  6. Regarding the comic book "Y: The Last Man", I just wanted to point out, in case anybody missed it, that Brian K. Vaughan is one of the staff writers on Lost, so it may just be an in-joke...or shameless plug. Either way, I'm tickled.

    As always, a pleasure reading your reviews, Billie.

  7. "They could have made seventy hours last a year and a half."

    I suspect we'll get at least three or four shows from those hours showing how and why Sayid, Kate, and Hurley decided to get on the plane and why Ben got beat up.

    Following through on your theory of each passenger representing another, would Kate be Claire, ie, the pregnant woman? It could've happened with Jack the night before.

  8. Billie, I believe it's why we love this "frakkin' show...

  9. This episode was horrible! NOTHING happened.. except everything, except it didn't. We don't know how or why any of it happened.. so we moved the story forward but only to backtrack later on.

    What's the Island want with Desmond?
    Is Penny alive?
    Why is Ben bloodied up?
    How'd they all flash to the Island?
    How'd Hurley get on the plane?
    How'd Sayid get there and why is he under arrest?
    Why hasn't anyone thrown Ben out of the plane yet?
    Why's Hurley have a guitar?
    Where the hell is Aaron? Why was Kate so upset?
    Where's Sun's daughter??
    What year are the in now?
    Why's Jin in a Dharma suit?

    I could go on.. point is the answer NOTHING and just set up backtracking for the rest of the season.

    P.S. Ben lied that his mom taught him to read, just for funnzies. And Hurley was the only one thoughtful enough to save the lives of the rest of the would-be passengers. Jack's a crappy doctors killing all those people...

  10. The first 2 rabbits had Hurley's first 2 numbers. Why didn't the rabbit in the last episode have a number?

  11. Ok I don't know if I'm a about to make a valid or if I'm just rambeling like the mad man Lost has made me into but we know Christian had a connection to some if not all of our surviours ( can't remember exactly whose flash backs we've seen him) before he died. We now know Locke spoke to all the O6 before he died. How did Christian die? I don't know what my point is exactly but there could be some connection. Anyone agree?

  12. Why are they going to show us how Jack hung himself, when we know he is alive?

  13. kate jumped jack because she is going to be pregnant taking the place of claire this go round!

  14. Ok, so the flight number is "316." John wrote a letter to doubting Jack. What does John 3:16 say? "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
    John was asked to be a shepherd, right? To lead the Others...

  15. SPOILER - The guy who gave the condolences to Jack is a French actor called Said Taghmaoui and he will appear again in "The life & Death of Jeremy Bentham". He plays a character called Cesar I think. see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0846548/

  16. If Alex is Ben's daughter, how is Rousseau on the island with her boyfriend, who appears to be the dad? Rousseau killed her boyfriend after the smoke monster incident... so does Ben just adopt Alex as Kate adopted Aaron? Just curious how they write this one out.

  17. Just one thing. Desmond said that he wasted 4 years of his life on the island because Eloise told him he had to go to the island because it was "his purpose". I thought he crashed on the island in a storm during Widmore's boat race that he was doing in order to prove himself worthy of Penny. Where does Eloise fit in with that?

    OK. Two things. Someone mentioned Alex and Ben. Ben and "The Others" took Alex when she was about 2 years old.

  18. I'm not sure how i feel about this episode. It was typical Lost in that instead of stretching time out like they usually do they fast forwarded, but it was still surprising. I'm guessing that we're going to get flashbacks explaining what happened to Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Ben (and possibly Lock)which i think will be interesting. Although not knowing when things are happening is really starting to bug me. Loved Jin in the Dharma van though.

    In my opinion, if Jack is doubting Thomas then i think Ben is Jesus. He's the leader after all and he was beaten and bloody, just like Jesus when he died. I also don't think Kate killed Aaron. She made a comment to Jack about not keeping things that make you sad that i think was significant in same way.

    I almost didn't recognise Frank but i did recognise Jack's grandpa. I couldn't figure out why so i looked him up on imdb and it turns out he was Lauren's father in Alias. I also thought he didn't look remotely old enough to be Christian's father. Not that it matters.

    Did anyone else find Eloise's lack of concern for her son odd ?

  19. A little I guess. Eloise is a strange one.

    Ben's 'my mother taught me to read' line cracked me up. Still loathe him though.

    Where are Sun, Ben, Frank, Sayid and the plane?

    The woman escorting Sayid was Illana from what I've read up about. The other guy is Caesar who looked like he knew more than he was letting on.

  20. As far as the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle goes, I think they should just be a poly threesome. How can you choose between those two? And think of the spinoff possibilities--after Lost is resolved, they could do a show on the idea of Big Love, except that it would be Kate with two husbands. Though I think Jack and Sawyer's bickering would make for a better sitcom than dramedy.

  21. Have we solved the mystery of the "planted" plane? Two planes (Oceanic and Ajira). Oceanic ends up on the island but another plane ends up under water?

    Surely the Ajira is hit by the time flash and crashes 30 years in the past. No one looks for it and when it is found its actually a plane from the future. Did Whitmore (or Ben) find it and then orchestrate for it to be labelled the Oceanic (not so hard IMO as its much more believable than this plane doesn't exist)

    Love the irony of Frank Lapidus initially pointing out that the pilot couldn't be who they said (turns out it was him!)


    Peter Gillespie

  22. The Others (Ben) took Alex from Danielle when Alex was 1 week old, not 2 years old as somebody on here said.

  23. I absolutely loved Ben's recounting of the story of Thomas the apostle, and it signified a deep parallel to the ongoing story in Lost. What will Jack do once he reunites with the resurrected Locke? I doubt Locke has any visible wounds left from his actual death, though.

  24. I felt that it was odd that Jack and Kate slept together, but like Anonymous above says, even while they were kissing each other I wondered if Kate would get pregnant.

    I'm glad at least three are back on the Island and together. Jin was an interesting choice as the first one they would see.

    Lots and lots of questions, but I'm beginning to think that it's what the writers want. As the plot gets more and more complex, with time jumps added in because it wasn't already complicated enough, it feels as though the writers are playing with us. To them, it seems, why and how everything is happening is not important so long as we, the audience, are unsure. This is why there does not seem to be any "rules" for the monster, the dead, the Dharma Initiative, the Others, anything.

    I, frankly, have given up caring very much. I have accepted that it's convoluted and unknowable to a certain degree and am sticking around because I just love the characters. They are beautifully written and wonderfully acted and I love watching them with each other.


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