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Smallville: Turbulence

Chloe: "Jimmy and I made it out of the dark forest and from now on, it's going to be one long happily ever after."

Chloe tasered Jimmy to protect Davis. No wonder that marriage is over. It's something of a relief, too. I never liked Chloe with Jimmy, anyway.

Not that she's destined to find happiness with Davis the murderous monster EMT. Yes, it's somewhat cool that Davis is at least attempting to channel his rage into taking bad guys off the streets. (Much like Dexter.) It's only going to make us more emotionally engaged when we get to Davis's inevitable showdown with Clark. Sam Witwer is doing such a great job with this part; Davis' hyper-emotionalism and romantic obsession with Chloe is creepy, as well as fun to watch.

Again, there was a parallel between Davis' descent and Clark's ascent. Clark is having a ball as the Red Blue Blur, and has perfected his fast change, which of course he had to do at least once in a phone booth. I gotta say that one of the best things about this season is Tom Welling in a gorgeous suit instead of plaid. Loved the glimpse of a blue tee under his shirt.

Tess told Clark he could trust her right before she set up that plane crash. Frankly, I'm tired of Tess; they didn't do a good job establishing her character, and their attempts to make her even slightly sympathetic aren't working for me like they are with Davis. I wonder why they showed Clark jumping out of the plane with an unconscious Tess in his arms, but didn't follow up with anything when we're all waiting for Clark to get past his fear of flying?

Bits and pieces:

— Tess was abused as a child and has a knight in shining armor syndrome. Or so she says. I wonder if they're planning to have Tess turn the tables and come down on Clark's side when the chips are down? Nah. She's the one setting up the game.

— After five weeks of painkillers, Jimmy is taking drugs and running red lights. Yeah, he's bad.

— No Lois again.

Pretty good episode. And hey. Still no Lana,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I think Chloe deserved what she got, didn't feel anything when they showed her crying in the end of the episode. When you taser your husband over some crazy man like Davis you deserve what she got...

  2. This was an amazing episode -- I was on the edge of my seat. Poor Jimmy -- to be gaslit so badly. Poor Chloe, and poor Davis. He's a terrific character, and since I don't know anything about Doomsday (not a comic book reader) I get to enjoy this plotline from scratch. Then there was the fun of Clark and Tess in the airplane. I'm not wild about the actress who plays her, but her character development has been watchable, and we get to wonder how much she knows.


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