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Smallville: Hex

Lois: "One year closer to the sweet release of death."
Chloe: "How wonderfully morbid."

Watchtower, huh? Chloe is the big Justice League space station?

Good episode, fun to watch. The body-switching thing (sorta kinda) has certainly been done and they didn't do a whole lot of original stuff, but it was nice to see them resolve Chloe's lifelong ambition to be a reporter at the Planet as well as her Lois envy. She got past her Jimmy issues, too. Working with Oliver and the League on a permanent basis? Much more exciting. And I'm for anything that suggests Chloe will be around permanently.

And hey. Part of me has always wanted to see Chloe with Clark. The other part of me wants Lois with Clark. And I kind of got both in this episode – except that nothing really happened. I guess it's just as well because if it had, then that would be like admitting that Chloe in her own body isn't pretty enough for Clark. Which she most certainly is.

Since I've never heard of Zatanna before, I had no idea throughout if she were good or bad. Apparently, she's pretty cool; according to Dan, she's one of the coolest characters in the DC universe and has a love/hate relationship with Clark. I'm down with that. I was mildly disturbed that Clark wouldn't even consider wishing Jonathan back. And we never found out what Oliver's wish was, although we could all guess that it would involve a gruesome, painful death for Lex Luthor.

And I liked the re-focus on Clark and Lois. It's like those episodes with Lana never happened. Clark is making puppy dog eyes at Lois? He framed her rules of reporting from his first day on the job? And the rooftop scene made me laugh out loud.

So – pretty good. And hey. Still no Lana,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I honestly had to stop watching when frakking Lana Lang came back and vowed only to tune in again when she was gone and Lois returned. This was a good, fun episode. Not the best but its good to see the producers have gone into damage control after the Lana debacle by pushing Lois and Clark closer and closer. But enough of this Ross & Rachel malarkey. I don’t know if I can put up with another second of unrequited love.

    On the superhero front, so far we’ve had Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, a Flash, Martian Manhunter and now Zatanna to add to our list of future Justice Leaguers (Cyborg doesn’t count, he’s a Teen Titan). It’s unlikely we’ll ever get Wonder Woman or the Gotham grump to show up but is it too much to hope we might get Green Lantern/Hal Jordan next season. Not Hawkman, through. That would just look silly.

  2. Funny stuff Mark.

    Funny Billie, I took 'Watchtower' in the exact opposite way you did. With Chloe at the head of the JLA I was thinking that she might get marginalized even more and we'll get mostly Lois & Clark.

    Fun episode though. The concept has been done to death, but it was still entertaining. I would've liked to see Chloe get up to a little more mischief in Lois' body before she told the truth.

  3. I thought that when Zoe said "Watchtower", she wasn't referring to her own name, but to the operation center. Since she wasn't a JL person, she wouldn't have had a name, so she would have been saying that everybody was hooked up and the system was ready to go.

    I think that matches better with the DC universe where Watchtower was the name of the station.

    But knowing the Smallville writers, they could well have meant to name Chloe after a place.


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