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Smallville: Eternal

"I need you to help me die."

This was the most exciting episode of Smallville I've seen in a long time. It was complex, sexy, and as deep as a field full of corpses. It had a lot of "beauty and the beast," which I love. And a lot of Davis Bloome, who is starting to get to me.

Davis has become a three-dimensional villain with so many redeeming qualities that you just don't want him to go bad. All through this episode, I kept wishing he weren't what he was, mostly because Chloe deserves a hot guy totally devoted to her and not sending her emails full of obscenities. (Did Jimmy go off the deep end, or what?)

And then, voila. I was rather shocked that I got my wish. Chloe may have just given herself to Davis to keep him and Clark from killing each other. Is Chloe doing it all for Clark? Or is there a part of her that really wants Davis, just as he is? I think it's both. Davis really is quite a guy. Noble enough to direct his homicidal rage toward murderers, as well as enlist Chloe to help him commit suicide. Considering what he is and what's happened to him, he could be pillaging the countryside right about now, instead of locking himself in a basement.

I was less happy with yet another rewrite of meteor shower day, although I think they did a good job with it. It added another layer of tragedy to Davis' already horrendous past, making him Clark's less fortunate Kryptonian "twin," the man in the iron mask. Davis has taken on Lex's role with Clark. Sageeth and whatever. St. George and the Dragon. And even Jesus and Judas, according to Tess, who has been an extremely annoying and confusing character until now. I thought they were trying to make her into Lex. Instead, she just became Lionel. She's not trying to kill or control Clark; she's trying to use Davis to make Clark become Superman. Okay.

It was very nice to see the older generation of Smallville again. Martha, Jonathan, Lionel. I really miss them. This episode in particular should have featured Lionel. Good as this episode was, and it was really terrific, it could have been even better with John Glover guest starring and filling in some of the dramatic holes.

Bits and pieces:

— Kryptonite makes Davis stronger instead of killing him. This can't be good.

— Really good casting of young Lex. Have we seen that particular young Lex before? Was he the one in the episode where Lex left his "good self" behind?

— What did Chloe and Clark do with Davis' body after the Kryptonite apparently killed him? I'm sure they didn't go bury him in a field. Did they just leave him there in the container? If so, how did he get out?

— I was completely creeped by Clark seeing all those bodies in the field where his ship landed. The field of bodies thing has sort of happened before, though, in that really terrible episode about the farmer.

— Sam Witwer got immolated and gooped up several times in this episode. And we all think acting is a glamorous job.

— Yes, I can feel a climax approaching, and it should, but I'm starting to wish they could find a way to hang on to Sam Witwer for another season. Actually, forget that. He should get a series of his own.


Tess: "I forget. What's the prayer for dismembering a body?"

Chloe: "What is it with this whole 'meet me out back for a duel' mentality?

You can always tell when Smallville is nearing a season finale; plot just bubbles up and explodes all over the place. Four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Just to clarify something about the Doomsday character (at least the comics Doomsday character:)

    He CAN be killed, but he will be reborn and then can NOT be killed by the same thing.

    So it is possible that the kryptonite killed him and that he was reborn with an immunity. He did die in the past and ended up in that cocoon thing before being reborn.

    Excellent episode.

  2. Thanks, Slothy. I really have no comic book background at all, and this info helps a lot. Makes sense of the Kryptonite cage, too.

  3. no lois, ah well she'll be back soon i'm sure


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