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Heroes: I Am Sylar

Sylar: "Agent Talb is nothing. I don't like being a nothing."

Since Sylar shapeshifts using DNA, he's also acquiring personality traits as well as extra teeth. Not as much fun as Sylar thought it would be, huh? And it's funny how becoming someone else – a lot of someone elses – took Sylar back to who he originally was: his mother's killer. Hey, it always goes back to Mom in the end, doesn't it? Revisiting Virginia Grey the way they did gave her murder the emotional weight it deserved. And Sylar had to acknowledge that killing his mother is where he lost himself.

If Danko's knife thingy didn't work, how can Sylar be defeated? Tag teaming and a special sword won't get it done this time. And if Sylar is in the body of the president, that puts an even wilder spin on the situation. You know, this is actually intriguing. There are so many ways they could go with this. Micah seems to think Sylar can save all of the heroes; turning back to the light would be a twist, and the way Sylar kept Micah alive and covered for him was a hint that they might go there. Except Sylar has changed directions before. Been there, done that.

If Sylar is unkillable, does that mean he'll have to kill himself?

The Hiro/Ando stuff was again fun – at first – with Batman and Superman and the Crimson Arc. But then it got a bit deeper when it became obvious how threatened Hiro was by no longer not-special Ando. And then it took a serious turn and slammed into a wall. Did Hiro's power short out? It looked like it could kill him, like an aneurysm. Did Ando's amplification power have something to do with it?

And cliffhanger, with Noah, Claire and Angela taken prisoner. What happened to Peter? I doubt he was in the back seat of that car, too. If we know Peter, and we do, he's probably off after Nathan. What would happen if Peter touched Sylar? Would he get the whole kit and kaboodle of Sylar powers? Maybe that's the answer. And that actually would be sort of like Sylar killing himself, wouldn't it?

This episode was mostly Zachary Quinto. He's one of the brighter lights of this series, no doubt about it, and centering an episode around him was a smart move. But I also think that Sylar as a character may have run his course. They've done everything with him. What else can they do?

Bits and pieces:

-- Bloody cuts on Sylar's arm for the title credits? Clever. I think that was my favorite so far.

-- In the opener, Sylar took out Tom Miller of Richmond, Virginia (played by Ron Howard's brother, Clint). Tom could demolecularize things. I wonder if that particular power is going to be important in the finale?

-- A bunch of guys with machine guns chasing a little boy. I guess I must still care about Micah, because I sure didn't want him to die.

-- Looks like the Parkmans are going to get back together. If Matt survives the finale, that is.

-- Note the little jab about the president who likes to talk about change. Is it still going to be Michael Dorn?


Sylar: "One of my eyes stayed blue for over an hour yesterday."

Hiro: "The Crimson Arc?"
Ando: "My superhero alias. What do you think?"
Hiro: "It's good. Dangerous, yet ladylike."

Ando: "You're noble like Superman. Believe in truth and justice like Superman. You're a little fascist like Superman."
Hiro: "I'm not a little fascist."
Ando: "You're a lot fascist."

Hiro: "I just think Crimson Arc has unfortunate connotations."

Ando: "I've graduated from bait to possum?"
That really wasn't nice of Hiro. He's used Ando too many times.

One more to go. Will they be able to pull a truly cool finale out of this see-saw of a season?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. I hate to say this but i think i'm losing patience with both Sylar and Heroes as a whole. There seems to be very little cohesion, natural follow through or logic this season. And the characters all seem to be losing their likability somehow.

    The one thing i did find interesting was that Hiro, the former time traveller, got a nose bleed. I wonder why that seemed familiar to me...


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