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Summer reviewing plans, part one (2009)

The finales are coming. The summer television wasteland will be here before you know it.

Summer has always been my time to regroup and let my brain air out while I catch up on retro reviews. But this summer, it'll be different. It won't be just me. This summer, I have (let me pause while I rub my hands together and cackle) GUEST WRITERS. Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

This summer, Paul Kelly and I will post reviews of the first four seasons of the new Doctor Who. Paul is doing Rose (seasons 1 and 2), while I'm doing Martha and Donna (3 and 4). What makes these reviews different than anything I've done before is that we're collaborating. I'll be adding a section of my own to Paul's reviews, and he'll be doing the same for me. Is that cool, or what?

The Doctor Who reviews will start going up on May 1. We're hoping to do one season per month so we'll be caught up by September. And I hope you'll watch -- or re-watch -- the first four seasons with us. You don't have to be familiar with the old Who to watch the new Who. Take it from me, because I'm new to Who, too.

My other summer plans? I'm going to finish Highlander. I was so close to the end when I had to stop, and I'm incapable of leaving a show unfinished. And I'm thinking pretty seriously about Torchwood. Doing the new Doctor Who without its crossover spinoff Torchwood would be like yummy popcorn but without butter and salt. I love Torchwood, mostly because I love Captain Jack. How can you not love an omnisexual immortal time traveler who looks like John Barrowman? Plus, hey, James Marsters guest starred. Another big incentive for me.

Our other guest writers also have some intriguing summer plans that are still in the planning stages, so check back for further announcements. This is going to be the most exciting reviewing summer I've ever had. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. (cackle, cackle.)
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hey, Billie, what about your Buffy comics reviews?

  2. Buffy comics. *sigh* I haven't decided yet. I hate to admit that I haven't even read them; they're piling up on my desk and staring at me pathetically. And I stopped reading the Angel comics awhile back.

    How about a hearty "maybe?"

  3. No! Where is the huge Buffy geek inside of you? We need her! :)

    I would love to know what are your opinions about the latest arc. The Buffy and Andrew issue was awesome, and I don't even like Andrew.

    About the Angel comics, I read the first one and understood nothing. Some fans are translating it to Portuguese, but I don't know where to find the translated comics.

    Come on, there is too much maybe on Whedonites lives, with FOX not saying anything about Dollhouse renewal. You don't have to commit to anything, but how about a very positive maybe? :]

    BTW, loved your cat on the avatar.

  4. I'll definitely try to find the time. I promise.

    The problem isn't my major Buffy geekness at all. It's that comics just aren't my thing. Television, yes; movies, most of the time; books, absolutely. But comics are just harder for me to get around to, to feel strongly about. Even Buffy comics.

    Now if you could tell me that Spike was in the latest arc, I'd be a lot more strongly inclined. :) Not that I don't like Andrew. Andrew is a hoot.

  5. Doctor Who and Torchwood are two of my favorite shows. I`m really looking forward to reading those reviews ^^


  7. Funny you should mentiion rewatches, Billie. In the UK, both BBC3 and Watch (yes, there's a channel called that) do nothing but repeat the first four seasons of Doctor Who relentlessly (though I have them on DVD no less). Have you seen Planet Of The Dead? I watched Human Nature/The Family Of Blood last night (adored that 2 parter)

    Looking forward to how you feel about the latest Buffy arc. It's interesting in place but Issue 24 was the only issue that really did it for me.

  8. Hey Billie( and all Buffy geeks reading these). Can I give you a sugestion? Why don't you try buying the tpb's instead of the monthly comics?( same thing with Angel:ATF)
    If you can read the whole story arc without being interrupted, it's more like watching an entire episode instead of just an act. Try giving it a shot. And while your at it, try reading "Spike: Shadow Puppets". I almost fell off my chair from laughing. Spike, too, hates "official canon" :)
    E já agora, Tom L, sabes me dizer que sites são esses? Eu não tenho problemas em compreender, mas é sempre bom saber(olha, rimei!)

  9. Hey, "D", I don't remember where I saw the translated comics.

    You are Portuguese, right? Cause no one in Brazil says (or writes) "e já agora". ;)

  10. Spike it totally all over the latest Buffy comics!

    And obviously the Angel ones too so.. umm.. start reviewing! 8-)


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