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Highlander: Armageddon

Joe: "Let's see what we got. We got a mystic symbol. We got some ancient cave paintings. Some old German saying all we need is love."
Duncan: "The answer's got to be in there somewhere."

Well, at least it's over.

This episode was actually the least horrendous of the arc. The scenes with "Horton" trying to manipulate and tempt Joe were fairly good, probably because those two characters have a history. "Horton" offering Joe his legs as a bribe was pretty freaking creepy.

Lots of scenes in Darius's little church, too. I always liked that church. Good place for Armageddon. Another Duncan/Kronos duel or two, although they lacked bite. The scenes with Father Robert in anguish because of his brother's suicide weren't as strong and didn't seem to relate much to the plot. But it sort of went with all the rest of the pointless mystical crap.

The little man who played Ariman in the cave scenes had an accent so thick it was difficult to understand him. They would have been wiser to give those lines to Horton or Kronos. In fact, I bet the arc would have been more powerful if they had let Horton carry the early scenes in all three episodes and waited to introduce Kronos until near the end. Imagine a Duncan/Kronos duel ending with Duncan putting down his sword and realizing the answer was not to fight... although it still doesn't quite work for me. Let's pick the finest warrior in a thousand years to defeat the demon, and the only way to do it is nonviolence? Ironic, but anticlimactic.

Such a shame Duncan couldn't figure it all out before he accidentally beheaded Richie, huh?

Bits and pieces:

— No flashbacks. Very unusual for a Highlander episode. And still no Methos or Amanda.

— Duncan was doing research on the floor of the barge. Guess you're rethinking that zen-like uncomplicated no-furniture look now, huh, Duncan? And I'm not one to take undue notice of decor, but isn't that a different barge?

— There was a bizarre scene where Duncan was walking through a small park where some lost circus people were performing for passers-by. The whole scene made zero sense, but I remember walking through that park. It's very close to Notre Dame.

— I was wrong. In the preview, Sophie's brother did have a sword. How did I miss that?


Duncan: "To him, it was a force of hate that could only be defeated by love."
Joe: "Fine for Gandhi, but what about us?"

Joe: "He offered me my legs. Can you believe that? As if I would sell my soul for a simple goddamn pair of legs."
Duncan: "Some people would have."

Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.


  1. Bleh, this arc was boring. I can't figure out why the writers started sucking again? They must know what the fans have liked in the past: Duncan's immortal friends, Joe, flashbacks, cool sword fights, and just plain immortal fun.

  2. I'd like to credit these past 3 episodes for giving me insight into what Hell must look like.

    No, not the actual imagery on the screen, but the possibility of spending eternity with only these three episodes for 'entertainment.'


    Truly frightening. I'm off to repent now - just in case.


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