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True Blood: Frenzy

Jason: "Sometimes you need to destroy something to save it. That's in the Bible. Or the Constitution."

I loved the Queen's "day room" so, so much. It was luxurious and utterly weird, and it's hard to pull off a combination like that. And it suited her, come to think of it, because the Queen is indeed luxurious and utterly weird. The Yahtzee game and some of the things she said were just hilarious. (She was cheating at Yahtzee. Who cheats at Yahtzee?)

Why does the Queen know who Sookie is? How close are the Queen and Bill? Or was it just because the Queen's "human" is Sookie's cousin Hadley? Queen, yes, I get it, hard to make excuses and get away, but why didn't Bill leave sooner? Sookie obviously needed him in Bon Temps, even though she wasn't in danger at the time. At least Bill now knows how to take down a maenad. I think.

We finally know why Maryann targeted Bon Temps: Tara's ordeal with Miss Jeanette opened the door. That even makes sense. I'm among the scads of fans who are tired of the Maryann plot, though. I wonder if they should have held back the crazy for awhile, and accelerated later in the season? Character actor William Sanderson (Bud) doing a square dance half naked may have been my favorite black-eye scene, period. There could have been a lot more of that instead of all the orgies.

I totally understood what Sookie said about her house being defiled. She's had a terrible time lately, and what Maryann has done to her house is probably like bitter frosting on a really awful cake. Sacrilege. That scene on the kitchen floor was pretty funny, though, with Sookie braining Mike the coroner with a saucepan.

Jason is now convinced that God sent him to the leadership conference so that he could save Bon Temps. Who knows? Maybe he's right. His speculations about Sam were too funny; I laughed throughout that entire Jason/Andy conversation in the truck. Note how all of Jason's theories about what Sam can do in animal form had to do with sex. I also loved how Andy called Jason a damn fool, and Jason promptly walked into a tree.

Sam was terrific. He told Jason and Andy the truth about himself. He took care of Arlene's kids. He went to Eric for help. And for me, Eric was the highlight of the episode. Children, yum. Teacup humans. :) Taking off straight up into the air, but only after carefully buttoning his suit coat. I even loved the self-conscious way he kept trying to make his hair lie down flat post-flight while he was arguing with Bill.

And hey. Gorgeous grey suit. Yowsa. Not that I didn't like the black tank top.

A great big egg? Really? What is it? A dinosaur egg? The future "god" imagining itself into existence? Did Daphne pop one out before she died after a romp around town as an ostrich? I found myself hoping it was just really weird performance art, because this is getting way too bizarre.

I take brief notes when I watch the show, and looking at part of last night's made me laugh out loud:

grey suit
Eric can fly!
house is defiled
vamps eating kids

Bits and pieces:

-- For Hoyt, blood turned out to be thicker than... well, this metaphor isn't going to work on a show with vampires, but Jessica shouldn't have gotten between Hoyt and his mother. At least not this early in their relationship. I hope it's not over for those two crazy kids.

-- Eric confronted Bill about giving Sookie blood the night they met, and Bill actually looked guilty.

-- Sookie and Lafayette are both dreaming about Eric. Lafayette is clearly not having as much fun, though. Eric as Lettie Mae was just too disturbing. How am I supposed to fantasize about a hot vampire when he's in a church lady dress?

-- Lettie Mae shot cats with her BB gun. And she chose the worst possible time to listen to Tara. Typical.

-- Tara was an utter idiot. Yes, she's in love, but she was an idiot.

-- Lafayette just killed Karl. And replaced him as Maryann's chef, unfortunately.

-- Potato chips, Snickers, and hot sauce casserole. Gah. And poor Hoyt just found out his father killed himself. It hasn't been a good day for Hoyt.

-- I particularly liked the subtle way that Bill cringed a little every time the Queen said something obscene or profane. He was freaked when she said they should have sex, but didn't let it show. Much.

-- Hadley doesn't know Gran is dead, and Bill didn't tell her.

-- Lafayette has fuzzy purple handcuffs. Of course he does.


Jessica: "Did you hear all those nasty things she said about you? And me?"
Hoyt: "She's my mama! She gets to! Where the hell are you from?"

Queen: "What gives you the right to say no to the femoral blood of a good woman? You know what your problem is, William? You are a snob. I hate snobs. Tiny tiny souls. Or penises. Or both." That was pretty insulting.

Jason: "I read a book about this. This is Armageddon. This is the oral history of the zombie war." I honestly don't know where Jason came up with that one.

Cop: "Chinese fire drill?"
Jason: "Russian roulette."

Sam: "Hopefully someday I might be able to give you something you need."
Eric: "Can you give me Sookie Stackhouse?"
Pam rolled her eyes. Is she jealous?

Eric: "Come on, Pam. They're funny. They're like humans, but miniature. Teacup humans." Okay, much to do on a discussion list about Eric chomping on kids. But note that he didn't say they were delicious in English; it was in Swedish. I choose to believe he was joking with Pam, and said it in Swedish so as not to scare the kids.

Queen: "It seems your friend Mr. Northman is here."
Bill: "It's definitely time for me to go."
Queen: "This alpha male posturing. You two really should just fuck each other and get it over with. I could watch."
This reminded me of Buffy telling Spike to wrestle it out with Angel, and oil of some kind being involved.

Another witty, fast moving episode. Three out of four stakes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hey Billie,

    I really don't understand your constant objections for the orgies. Yes I am a man but that has nothing to do with it.

    It just fits. Marian brings out the things that we hold to be wrong. Making sex to be unenjoyable, simply need and not want is the point of these scenes. If you look at the faces of the people they are not enjoying themselves they are obsessed.

    Seems to me that the fact this is bothering you is the point.

    Always nice reading your reviews, and
    hopefully I didn't step on any toes :).

  2. The reason I'm tired of the orgy scenes is because they're repetitive and meaningless and they add nothing to the plot after the first ten times. So no, it's not that I object to sex, because I most certainly don't. You will note that I haven't complained about any of the Sookie Bill Eric love scenes.

    No toe issues whatsoever.

  3. One more thing, excuse my double posting.

    I don't think Pam was jealous of Eric and Sockie because she wants Eric as a lover. I think it's that Eric is interested in Sockie as his companion instead of her. That he finds her more interesting then Pam.

  4. I agree about the orgy scenes. Enough was enough!!!

    When Jason mentioned the zombies, I thought of the books by Max Brooks - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Brooks - I haven't read them (I've read about them), but that's what his comment made me think about.

  5. Great review as always.
    Agree, Eric scene is the highlight of the whole episode. He is hard and funny at the same time. Skarsgard is good at delivering it.
    I feel a disaster is coming, and the egg is starring it.
    The grey suit suits him... but I prefer the black outfit.

  6. HellblazerRaiser is right.

    Max Brooks novel World War Z is subtitled An Oral History Of The Zombie War.

  7. Another excellent episode. I agree that the Maryann plot had been too drawn out. It went for over a season while there was enough material in there for maybe half a season :-/ But at least things are happening again at last. All the major characters are together now and the boring part seems to be over.

    We'll see how it plays out in the finale. Although from the way Bill was looking at Sam at the I think I might have an idea and I don't like it at all. Looks like something ugly is about to happen...

  8. Anther great episode!!!!

    I already like Queen Sophie-Anne. I was kind of hoping that it would be revealed that she was draining Maryann when Bill walked in.

    I loved that Sophie-Anne was like a 40s/50s movie star. Very glamorous.

    Jason is such a toad, but I still like him!!!

    Andy and Bud’s scene was hysterical!!!

    I love Arlene’s kids.

    I feel so bad for Lafayette, but his conversation with Sookie was awesome!!!

    Does Ginger do anything other than scream?

    Lettie Mae – why, Why, WHY?

    Thank God Andy had the vest on!!!

    My heat sank for Jessica and for Hoyt. Poor Hoyt. I still like Maxine though.

    I’m not sure I really understand Sophie-Anne’s explanation for Maryann. I am going to have to watch it again.*

    Eric with the kids was hysterical and highly creepy, but Eric flying off was awesome!!!

    I assume Hadley is going to pop up next season. I wonder if she is a mutant, too?

    I just want Bill to kick Eric’s -bleep-!!!

    Sookie and Lafayette make a great team.
    Andy and Jason make a great team.

    I love that Sam took Jason and Andy into his confidence and told them he was a shifter.

    Did Eggs lay the egg?

    Lafayette….one of the possessed….

    Carl....we hardly knew you....

    Seeing the Adele’s house in such a state of disarray really makes me feel bad.

    TWO WEEKS!!!! TWO WEEKS until the season finale!!!!

    *I am going to try to watch the whole series again before the season finale.


    HBO will have to pay me to watch BORED TO DEATH!!! I wanted to hurt myself why I sat through the trailer.

    On the other hand, I love the trailers for CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

  9. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b2/Alexander_Skarsgård.jpg

    The above is a link to a stunning picture of Alexander Skarsgård.

  10. Oh my god Billie, there are Sookie-Bill-Eric love scenes? How did I miss those?! I would kill to see those buff bloodsuckers together.

    I actually thought Frenzy was kind of dull and slow moving. It seemed to be mostly maneuvering to get characters into the right positions for the finale.

    Also, could someone explain to me - why is it that Sophie-Anne has a day room and that she and Bill were fine staying up all day in it? I thought that vamps in True Blood get incredibly sleepy when its daytime and then start to bleed! Why were Bill and Sophie-Anne fine to stay up all day with no ill effects?

  11. It was night in the "day room." The daylight was faked. :)

    You were teasing about the three-some, right?

  12. Would Eric's hair be able to be cut? Wouldn't it grow back every day or was this only a problem in interview with a vampire? Don't know why it popped in my head but it did.

  13. I thought the episode was slow, but I liked it because it tied up many things together.
    - I do think that Bill looked guilty for giving his blood to Sookie so early in their relationship, but honestly Sookie was smitten with him before and he indeed did it to save her life. Eric's blood deal was straight up deceit.
    - Maryann's obsession with Tara is now explained. Could it be Tara who laid the egg since she was the one that summoned Maryann? Maybe she is the vessel that they talked about. Maybe that's the reason why Maryann was so interested on those two getting it on.
    - Eric in the gray suit... Mmmh.
    - Tara was clearly an idiot running out after Eggs (Eggs, an egg... coincidence?). But Sookie and Lafayette's rescue plan was even more idiotic. Yeah, Sookie, you go inside all dressed up and with your purse while me, the PTSD guy stays outside with the gun so that the supernatural creature can come and get me. Not very smart.
    - Was the sun room another cue to how much vampires miss the day? Godric mentioned how beautiful sunrise was...
    - I hope this is not the end for Hoyt and Jessica. She looked pretty pissed off, so I wonder whether she is going to be taking revenge. I would have bitten Hoyt's mom too. Although the fact that the black-eyed mom enjoyed the bite defeated the purpose of it.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm such an idiot about the Day Room. God, what a twat. Of course it was night when Bill entered and left.

    No definitely not teasing about the threesome :-) I'm hoping thats scheduled for season 3! I could do with more Eric/Sookie one on one time first tho :-)

    I was wondering about Eric's hair the other day too Brent. I came to the conclusion that since hair and nails are not made of living cells they can be cut. The hair and nails grow from the base where there are living cells so thankfully for us, Eric can groom himself as much as the next drop dead gorgeous guy (scuse the pun).

  15. I loved the Queen and her weird habits, like playing Yathzee and the day room. And Evan Rachel Wood was amazing. I hope she shows up more in the future. Jason was hilarious as always.

  16. After the last two amazing episodes, I felt a bit let down by this one. Not sure that 'Frenzy' was the right title for such a slow moving episode.

    There were parts of it enjoyed. I've loved Sam from the beginning, but watching him with Cody and Lisa was very sweet. Now, there is a man who should be a father.

    The scene with Andy and Jason in the truck was great. Laugh out loud funny. But, I go back to why Andy and Lettie Mae have not been changed. And, now Lafayette has.

    Eric flies. Of course he can. He just gets better and better.

  17. love this show but eric flying was just a little too weird



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