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True Blood: Timebomb

Bill: "If you shoot her, everyone here will die. Let her go, now!"
Steve: (to Sookie) "Honestly, what do they see in you?"

What a terrific episode. I laughed out loud so many times that I scared my cat.

Godric completely defused the war. He seems to be quite a guy. Even though he looks like a teenager, he's so ancient and has experienced so much that he has come to value human life. I could finally understand Eric's love for him. I assume Godric would have balked at actually "meeting the sun", though.

There was finally enough Eric in an episode to suit me, and he was in rare form. I particularly liked his redneck impression, which was so good that it nearly fooled them, even though his paleness and black leather practically screamed vampire. (Why do vampires on every vampire show love leather?) Sookie and Eric had something of a detente going on, too. She took the chains off him, and he hinted that he wanted to turn her. Interesting, what Eric said to Sookie about not understanding the word "love," because I bet it was Eric's devotion to Godric that made Sookie treat him differently.

With all of this good stuff to choose from, Jason's scenes had to be the best. Jason told off Sarah. Dashed to Sookie's rescue. Stormed the church and took Steve Newlin down armed only with a paintball gun. His heartfelt apology to Bill in the backyard was a hoot, especially Bill's face as Jason was hugging him. (Possible in-laws. What can you do.) Not to be outdone, Sookie's takedown of the unbelievably bitchy Lorena was very satisfying, although I doubt Lorena will let Bill go that easily. I bet Sookie just made herself a powerful enemy.

Explosive cliffhanger, pun intended. Suicide bomber. Let's be topical, shall we? Bill wasn't in the building because he'd left with Lorena, but Sookie, Jason, Eric, Godric... who will live? Who will get blown to pieces? (And for once, the previews didn't even hint at what would happen. Good for HBO for a change.)

In comparison to the Fellowship plot, this week's installment of Orgy Central was almost subdued. Human heart for breakfast, some slapping around, and Sam got himself arrested for the heart murders. He should have taken off like he had planned. His best bet is probably to turn into a gerbil, get out of jail, and leave town as quickly as he can.

Young love, first love. Poor Jessica is now an eternal virgin. It's almost like a punishment her terrible parents would have chosen for her, and one she most certainly does not deserve. I knew this whole Jessica/Hoyt love affair was too good to be true.

Bits and pieces:

-- Lafayette told Tara's cards, and her future was the "Justice" card. I don't see things working out for her and Eggs. It feels like Maryann has special evil plans for them, over and above all the other craziness.

-- Loved the green paintball splotch, centered directly between Steve's eyes. Although to be honest, it looked like it had been carefully painted there.

-- Godric killed Gabe the rapist. No loss to anyone.

-- Bill saved Barry from Lorena. Lorena said that Barry tasted funny. What is he? He's probably whatever Sookie is. For that matter, Bill was also kind to Jessica and Hoyt. Go, Bill.

-- Mike the undertaker and coroner (John Billingsley) got locked up for having intimate knowledge of a pine tree. How could they tell what kind of intimate knowledge? It was a tree, wasn't it?

-- Congratulations to series stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who got engaged this week.

Quotes (and there were a lot of great ones this week):

Sarah: "You're worse than Judas!"
Jason: "Why? What did he do to you?"

Sookie: "He's your maker, isn't he?"
Eric: "Don't use words you don't understand."
Sookie: "You have a lot of love for him."
Eric: "Don't use words I don't understand."

Hoyt: "I don't know what you heard, but those were screams of pleasure."

Steve: "Kill me. Do it. Jesus will protect me."
Godric: "I'm actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him, but I missed it."
I really loved this. Whenever you have an immortal character more than two thousand years old, it always turned out that they saw Jesus. But what are the odds? To quote my favorite vampire: "If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock."

Sookie: "What were you doing with those people? Are you out of your mind?"
Jason: "Yeah, I was. Just, that sumbitch, it's like he sucked out my brain and planted all his own babies in there."
I don't think I've ever heard a better description of religious brainwashing in my life.

Andy: "With claws. A bull in a dress. With claws."

Jessica: "I can't believe I waited so long. We're going to do it every night, whether you want to or not."

Bill: "Calling in my maker because you couldn't win Sookie for yourself is feeble and desperate, even for you."
Eric: (big smile) "Are you picking a fight?"

Godric: "Retract. Your. Fangs. Now."

I think this was my favorite episode so far,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Agreed, Best episode so far! Everyone was on point! Heck even Jason got to be abit awesome in this ep. lol

    I guess the only thing bringing the pace down a smidge is the mary-ann plot but yeah...hoping it turns out great in the end

    Was Godric similar in the books? Only one (and abit) episode in and the guys seems pretty cool and sad...really really sad...must come with being 2000 years old lol

    Great review Billie, your pretty much the reason why i started watching True Blood (that among many things) in the first place :)

  2. Hello, Anonymous:

    Thanks so much for your comment. I've been trying pretty hard not to post "book spoilers" here on the blog -- but if you really want to know what happened with Godric in the books, email me privately and I'll tell you. billiedoux at gmail dot com.

  3. Oh Billie, I'm glad your replied before I did, I was just about to post book spoilers about Godric. Suffice to say I was expecting him to say Other revelatory stuff all episode. He does seem very sad, but also serene. I really like how his character is on True Blood - it'll be interesting to see how his number one fan, Eric is changed by the knowledge that Godric sees humans as equals!

    Definitely the best episode of True Blood so far.

  4. Hey Billie, love your reviews of this season!

    I watched this episode at some ungodly hour in the morning, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t too taken with it (6.5/10). In retrospect, the dialogue was fantastic, Eric and Sookie were great together and Jason was more than tolerable. I’m just not really getting the Godrick love. Maybe I need to rewatch.

  5. Hey Hey Billie!!

    YOU ROCK!!! I look forward to your comments every week!!!

    Is Nan Flanagan, played by Jessica Tuck , who was my beloved Mega Gordon Harrison on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, a character in the novels or was she created for the TV series?


  6. Hi, Dan:

    I honestly don't remember Nan Flanagan from the books, so if she was in them, she was a very minor character. Of course, that means nothing when it comes to the series, because there are other characters who were very minor in the books who are major in the series. I hope that helps.

  7. Thanks Billie!!!!

    I didn't think Nan was in the books.

  8. Although I do agree this episode was one of the best, I had a little problem with the last scene.

    It seemed forced that no one of the other vampire characters intervened since there must have been older vampires then Lorean, and some off them owed Sookie for going to spy on the Fellowship.

    Also, Sookie is brave but she dose not seem that implosive. That was a very stupid move considering what she had known about the way Eric treated Lafayett.

  9. "If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock."

    was that from spike?

    i try to watch these episodes in bunches because i hate having to wait a week to see what happens from the cliffhanger endings... dammit, i shouldn't have watched this episode cos this is one crazy cliffhanger!

  10. Hi, Joits:

    Yes, it was Spike. It was his very first line in the episode that introduced him, "School Hard."

    I hate waiting a week, too. Especially after seeing season one in about three days. There's something to be said for catching a series after it airs.

  11. What did y'all think about the fact that Gabe told Godric "It's me" right before Godric snapped his neck? And the fact that Godric insisted over and over again that he was well treated while at the FOS?
    I love the Eric character and I think Bill is quite boring, but I also think Bill has been dulled out quite a bit this season. I'm not sure I'd be that into the Sookie-Eric affair everybody seems to be rooting for; I really like his flirty coolness and seeming confusion about his feelings.

    Great review as always Billie!

  12. Hi Billie,
    I am watching True Blood for the first time and trying to catch up to real time.

    I also feel that Bill has been underplayed this season. And I'm not really crazy about the Mary Ann story line.
    And thanks so much for the Spike quote. I knew who said it and what episode it was from without clicking on the link! I love Spike. LOL

  13. Very good episode. I really liked Lorena and Jason here. The confrontation between Lorena and Sookie is intense and really good.
    But can someone please kill Tara or Eggs? Because those two are annoying as hell.

  14. Loved this one. Agree - best so far. This is also the first one where I Liked Jason, and I thought that was not possible.

    I also think that Bill is seriously underplayed this season whereas Eric has been heavily present even when he's not in the scene. I am not complaining Eric is terrific and actor is doing great job but I wouldn't want Eric to be with Sookie, they are much better off being at each other throats and at the same time helping each other than being together.

    When Isabel brought Hugo to Godric she was crying yet there was no blood, why?

    While I am on the "why" - Why Andy was not affected and seem to remember everything about the orgy when others didn't? Is he supernatural as well?

    I am seriously tired of all that mojo with Mary Ann and they managed to make Tara really annoying this season, not as much as Jason last season but still.

  15. When Godric made his comment about Christ, the exact same quote ran through my mind. We are a bunch of 'Buffy' addicts on this site, aren't we.

    I really like the Godric character. Mysterious and charming, yet somehow scary at the same time. I love the fact that he is forcing the vampires to share the responsibility of the conflict with the humans. Some of his lines really made me think.

    Poor Jessica! That is a particularly horrible hell to live for all eternity. But, it did make me think. There must be a slew of women vampires with the same predicament, especially the ones who were turned back in the day when sex outside of marriage was a sin. Surely, they would have a 'cure' for that by now.

    It's time for Maryann to move on. They have dragged this plot line on for far too long. And, the writers are just getting more and more outlandish with the gross out and freak out factor. Hunter souffle? Too much. Tara and Eggs beating each other? Horrible. Enough, please.

    For the first time ever, I actually liked Jason. As odd as it seems, it occurred to me during this episode that I think both Amy and Eddie had a big impact on him. Amy, although she wasn't the nicest person to ever come along, really loved him. As a result, Jason began to believe that he was worthy of love. And Eddie, by turning all of Jason's assumptions around, allowed Jason to step back and see what was really going on around him. It's hard to keep hating a guy that would go to such extremes to save his sister.


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