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Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

Dean: "Life as an angel condom. That's real fun. I think I'll pass, thanks."

They're doing the Apocalypse. They're actually doing the Apocalypse.

Lots of set-up for the season. Lots for me to love, too. Dean and Sam together again, even though there are, understandably, trust issues. Bobby, whom they can bring back anytime for all of me. Chuck, whom they can also bring back any time for all of me. Best of all, Castiel was back, and Misha Collins is in the cast now. Hallelujah, so to speak.

Putting demons and angels into human vessels was such a smart writing choice, since it automatically makes them multi-layered characters. How come demons can just take somebody's body as a vessel, but Lucifer and the angels have to get permission? Coincidentally, Mark Pellegrino just played a god of sorts on Lost last season. That's probably how he got the job. How many people can put "I played a god" on their resume?

(When do we get to meet God? Could they get Alanis Morissette?)

So Dean is the Michael Sword. Dean was completely unimpressed that he was the Michael Sword. Archangel Michael was mentioned back in season two's "Houses of the Holy," and even back then I thought that Dean and Sam were like archangels. Dean said no about thirty times and in several profane ways, but I bet we see him as Michael before the end of the season.

Castiel died. Dean and Sam have also died, coincidentally. (Maybe you have to die to get into the Supernatural cast.) Castiel strongly hinted that God brought him back, and that God also saved Dean and Sam by transporting them to that airplane. Castiel kicked some serious bad angel butt; he has a knife that kills angels, like Ruby's knife that kills demons. (Did we see that knife last season?) They didn't say which archangel killed Castiel. I hope it wasn't Michael, because that could be a problem at some point.

I was surprised that Bobby, who is always prepared for the worst, got himself possessed. Doesn't he have a protective tatt, like the boys? You'd think he would, considering what happened to his wife. And I was surprised that they went with heartwarming for the Bobby resolution, too, because Supernatural doesn't often do heartwarming. I think it was intended as a contrast. Bobby forgave Sam. Dean can't. Not yet, anyway.

Sam spent the entire episode looking like a kicked puppy. He desperately wanted to be blamed for what he did, take his punishment, and get it over with. Dean wasn't going to play, and he didn't want to talk. Sam made the worst mistake any human has ever made, after all. He has a lot to make up for. I don't know where the brotherly angst will go this season; they've been through a lot. Will they come back together during the Apocalypse, or grow further apart?

And no powers? Did Sam really just lose his powers? Is this good or bad? Probably good, since they were what tempted Sam into completely blowing it. Was all of this really Sam's fault, though? Sam didn't ask to have the Yellow-Eyed Demon bleed into his mouth when he was six months old, after all.

Bits and pieces:

— There were new and wild "blood in the water"-ish credits. The action began at the very moment last season left off.

— Loved Becky, slash fan and Sam girl. They can keep bringing Chuck and his books and the fans back any time at all. Even though the very thought of Sam/Dean slash makes me cringe.

— Becky's handle is "samlicker81" and she is webmistress at morethanbrothers dot net. Which doesn't exist. (I checked.)

— Dean used an "angel's trap" that we saw Castiel use last season. Castiel also carved... did he say "anokian sigil?" into Dean's and Sam's ribs that will make them invisible to all angels, including Lucifer.

— Chuck hit Sam with a plunger.

— Dean called Zachariah "asshat" and a "two-faced douche." Not being able to use profanity on network television does make them creative. Although I think the term "jack squat" never really works.

— Lucifer said he doesn't lie. From what he said to Nick, it might even be true. I can't give you your family back. If I take your body, it won't be pleasant for you. Of course, Lucifer could be the master of understatement.

— Meg was back in a new body (that she quickly vacated). She kissed Dean on the mouth. I hope that didn't mean anything.

— Bobby is unlikely to walk again. That's not good. Better than dead, though.

— This week: Pike Creek, Delaware. And wherever Chuck is. Do we know where Chuck lives?

— This week's motel room was a weird gray. I don't know where they come up with the designs for the motel rooms, but they're always so wonderfully strange.

— This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the swinging gate at Nick's house. There's something about Lucifer and gates, isn't there? And there are pearly gates, and gates to heaven. And Lucifer did just escape from his prison.


Chuck: "My last vision, you were like full-on Vader."

Dean: "You're sure? Maybe he just vanished into the light or something?"
Chuck: "Oh, no. He, like, exploded. Like a water balloon of chunky soup."

Chuck: "Oh, God. It's a molar. I have a molar in my hair. This has been a really stressful day."

Zachariah: "Like it or not, it's apocalypse now."

Zachariah: "You want to kill the Devil, we want you to kill the Devil. It's synergy."
Dean: "And I'm just supposed to trust you? Cram it with walnuts, ugly."

Dean: "You jonesing for another bit of bitch blood?" So God is supernatural methadone?

Becky: "You got my letters! And my marzipan!"
Chuck: (dryly) "Yeah. Yummy."

Becky: "Sam. Is it really you? And you're so... firm."

Becky: "Angels. Nice change up to the mythology, by the way. The demon stuff was getting kinda old."

Sam: "Becky, could you, uh, quit touching me?"
Becky: "No."

Bobby: "That's Michael. Toughest sumbitch they got."
Dean: "You kidding me? Tough? The guy looks like Cate Blanchett."

Bobby: "And how are we supposed to do all this, genius?"
Dean: "I got no idea. But what I do have is a GED and a give em hell attitude. And I'll figure it out."

I didn't have much sleep last night and this review could be utter crap. But I'm going to post it anyway. If it's utter crap, I'll re-write it,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Review isn't crap. Between this and True Blood (nearly finished Season 1), we're spoiled for good TV.

    I'm impressed with the idea of an actual apocalypse and the devil coming out as well as God eventually.

    I don't mind slash but I seriously cannot fathom it when it's between characters who are related. Um, no thanks.

  2. I'm pretty sure Castiel actually said "Enochian sigil." Enochian is supposedly the angelic language that was "revealed" by a medieval mystic named John Dee.


  3. There's no web server running at morethanbrothers.net but the domain itself seems to be registered to Warner Bros. So Sam/Dean slash fans don't need to lose hope; there's simply nothing on that address yet. ;-)

  4. Crap? Nonsense. Great to finally have the show back, it’s been one long summer.

    So Dean is an angel condom. As destinies go that one is defiantly awkward sounding. Man, those angels are spiteful bastards when they don’t get what they want. They give you stage 4 stomach cancer, take your brother’s lungs, threaten to leave your surrogate father in a wheelchair. The episode title was an appropriate one, the devil came across as more sympathetic than those douchbags.

    Someone is clearly working in mysterious ways behind the scenes, plonking Sam and Dean on that plane, resurrecting Castiel, and it’s all making Zachariah soil himself. If it’s the almighty than this season will defiantly have a Preacher vibe to it, with the Winchesters possibly touring American, literally in search of God. Only with an angel in the backseat instead of an Irish vampire.

    Dean is still bitter that Sam chose his hoe before his bro. Their relationship is going to take some time to mend. They’re not simple going to kiss and make up as slash fan Becky would like (loved her disappointed reaction to Dean “not what I expected” :-). I was certain Bobby was finally going to bite the big one after he stabbed himself to kill the demon (way to take one for the team, Robert). Thankfully he lived (hurrah!) but don’t leave Bobby in a wheelchair. The great man deserves better.

    I don’t think there was anything special about Castiel’s knife unlike Ruby’s. It was established last season that only an angel can kill another angel which begs the question, why don’t they all just gang up on Lucifer and kick his head in? Are there some rigid rules of engagement they have to follow? If so I can see this apocalypse being fought like the First World War with the angels as the officer class, making battle strategies over sherry and cigars in their swanky club while a few miles down the road soldiers are dying in their thousands.

    So far shaping up to be another great season. If this is the last, and part of me does hope it is, looks like they go out on a massive high.

  5. I kind of agree with Mark that I'm a bit apprehensive about the show continuing beyond this season. I love the characters, but this season is the culmination of the main story, and I'd like to see them go out on that high, rather than overstay their welcome. (I may feel differently when the end actually comes.)

    Great, great episode! They have such a knack for blending the angst and heavy drama with comedic beats. And in spite of all the pre-season teaser material I read, they still managed to surprise me. I had no inkling that Bobby was possessed by a demon. It was definitely an "oh, hell no!" moment for me. But, like you, Billie, I'm a little confused as to how a demon could even possess him in the first place. Isn't he the one that gave the boys their pre-tattoo protection medallions? Wouldn't he use something similar for himself? Hopefully something cool happens to heal Bobby, because like Mark said, he deserves a better end than permanent paralysis.

    Loved the arrival of Castiel at the warehouse. It seemed the obvious solution to their predicament, but him showing up and kicking major ass was a treat. I loved his suggestion that God is responsible for his resurrection and for saving Dean and Sam at the convent. It is shaping up to be a fantastic season.

    I also really enjoyed getting to meet the Devil's host pre-possession and seeing how the Devil got him to say yes. Not what I was expecting.

    I agree with everyone else that slashing Dean and Sam is just plain gross. They are brothers, people! But slashfan Becky was pretty funny.

    Can't wait for next week!

  6. This show rocks and so do your reviews. I have been reading your reviews for years but this is my first time commenting. Thanks for everything. It has been fun watching you fall in love with this show. :-)

    SUPERNATURAL ROCKS MY WORLD! I love this show so much that I have no words to describe how much.

    Your review is not crap!


  7. Your reviews are NEVER crap, Billie, and your adoration for this show matches mine. I love what you have to say, and your criticism, whenever you have any, is always constructive. I am presently editor of SUPERNATURAL over at a new web site, Moogi.com I hope you and other fans of SUPERNATURAL will go over there and check out my discussions/reviews/synopses of SPN, old and new eps, and see what I do over there with our favorite show. Please give me your support!

    Love, Robin
    Episode 5.1 available now
    Please check it out and
    let me know what you think!

  8. Hey
    First off great reviews! Only recently discovered this site and have since been reading loads of your stuff. Keep it up :)
    I agree with you as well... Supernatural is my favourtie on running series. This was a strong opener; they really are doing the end of the world and Lucifer really is sympathetic.
    One thing I've noticed about Supernatural is the boys never seem to suceed in the end; in season one they failed to kill Azazel, season two they failed to stop him using his children to open the devil's gate, season three failed to save Dean and season four failed to stop the rise of Lucifer. I'm guessing this pattern will end at the end of this season (or will the writers actually end the world?)
    All in all I thought while it was a little slow i loved this opener. I agree that it is strange how Bobby got possessed. Krikpe is usually very good at avoiding plot holes. But what I loved most about this episode was that Cas finally got to kick some ass. Let's face it; up untill now he hasn't really faired well in fights. I'm glad they reminded us that he is an angel after all and extremly powerful.
    And God is coming into the fray!!! What's not to love about this show??

  9. "Did we see that knife last season?"

    Yes. Uriel and Anna both used one just like it in On the Head of a Pin.

    I was also suprised that Bobby got possessed, but I figure Meg and her goons showed up before Dean and Sam did, overpowered him, and got rid of the protective herbs he would normally have on him.

  10. Great episode and, as always, great insightful review.

    I'm also getting a heavy "Preacher"-vibe, which is always a good thing.

    I have two questions though:

    1. Nicks house looked an awful lot like Castiels (vessels) house, didn't it?

    2. Although very funny - why would Carver need a go-between to get a message to Sam and Dean? Shouldn't they swap mobile-phone numbers?

    Am immensely looking forward to the rest of this season!

  11. Thankfully our boys are back and so are your great reviews. I am so addicted to this show that I was bummed out to go on vacation for two weeks 'cos I knew I wouldn't be able to watch ep 2 and 3. How crazy is that?

    The slash fanfic is a no-no for me also. I don't mind it but I don't want to read it either.

    One question: Has anybody else noticed the Winchester banner in Becky's room? If I'm not mistaken Chuck said in TMATEOTB that he never mentioned last names in the books that he never even wrote them down. This was a slip-up, right? Or maybe I'm crazier than I thought I am? Anyhoo.

    Right now I too think that they should end the show with this season but come next May I might change my mind. But I would so much love to see them go out with a bang.

    Thanks so much for this, Billie. You're the greatest!

  12. Am slowly catching up with the show. I am now watching S5 and hope to be caught up live before S6 starts this summer. What a great way to start off. I like that they were able to show Bobby both ways with Sam - giving him the emotional push around that he needs.

    Sam and Dean separate - I like the concept. I think that Sam has the right idea to go after the colt - but could a Colt stop an Angel? That was never expressed either way.

    Very excited for this season!

  13. I really, really like this episode. It sets a lot of things for the season and it leaves the brothers in a not so friendly way. That last scene kills me. And that scene with Becky is also fun.

  14. Billie -- I don't think you could write a crap review if you had to.

    Good, but not great, opening to the season. Is it too soon predict a Dean/Michael v. Sam/Lucifer finale?

    The stuff between the brothers felt very real. I hope they manage to work it out, but of course Dean is hurt and pissed. I'm glad the writers didn't just have them hug it out in five minutes.

    Finally, Lucifer's first stop was Delaware? Loved it. My home state got a mention twice. Doesn't happen often. :-)

  15. Chris - You're happy the devil went to your home state? And wouldn't it have made more sense if the devil went down to Georgia first?

    Let no one say Mellie Grant is not the devil. :)

  16. Sunbunny, I just gasped. Out. Loud. Mellie Grant was the devil!!! It's all making sense... Haha.

  17. I like that, whereas demons take what they want and violate people, angels (have to) ask for permission. There should be some kind of difference between the nominally good and nominally evil!

    I could do without everybody being so super special all the time, but I guess considering the Winchesters started the Apocalypse between them and Dean got dragged out of Hell, they would have to be pretty special.

    I really hope they win one at the end of this season - Castiel rescuing Dean aside, they haven't had a major success since Dean killed Azazel. It's getting depressing!

  18. Your review, as always, is awesome.

    And oh boy do I love Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. It makes all the semi unethical Jacob sometimes did in LOST make a looooot more sense as well haha. I can't watch that show the same way again after Supernatural


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