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Dexter: Remains to Be Seen

Harry: "You've got a family to support and people to dismember. You're spinning too many plates, Dexter."

Why doesn't Dexter just call in sick, go to his apartment, and pass out?

How long can they stretch this "sleepless in Miami" thing? Probably until Dexter makes a mistake he can't easily fix. Will Rita find kill tools in the barbecue, a foot in the glove compartment? She's obviously going to keep catching him in lies, just like she did in this episode. "Harry" (who is, of course, really Dexter himself) keeps saying that Dexter simply can't handle this much chaos in his life and continue to keep control over his dark passenger. Getting married was a big mistake. Huge.

Quinn is a mess. Internal Affairs, leaked headlines, and now Dexter is refusing to respond to his false overtures of friendship. Quinn will never accept that Dexter really doesn't care that Quinn pocketed that money; he'll never let Dexter alone. Maybe Quinn will realize that Benny Gomez' disappearance is not a coincidence. Maybe Dexter will have to kill him. One can hope.

Or maybe it'll be Lundy who'll stumble over a mistake of Dexter's, and realize that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive and butchering. That'd be interesting.

I feel bad for poor Deb, who can't manage a love affair to save her freaking life. It was disappointing that Lundy didn't come back for her. Why not? Is he still hung up on their age difference? I bet they'll end up in bed together anyway. Or maybe not; she's still nuts for him, but he's a remarkably disciplined man. Either way, I don't see a happy outcome for Anton, who will never measure up to a law enforcement god and daddy substitute like Lundy.

Trinity has chosen unfortunate victim number two. (I thought he was going to kill that dog. Maybe he doesn't kill animals.) Trinity said to the kid who ice creamed him, "You'd better catch up with your mom. Don't want to lose her." Big hint that Trinity may have a mother issue. Like Dexter.

Dexter's mother, Laura Moser, is next on Deb's list of Harry's C.I.'s. Come on, Deb, find out already. We've been left hanging on this one too long.

Bits and pieces:

-- There's already work-related tension between Angel and Maria. Had to happen, with Maria as the boss and Angel being something of an old-fashioned guy.

-- I must admit that the body in the boxing bag made me laugh out loud.

-- Astor is too old for DisneyWorld now? That's sad.

-- That poor husband went to jail for years. Sounds like he took a deal to avoid execution. That's so deeply wrong.

-- The actor playing the vacation murder victim was twitching and breathing. Oops.

-- Frozen Girl Scout cookies, in case of a romantic emergency. I'll have to remember that one.

-- Dexter found a tiny bit of blood on the spine of a cactus. Much like the ads for Dexter this season that show a plant dripping blood.

-- What law enforcement agency these days would allow an employee to set a simple five letter proper name as a password?


Deb: "Frances, if I hadn't already gone through that phase in college, I'd kiss you."

Dexter: "Oooh. Are we blood?"

Masuka: "Dude, there's no 'me' in 'team'. (pause) Well, technically, there is."

Dexter: "If somebody tested positive for an STD, would they have to register with the Miami health authorities?"
Masuka: "And why would you ask me that?"

We're still in the wind-up portion of the season. So far, so good,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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