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Heroes: Acceptance

Hiro: "You mean you copied your butt, anyway? Why would you do that?"

Wow, was this one good.

Hiro's futile, amusing attempts to save the photocopy guy and ultimate acceptance that there was nothing he could do was, of course, all about Hiro accepting his own approaching demise. I was emotionally engaged this time and actually felt sad about Hiro dying. Although I doubt that he will. Unless Heroes really has changed.

After a lot of flailing about and discussion with several people (mostly Claire), Noah accepted that he has one specific talent – tracking superheroes – and he went back to it. I particularly liked the subtle humor of Noah saying he wasn't up for going on the road searching for superheroes anymore.

Swoozie Kurtz came back with a bang, and she just killed "Nathan" for telling the truth. That whole sequence was quite powerful. It made me wonder what sort of person the real, stripped down Sylar really is. If Sylar is at his core a murderous megalomaniac, why did he feel so compelled to tell Swoozie the truth? Sylar changes with every incarnation; I wonder what he'll be this time?

The Tracy sequence was less interesting, although I did wonder if her hands were going to go down the drain during that bathroom scene. She seems to have had a crisis of conscience, too. Bruce Boxleitner looked damned foxy for a man his age; I got some flashbacks to how crazy I was about him in Babylon 5.

This episode was so focused, engrossing and captivating that I rewound it to check and see who wrote it. Bryan Fuller, of course. This episode certainly suggested that he really could have saved this show. If only he'd stuck around.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Initially I was a bit put off by the pace (which was slower than last week's, for me). But then I realised that slow meant character development rather than the crazy "Villains"-type storyline where it was action after action. I figured it wasn't so bad, and that this is how it should be; slow, steady character development and a progressively building up storyline.

    The Hiro story really got me almost teary this time. And it was funny too. Nathan's story was pretty interesting too, though I must say Claire still bores me...which is one step above annoy, so I guess it's still an improvement.


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