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Heroes: Thanksgiving

Sylar: "You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for."

At last, my favorite Heroes character has returned. It's been too long, Mister Muggles.

This episode was actually quite a bit fun. Mama Petrelli took dysfunctional family Thanksgivings to a whole new level. She finally revealed the body switching brain-washing plot over catered turkey, and "Nathan" and Peter were supposed to just keep eating? Who's ready for pie?

I rather liked that Hiro was so angry and proactive for a change. He still doesn't have Charlie -- but he did save Edgar, and now Lydia knows the truth. The field scene with the glowing weeds where Samuel killed his brother was actually quite striking. How long is this carnival arc supposed to last, again?

My favorite was the Bennet family dinner with everyone bringing their new honey: Noah even provided Gretchen for Claire. Kate from Angel was back, and Sandra has found the perfect man: legume-intolerant Doug, who has his very own Muggles-ette. Claire watched Noah and Sandra sniping at each other as if she were watching a really uncomfortable and awkward show. Her completely freaking out Doug was funny.

Claire seems to be going through Buffy's first semester in college. She has to lie to everyone and can never be herself, and her secret life keeps intruding into everything. Guess it's time to find the carnival. Gretchen, you should have stayed home. Non-super people hanging around super people tend to wind up toast.

How long is this carnival arc again?
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The arc's about 19 episodes if I'm not mistaken. Another nice episode, a good follow-up to last week's, plus I think it sets up the scene for a great episode next week too. Don't wanna get my hopes up but I saw the preview for next week and. Peter. Sylar. Revenge. I hope.

  2. funny, u said u were not going to review heroes anymore. but it seems u still r...
    i really enjoy reading your reviews, i currently follow supernat, dex, and heroes (in that order).
    this season of heroes has really came back to it's roots, and i think u seem to enjoy it as well. so why not just go back to writing a full review instead of a half one that just picks at it and criticizes it?
    if u dont enjoy the show anymore, just discontinue the reviews like u originally said u were going to do. otherwise, get the show a fair and honest review that gives the show the justice it deserves. us heroes fans will enjoy it

  3. I would certainly enjoy reading full reviews too, but I think, given all the other shows to cover, it takes quite a bit of time and energy to put out a full review every week, especially if you're not that into it. Doing something like reviewing a show should be something to be enjoyed and not a work kind of thing. Plus people will enjoy reviews less if they're constantly negative.

    Actually the impression I got from the thoughts posted so far on this season is that it's getting better, it's improving but somehow it still isn't quite the same. And not being entirely back on board with the show means there's no real passion to write a full review, but writing thoughts and small posts on each episode is a way of keeping that option open in the future should that passion come back.

    Just my two cents :)

  4. Nick is exactly right. I kept doing it because people asked me to, but even though this season is better than the last few, it's not the same and my heart isn't in it. I really would like to just drop it.

    If this is the last season, though, I'll have reviews for everything but the last half of the last season, and that makes me nuts.

    So Anonymous, I'm probably going to keep doing half-assed too-critical mini-reviews. My advice is to just not read them.

  5. no, i won't stop reading, but thanks for the response. if a new season gets renewed (which i think it will), consider committing to a full review again.

    but if u were to completely drop it, im sure u could catch up to the third season of breaking bad before it premieres in the spring. haha, just a thought!

    "half-assed too-critical", haha, at least u understand where im coming from.

    your an amazing writer, i bookmark this site for a reason. again, thanks for listening.

  6. If Heroes continues to improve and gets another season, certainly I'll consider doing a fuller review. Mostly because I'll *want* to do a fuller review.

    If you're the person who recommended Breaking Bad, thank you so much. I saw the first season on DVD and it's just excellent. I'm not sure if it's a show I'll ever review, but I'm definitely hoping to catch up with season two before the third airs. I wish the DVDs would come out sooner because I don't like watching stuff online.

    Thanks so much for the "amazing." :)

  7. After watching this episode, I just have one question: whatever happened to Claire's brother? It's as if Sandra and Noah have been so concerned with how Claire is feeling they decided to drop the other kid in a ditch somewhere and never talk of him again. Or perhaps Rene the Haitian just erased everyone's memory of him as part of some secret agenda.

  8. Nah, they haven't forgotten him; I remember Noah mentioning during the episode that Lyle couldn't make the Thanksgiving dinner, so it's not like he doesn't exist anymore. I think he just serves no purpose story-wise, so the writers keep him out of scenes...one less actor to pay, right? Though it's amazing how the brother of an immortal cheerleader can have such an exceedingly normal life.

  9. My family called me in (I had retreated to a safe distance so as not to get any of the crazy on me) to watch the family dinner scene as an internal exemplar of the whole, “Wait, what?” factor this show has going on. We laughed so hard we had to watch it twice. I dove for the computer to get your take on it.

    Even “half-assed” reviews done by you are worth reading.

  10. And now you made me lol too, Katherine. :) Thanks.


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