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About Heroes...

I've had the two episodes that aired last Monday sitting in my DVR, glaring at me, but I just can't make myself watch them. And I don't want to watch tonight's, either.

It's no secret that I've been disenchanted with Heroes for awhile. I thought that I could keep writing reviews if this season were the last. But rumors have started to circulate that Heroes is going to get another season. And that's great for fans of the show, don't get me wrong. This season has been an improvement, and they may have another one to get it right. Or righter.

But I'm afraid it's going to be without me. I've written my last Heroes review for awhile, and it's officially on hiatus for me. There's a possibility that at some point I might pick it up again. I tend to feel strongly about the completion thing, and even after I've become disenchanted with a show that originally enchanted me, I tend to stick with it, or go back to it. (The Dead Zone being a prime example.) But I can't make any promises.

I do apologize for leaving you hanging. Please don't hate me.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I watched them. It had been so long since I'd watched Heroes that I was worried about getting confused, but luckily that didn't seem to be a problem (your mini-reviews were useful pre-show studying). Except for the standard "what on earth are they doing" confusion.

    I don't like Heroes anymore. Both of these episodes centered on Claire, who just isn't a strong enough character (or Hayden a strong enough actress) to carry a show. Plus, since she's pretty much immortal, the only threat the writers have to work with is rape. I calculated at least three scenes with definite rape-undertones, which is just unseemly, especially as they won't actually deal with the problem in a mature fashion, but just threaten the blonde heroine repeatedly. You know a show is bad when you are hoping the writers will finally fulfill the threatened promise of rape.

    Are any of our friends across the pond still watching Heroes? Because I would love to know what's up with Sullivan's accent. He sounded Scottish as a kid and Irish (but in the US for a long time) as an adult. Help, please?

    In conclusion, I spent most of the episode laughing as I recalled Michael Emerson's reading of the fake Heroes season finale at the carnival. Now that's entertainment.

  2. Billie - totally understandable...

    Zachary Quinto’s been dragging “Heroes” up the escalator that kept going down for so so long!
    I had hopes for this season mainly because of Robert Knepper who is absolutely brilliant and I must say I enjoyed every single episode of this season while watching but it's when i try to analyze - that's where few along with 100 plus other issues come... like I wish Charlie stayed dead, as well as Mohinder (who would you believe or not I didn’t even notice was gone until someone mentioned it) and I wish they could bring the invisible Claude back instead of introducing the psycho Becky! and WHY? WHY Mister Muggles is the only one in love on this show? I used the like the idea of Claire and Peter together so much that I even wanted them to find a way for Peter and Nathan not to be brothers – I mean COME ON! They screwed up the Petrelli family all the way to hell and back why not that??? But lately I lost all the interest in Claire’s character and I don't even want that anymore. I know a lot of people hate Tracy but I actually liked her more as possible love interest for Noah than out of Angel Kate.

    And I laugh every time when I hear them say Haitian’s name! It was WAY too late to give him a name! I really wish they hadn’t. It sounded almost as an insult – going for 3 seasons without a name and then all of a sudden everyone calls him Renee in every scene possible!

    I was planning on finishing watching this season because of Robert Knepper - then can have him standing in the middle of the field talking about weather for 40 minutes doing just that and I WILL be watching! Plus the fast moving guy with knifes is really cool!
    But I will just watch and try not to put any sense in it coz it will never be the kind of show, where Darla would say something in season 1 of Buffy and it pays off 7 years later on Angel and you go “Aha!” and dance happy on the chair that you were able to draw the line between A and B and they connected......

  3. Josie wrote, "I recalled Michael Emerson's reading of the fake Heroes season finale at the carnival." Ooh. I have to try to find that. It sounds wonderful.

    Olga wrote, "Zachary Quinto’s been dragging “Heroes” up the escalator that kept going down for so so long!" I love the imagery. And you're right. I love Zachary Quinto and I want him in Star Trek movies, right now. :)

  4. Billie, it really is hilarious, especially after viewing a few of this season's Heroes eps. It's from part of the 2009 Lost ComiCon panel.

  5. Josie, I'm British and I can't place Knepper's accent(s) either. In fact, virtually all of the Irish accents on Heroes are awful. Instead of trying to learn an actual Irish accent they seem content to mimic some American guy who did a bad Irish accent in some other show. The accents have me in stitches sometimes. Why don't they just use Irish actors? They've had Chris Eccleston and Malcolm McDowell in the show already. Why not some Irish guys?

  6. Here's the Michael Emerson clip Josie was talking about:


  7. Thankfully the ratings are even lower then in the fall.

    last ep: NBC: "Heroes" (4.7 million, 2.9/4) which is lower eventhen Leno :)

    Here hoping they won;t drag it out and cancell it. Especially when it's clear Chuck is superior in every way NBC: "Chuck" (7.3 million, 4.3/7) even ratings.

  8. Well, it's sad to hear there won't be the reviews for me to read anymore...but I completely respect your decision. When writing something becomes tedious then it's time to stop. As for me, this season's been a slow ride upwards...one day maybe they'll get close to doing it just right again. If there's a season 5 then it better be it. They'd be better just work with the final season and final episode in mind and make it fantastic. It's the only redemption left for the show.

    So thanks for the reviews so far...and if you ever get around to completing season 4 I'll read it. Good luck.

  9. So frustrating when a show clearly on its last leg gets another season, while thought-provoking and intelligent programs like Dollhouse get axed. bah.

  10. While I'll definitely miss reading your thoughts on every episode, Billie, I certainly understand your decision. Have you considered letting one of your guest writers review the rest of the series for you? You know, for the sake of completion without having to watch the dregs.

    If none of your guest writers watch the show either, I'd be happy to review it for you if you'll let me. (I can't make myself stop watching. I just want to see the train wreck.) Here are links to some sample reviews if you want to see my writing and don't mind the shameless self-promotion (Hoho! Two birds, one stone):

    Seriously, though, I'd love to read one of your guest writers' thoughts on the show. There's no reason you should force yourself to have an unpleasant experience every week.

  11. I appreciate your offer to fall on your sword for us and review Heroes, Dimitri. Let's talk! Drop me a line -- billiedoux at gmail dot com.

  12. Hey, that's a thought. I wouldn't mind doing a review myself, but I'm not really competing for the position. That said, I'd be happy to step in any time if I'm needed. With class starting soon, plus the fact that I have to stream the show online (a bit unreliable) means that I'm not the most efficient person for the job, but like I said...if I'm wanted I'll help. Completion is something I get, which is why I usually don't stop watching shows...Smallville and Heroes among them.

  13. That's very kind of you, Nick. I'll definitely keep it in mind.

    Actually, I'm fairly certain I'm going to continue reviewing Smallville. I still watch it and enjoy it, and Dan is around again to coach me with the comic book stuff. I don't have to force myself to write about it, like I have lately with Heroes.

    And let me add that Heroes is not what I'd consider a bad show. A lot of people whose opinions I respect still like the show, and it still has a lot to offer. I'm just not connecting with it anymore, which makes writing about it very hard for me.

  14. Which is understandable...when a show that you've come to expect a lot from disappoints, its really disenchanting. And I didn't think you'd stop Smallville, actually, considering the last episode was pretty good and it's set a rather interesting premise for the rest of the season.

  15. Dear Heroes!

    I did say I would stay with you till the end…of this year…but I think we both have to agree that it is over between us. The date that we had earlier this week when I left after only 8 minutes since it’s started showed that there is no way for us to be together anymore. I’ve given us hundreds of chances hoping you’d come to you senses and things could be great between us again but it never happened…

    I must turn the page and go on with my life now but I want to thank you for the wonderful time that we once had... back when you had that cool sword and meaningful message to deliver, sexy hot scar on your face and superpowers that made my heart go “boom” every time I saw you.


  16. You lasted a lot longer than me. It's noble that you stayed with it for so long for your fans... :-)


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