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NewsFlash: A new La Femme Nikita on the CW?

According to my favorite news source, McG may be rebooting La Femme Nikita for the CW. Of course, if it doesn't star Roy Dupuis (and I'm sure it won't, since he's busy making movies), I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. It's always been my impression that the fans want more LFN, but only if it's a movie with Roy and Peta.


  1. Hmmmm... I'm vaguely interested in this news... yet simultaneously outraged. Outraged because reboot fever is a pain in the arse. BSG, Bionic Woman, Spiderman, Batman and now LFN? But I keep trying to watch the original LFN and something about it just doesn't grip me. I've watched the first five episodes a few times now yet can't seem to summon the interest to watch on. Which is a shame really because I love the premise... I loved Alias... and Peta Wilson's as hot as Johnnny Storm's underpants. I have no idea why I can't get into the original. So maybe a reboot is what I need.

  2. The first season wasn't too great, but it improved a lot. Back in 2005, Billie posted a review of LFN on her blog. From my comments there, you can see that I didn't like it at first either. I had only seen the first season years earlier, and that hadn't impressed me much. (BTW, reading stuff I wrote 5 years ago feels really weird. I was young back then. ;) ) Anyhow, Billie's review made me rewatch season 1 and then watch the entire show.

    Seasons 2 through the middle of 4 are awesome. The handful of episodes that come after that are not as good. There are some really good storylines over the course of the series. I can definitely recommend it. Maybe you could skip season 1, or just trust us fans and suffer through it. ;)

    As for the reboot... argh... I'm still pissed about Star Trek, wary about Buffy, laughing at 90210 and bored with Knight Rider. I will not be watching BSG, Spider Man or LFN. Unless a certain reviewer commands me to, of course... :D

  3. Remco, I command thee... just kidding. :) I'm not sure I'm interested in an LFN reboot, either.

    I agree with you completely, Remco. Season one of LFN was pretty wretched. The season one finale and season two opener were terrific, though. And I agree that halfway through season four (not coincidentally, when they learned they were canceled) the quality dropped off again.

  4. You know what? I think it could work. I watched all the episodes of the original series, and I liked it, but the end left a bitter taste in my mouth. And it's pretty obvious many aspects of the series are undeniably dated, including the tone and pacing. And the technology. Oh, and Roy's mullet. The guy is handsome and he can act, but his mullet is ridiculous.

    But the major complaint I have with LFN is the way they tried to retcon all the series by adding a twist in the season 4 (series) finale. It just didn't make sense and made all the drama and good things the series had slowly built along 4 years just fell to ground.
    If they remake it using the good aspects of the show and updating/fizing the bad ones, I'm in.
    And I may not like his movies, but McG has produced 2 of my favorite series: Chuck and the superb Supernatural. Then again, he produced Fastlane and the OC (urgh!). Let's see.

  5. I could never get into Le Femme Nikita, mostly because I always found Peta Wilson kind of flat and love Luc Besson’s original film more (not so much the American remake).

    Although I’m reaching remake/reboot fatigue at the mo I am a little intrigued by this long as the CW don’t screw it up Bionic Woman-style.


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