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Summer reviewing plans and future projects

Summer is the season where the hit rate on my site plummets to the basement, and we do retro reviews and play catch-up. Here are our summer plans, and some possibilities for next fall. I'm hoping for lots of comments, because some of these plans are tentative.

Vampire Diaries, Chuck
Josie Kafka is considering the possibility of taking on The Vampire Diaries, but is wary of committing if there's little interest. Would you be interested in seeing Vampire Diaries here on the site? Also -- the best laid plans and so on, but if there is time and opportunity, Josie may catch up with the first season and a half of Chuck.

Wonderfalls, X-Files, Farscape
Jess Lynde is planning to wrap up Wonderfalls and the first season of The X-Files this summer. She's thinking seriously about doing Farscape at some point, too -- do we have any Farscape fans out there (other than me, of course)? She's also planning to write season wrap-ups for Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary (not individual reviews, I hasten to add.)

The original V, Heroes
Dimitri A.C. Ly, who has been covering the new V for us, is going back to the eighties to review "V: The Original Mini-Series" and "V: The Last Stand". Whether he'll go on and review the rest of early V depends on the interest level, and whether or not the new V is renewed. If Heroes gets a fifth season, Dimitri might do more comprehensive reviews of the earlier episodes of season four... you know, the ones where basically all I did was meandering comments and massive complaining.

True Blood, Star Trek
I am definitely reviewing season three of True Blood as it airs this summer. And my annual retro project this summer is going to be the original Star Trek. Yes, I swore I'd never review Star Trek, but it sort of just happened; I blame J.J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto, because they got me watching the original series again. I've already finished a good bit of season one. And I'll be getting some help with commentary by the Original Purple Duck.

Please let us know what you think. We don't write in a vacuum, you know, especially since that tends to make it difficult to breathe.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Farscape would be an interesting one: it's a massively under-rated show.

    Found myself watching The Peacekeeper Wars, almost by accident, and I'd forgotten just how good the ending was. So often people are disappointed by series finales and yet Farscape seemed to end perfectly.

  2. Hi Billie. I've been reading your reviews for years, but never commented. I've been mulling over what I'm going to be watching this summer recently so thought it was time to give you a shout.

    I remember dipping in and out of Farscape when I was a kid and would definitely give that a go if somebody was to review it alongside me.

    I've heard good things about Diaries and wanted to try it out - but that may just been the Whedonist in me.

    I've often thought about watching the original Star Trek series...but don't know if that's too big a commitment.

    Either way I'll be avidly reading your True Blood's and am going to start on Supernatural after what good things you write about it.

    Let's hope for some bad weather this summer as an excuse to get through all this! ;-)

  3. Yaaaaay! Farscape Farscape Farscape!

    I still say season 2 is the best whole season of TV I've ever watched! Scorpius is one of my favourite "villains you love to hate" and John and Aeryn were a couple in a sci-fi show i actually cared for!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed! :D
    Keep up the good work team!

  4. Mikey6oy, I'm not doing all of Star Trek -- I'm only committing to the original, which only ran for three seasons. And I may not finish all three this summer.

  5. Chuck is still on my to-do list. If I ever get to it, I'll be reading the reviews of course.

    I'm not sure about the Vampire Diaries.

    I'm now in season two of Farscape. I agree that it's an awesome show!

    Wonderfalls and the X-Files are also favorites of mine.

    I don't watch current V, and I doubt I'll watch old V.

    I have to say that I don't really care about Heroes anymore. If you write reviews, I'll watch. Otherwise, I'll drop it.

    Looking forward to season 3 of True Blood.

    Reviews of any Star Trek would be awesome. It's become such a diverse universe. TOS with its charming characters and kinda sucky episodes. TAS with its one good episode. TNG with the moral high ground, DS9 with the moral low ground, and VOY and ENT with the missed opportunities. And then there are the movies.

    I don't know if you're interested in suggestions? I've arrived at The West Wing. It's so cool to see the inner workings of the White House! The politics might be a problem though.

  6. Farscape, please. Best series EVER.

  7. I would love to see Farscape! It always struck me as a good fit for your site.


  8. I for one will be reading your reviews of Tru Blood closely. I found the show was quite over rated last season. Season one was great but by the end of season two, I was really starting to question the longevity of it all. I stuck it out to the conclusion of course, but I'm really not sure about this coming season. Only caught the first episode of V and thought that is was passible. I heard that the season gets worst at it goes along so I might wait to see if it gets renewed so that I don't waste time watching something that goes nowhere. Never watched Farscape, so reviews might entice me to look into it. Love Chuck and hope it comes back next season.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. I would love to read your reviews on the Vampire Diaries. So many people think it's a ripe off from Twilight but the books actually came before the Twilight saga. Not to mention the show has taken a only the main premise from the books. Love to hear your thoughts on where it's going.

  10. The original series of V would be an awesome addition.

    I love Farscape and would love to see reviews up on the site. There has been rumors of webisodes teasing us for a couple of years now. So maybe some traffic for Farscape will encourage it to be made sooner. :D

    True Blood of course is a given.

    Star Trek is an absolute must and I'm surprised there isn't any presence of it on your site. Are you going to do the original series movies as well?

    I'm really blah about the Vampire Diaries but if the reviews are positive I might give it another chance.

  11. Hey just thought I would say all of those ideas seem perfect for the site. True Blood and Vampire Diaries go kinda well together.

    Original V and Star Trek will give the site a retro vibe this summer. BTW I think it is V: The Final Battle, because if I remember the spin-off series wasn't very good and got canceled after one season.

    And even though one of the comments above already mentioned it, Farscape would be perfect fit for the site.

  12. Since the Star Trek movie franchise just came back in a big way, yes, I'm almost certainly going to review the Star Trek movies when I'm done with the original series. All those series are too much to even consider -- but the movies are doable.

  13. I would definitely enjoy reading reviews of Vampire Diaries. I stopped watching after the fairly ridiculous early episodes, but my friends told me that it got better, so I checked it out again. They were right!

  14. OK. I guess I need to get cracking on those final Wonderfalls and Season 1 X-Files reviews so that I can wrap those and start on Farscape. I'm really happy to see there's so much demand! It was definitely one of my favorite series, and it will be a pleasure to revisit and write about. I can't promise any more than Season 1 for this summer! And maybe only part of that.

  15. Did anyone ever watch that show First Wave on SciFi? I loved that show! :P

  16. Jess - I'd love it if you did Farscape - it's such a wonderful show. It had some terrific characters, and aliens actually looked like aliens. I love it! Haven't seen it in years, but I've been thinking of rewatching it. I'll watch if you watch :D

    I'll of course read the True Blood-reviews, gotto watch Alexander/Eric :)

    As for Chuck, I've only seen a few eps, but it's on my to-do-list, so would be nice with first season-reviews as that's what I'm watching.

    Josie, if you review Vampire Diaries, I might start to watch it. Only seen the first few episodes, so that might entice me to see more :)

    I seriously hope there'll be no more Heroes - because then I'll have to watch it :D At least I'll get the pleasure of reading Dimitri's revies. They are hilarious.

  17. Farscape!! :) It's a no-brainer from where i'm sitting. It's a wonderfull show. The closest in the sci-fi genre to Buffy with it's combination of drama, funny and scary. I will read all of them and try comment.

    VD: if you do reviews then i will have no more excuses to not watch. ;) So a yes here too.

    And now for something i would loooove to see as it was the series that got me into TV and showed how wondefull a medium it is and why it's so much better then movies. Namely Babylon 5. While i know getting through season 1 would be a pain on par with your season 1 Highlander reviews, but what comes after is just soooo worth it. Just my 2 (euro)cents.

  18. Another Farscape vote here.

    Fantastic show, insane plotlines, great scripts, fantastic action and real emotional pull.

    Love it.

  19. I'm another huge Farscape fan, so that'd definately be interesting to me. I also started watching the original Star Trek pretty much because of the recent film so that's another one I guess I'd follow!

  20. Love the idea of adding Farscape to your repertiore! I second the idea of Babylon 5 and also Dark Angel

  21. Yes to Farscape --- I was going to watch it this summer anyway, and now I love the idea that I'll be able to watch and read with you. Ditto Star Trek TOS.

    Vampire Diaries --- I wasn't thinking about watching this one, but if you review it, I'll watch it.

    I got into Wonderfalls because of your reviews --- so I'd love to see those finished =)

  22. I always to see Farscape reviews on this site, I just rarely comment. Scorpius is, in my opinion, the best fantasy/sci-fi villain ever. And Crichton would be my favourite male lead character if not for Dean Winchester (even if he was very annoying in the beginning). His romance with Aeryn was one of the best I've seen. This show had such great characters!

  23. I mean, Crichton was annoying in the beginning, not Dean ;). Although Dean seemed like a stereotype "macho" character at the beginning.

  24. Oh, definitely another Yeah! for Farscape. Love that show. It was total bonkers and made no apology for it.

    And as a life long Trekkie I’m looking forward to your original series reviews, Billie.

  25. I would definitely love to read FarScape reviews from you!

  26. I would LOVE to see Farscape reviews on here! was planning on rewatching it from the start this summer too, so would be great to read along with it! Whenever I watch a show thats not reviewed on this site, it feels like a really empty experience, so wouldn't mind seeing Vampire Diaries on here too

  27. Another fan who would love to see my favorite show ever, Farscape, reviewed here. Also, if Wonderfalls is completed, Dead Like Me would be a nice follow up.

  28. May I suggest "Sons of Anarchy? It's been described as "soprnos" on bikes but it's a lot better than that suggests. Katey Sagal and Ron Perleman's performances alone are worth the price of admission.

  29. Just started watching The Vampire Diaries and guess where I went to in order to get my post episode watching review fix??? ;-)

    Please guys, do these reviews, would be FAB to see them up here!


  30. Billie, long time reader, love the reviews. My request is for Jericho - it turned into a great show that, in my opinion, was cut short. I can't be alone considering the fan response after the first season when it was on the chopping block. Anyway, keep up the great work (all of you)


  31. Vampire Diaries are a go! I'll post reviews of the last few episodes as we get them, and work on the rest of Season One over the summer (the schedule for that will depend on how available the eps are via legal streaming, DVD, and the CW's own schedule).

  32. FARSCAPE is in my #3 favorite TV series of all-time. I re-watched the whole series a few months ago.

    and are my all-time favorite mini-series.

    I adore TRUE BLOOD. I started re-watching it with episode one last night.

    I'll be here reading and enjoying all of the reviews.

  33. How about that one missing Fringe episode Safe, Josie? :)

  34. Hi Patryk,

    Always leave them wanting more, that's my reviewing philosophy.


  35. "Billie, long time reader, love the reviews. My request is for Jericho - it turned into a great show that, in my opinion, was cut short. I can't be alone considering the fan response after the first season when it was on the chopping block. Anyway, keep up the great work (all of you)


    Yes! Jericho is awesome, too! And it's short, so definitely feasible.

    Oh, and maybe Dark Angel? It's two seasons.

    And Babylon 5. But Billie already wrote those, only they were lost in hyperspace.

  36. Thanks for starting the Vampire Diaries reviews, I have really gotten into this show but it just wasn't complete without any reviews on here to go read after! So I will be reading away as you catch up on Season 1...

  37. I'd go with "Farscape" and "The Wire"...the latter is not scifi - technically it's a police drama, but that definition fits it about as well as saying Buffy is a show about high school. Give it about four episodes and you'll be obsessed.

  38. Jeey! Warehouse 13. Although i'd much rather see ep reviews i understand it's a lot of work..

  39. Farscaoe, Farscape, Farscape!

    Not about reviews but more about the site in general, is there any way you can make it possible to comment on reviews that were written before the blog existed? sometimes i really want to make a comment went I'm rewatching older shows like Buffy and Alias

  40. Stephen asked: "is there any way you can make it possible to comment on reviews that were written before the blog existed?"

    You read our minds, Stephen. We're working on that right now and hope to have something more user friendly by the end of this summer.

  41. Another vote here for The Wire. While it's not sci fi or fantasy, it can definitely fall into the cult category =)

  42. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but "Jeremiah" was a post apocalyptic show that - in my opinion - is definitely worth reviewing. It is quite unique insofar as we actually get to see Luke Perry doing a role right for once (I'm stricly talking the Jeremiah of the TV series here; no comparison to the graphic novel character intended.).

  43. there is always something interesting on this blog


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