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Smallville: Hostage

Lois: "Looks like we've got an audience with the Queen."

Naughty Martha Kent, using Kryptonite on her own son.

Lois and Clark have a relationship that's going nowhere. What do you mean, "maybe we should take a break"? Don't they actually have to have something going in order to take a break from it?

But surprisingly, Martha Kent now has a real relationship. Martha Kent and Perry White as a couple is twisting the Superman legend into a cranberry mold, and I have no idea where I got that metaphor. It's just not the same as it was with Martha and Lionel. I mean Jonathan. Yes, I know they're a real life couple, and it's very cute. I wish Tom Welling and Erica Durance were, too. Maybe then they'd get Lois and Clark together. Do I believe the hints that Clark is finally going to tell Lois the truth? Finally? I don't think I do. But anything can happen in a Smallville season finale.

This episode was almost worth watching just to see Martha Kent find the superhero within, even though it apparently included impractical red super high high heels. I've missed Martha. And I do like Perry, although he was a lot more subdued when he wasn't drunk. Perry and Lois good-naturedly out-reportering each other was cute.

Chloe wants to be a real girl, now. I bet Oliver has something to do with it. And at least the Red Queen wasn't Tess Mercer, who has been jerked around by the writers so often that I feel sorry for her.

I'm assuming the Book of Rao (why is there always some weird Kryptonian gadget at the center of everything?) will be critical to the finale, and I'm expecting the usual fifteen cliffhangers. So I bet Clark goes to wherever he sends the Kandorians, huh? Or maybe not. We shall see,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. I know they're a real life couple, and it's very cute.

    I didn't know that. It's actually kind of cool to have them together on the show.

    Still not convinced about Chloe. She's been too weird for too long to suddenly have this epiphany.


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