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Smallville: Salvation

Chloe: "Maybe your true purpose is to lead your own people."

The whole Zod and the Kandorian clones plot never quite worked for me. Was it the story? The pacing? Callum Blue not quite pulling off the bad as Zod? It's too bad, because it could have been quite cool. At least it appears to be over. And yes, Clark may have been stabbed with blue K before plummeting to the earth, but I'm fairly confident he'll survive. It's his show, after all.

Oliver actually gave Chloe a satellite. Now that's a boyfriend. Oliver and Chloe are probably my favorite romantic couple in the entire nine seasons of Smallville. (Except for the wildly dysfunctional pairing of Lex and Lana, which I really loved and won't apologize for enjoying.) Yes, they left Oliver in dire straits, but I'm sure he'll be back. I really enjoyed the Justice League stuff in this episode, too. Especially the superheroes visiting from two different Stargate incarnations.

And speaking of couples, I was surprised and pleased that Lois figured out that Clark was the Blur. It's about time. If Lois were actually the dynamic, intuitive reporter she's supposed to be, she would have figured it out long ago. What is she going to do about it? It might be interesting if Lois decides to keep it to herself. Except that Lois can't ever keep her mouth shut.

I was relieved that Tess was finally dead. (What a horrible way to go.) But then when the little granny (whom Dan tells me is a minion of Apokalyps, or whatever) went into Tess' hospital room, I had a sinking feeling she wasn't gone yet. What do you want to bet that next season, she's an undead female version of Two Face?

There were other fun details, along with the usual multiple cliffhangers. I liked Martha leaving Clark a box full of red, blue and yellow. I liked the brass knuckles made out of Kryptonite. And there was that intriguing dream Clark had of his own future that included Lois at the Daily Planet yelling for Jimmy Olsen, and Lex running for president in 2013. Thankfully, we know now that Smallville will finally end its run next season, so we won't actually have to wait and see if we get this scene in 2013.

What do I want from the final season? Well, it starts with Clark flying, and ends with him finally becoming Superman. I shouldn't even have to spell that out; it's not like I haven't mentioned it in every other Smallville review I've ever written.

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I agree with you about Zod. Callum Blue just couldn't pull it off and was, in my opinion, the worst of the Big Bads for this show. Just a dull story all told. But, this episode was a great set-up for the final season, so time to move on.

    I was actually interested in this season this time through. My memory of the show was that seasons seven, eight and nine left me cold. Turns out I was more right than not about seven and eight, but nine has more good episodes than I had remembered. I found myself on more than one occasion putting down what I was meant to be doing and actually watching the show with both eyes instead of one.

    And, of course, am still loving all your reviews, Billie. Thanks.

  2. I think Zod whispering to clark about who he killed infront of super hearing individuals was silly


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