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Smallville: Lazarus

Lois: "I'm the last one to know."

Wonderful opening, good follow-through, and a terrific ending. I'm very encouraged.

A lot of this one was a return to season one. Lois got to be the scarecrow in the cornfield this time, with the big red S on her chest. We were reminded of how Clark met Lex. There were a number of really awful Lex clones. And we got a petite homage to the Christopher Reeve movies, with Clark forced to choose between saving Lois and saving a lot of other people. And he managed to do both. Better. Not to mention that he almost but not quite flew.

I am so pleased that Lois knows, that she saved Clark's life and finally saw what he was. I'm not so pleased that she decided to take Perry's offer and leave for Africa, though. But at least it's a big step forward in the Lois/Clark non-relationship relationship.

And I really liked the father versus father theme. Throughout the series, Clark has struggled unsuccessfully to forge a relationship with Jor-El, or more accurately, with Jor-El's life recording, or whatever. For years, Jor-El has slammed Clark, given him impossible tasks, and made his life hell. I loved that the ghost of Jonathan countered all that with praise instead of blame. Like he was saying, screw Jor-El, I believe in you, son. It was just what Clark needed.

Tess is miraculously healed. So much for that fatal injury. And now she's raising little Alexander. I've made no secret of the fact that Lex Luthor was why I got into this series, and I appreciate that they want to bring Lex back in some way in the final season. But if Michael Rosenbaum isn't planning on one last curtain call, I sort of wish they'd just drop it.

I was also not so happy with Chloe as Dr. Fate. Maybe I just didn't quite get what was going on there. Was it just a way to write her out? And what happened to Oliver? Who was working him over?

Dan was really pleased with the brief introduction to Darkseid. Here's where my comic book ignorance makes it hard for me, because I don't know who Darkseid is. If you don't know, either, here's the Wikipedia link. Not that it told me much of anything. If you have a strong opinion about Darkseid, I'd love to hear it. Post a comment!

Lots of set-up for the final season, and there was a nice feel to this episode, like they were going for broke. We all know they've held back because the series kept getting renewed, and I'm happy that they're clearly not going to hold back any more.

Bits and pieces:

— Allison Mack's credit has moved to the end, and Erica Durance is now second.

— I know it was probably unintentional, but when Clark "died," he went to the cornfield. (Jerome Bixby's "It's a Good Life.")

— Alessandro Juliani from Battlestar was back, and yay for that. You know, having their own doctor works a whole lot better than constant visits to the Smallville (or Metropolis) Medical Center.

— Was that Brandon Routh's Superman costume in the box Clark got from his mother? It sure looked like it.

— Clark, when you're talking to a ghost, don't look away. They always disappear.

— In this week's hair report, Jonathan's hair has gotten pretty long in heaven, hasn't it?

Three out of four melting Warrior Angel action figures,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. So many exciting things in this opening episode. The blue suit. The hint of Clark flying. The appearance of fake Lex (let's call him flex) and the tantalising suggestion that real Lex (let's call him "real Lex") may return.

    On the downside, Chloe's on her way out and, for some inexplicable reason, Lana's bogged off to Africa. And here was me hoping for plenty of Lana action this season. I'm pleased that Lana knows Clark's true identity, though. Loved all that cute picking up the pen nonsense, whilst Clark super-whooshed his Kyptonian arse all over the office.

    There was a shot in this episode where Tom Welling looked like a slightly bulkier Ian Somerhalder. Anyone else notice that? My telly's a bit shit, so it might just be me.

    All in all, a strong opening episode, hopefully kicking off an exciting final season. Hurrah... and so on.

  2. And by Lana, I obviously meant Lois. My fingers have got rabies.

  3. Oh dear. I hope the comic gods didn't hear me say "And here was me hoping for plenty of Lana action this season." They might make it come true.

    What have I done? OH DEAR GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

  4. Too funny, Paul. Subconsciously, you must want Lana Lang back. :)

  5. Loved the episode. Glad they are going for broke but also sad to say good-bye to this show that's been in my life for ten years. A lot has happened both on the show and in real life lol.

    "Clark, when you're talking to a ghost, don't look away. They always disappear."

    Billie my thoughts exactly as Clark looked away I said "Bye bye Daddy"

  6. So Billie, will you do the whole season? Please :-)

    I thought this episode was really really good, something I definitely did not think about "Smallville" in a very long time.

    Can you believe, that it will soon become the longest running genre-TV-series (or second longest, depending on how you count)?

  7. I was happy with this episode, Daniel C W, so yes, I probably will. Plus it's the last season and there's the completion thing.

  8. You fool, Paul, you foolish fool. Dammit man, don’t you know if you say her name enough times she will appear!

    Liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would. Was great to see Pa Kent again (missed you, John Schneider) but not so much the various Flexes. I agree that if they can’t get Michael Rosenbaum back for one last hurrah I’d rather they left Lex Luther dead and buried.

    I am looking forwards to seeing how they incorporate Darkseid and the rest of Jack Kirby’s New Gods into the show even though the new creative team has struggled a bit when it comes to big bads with both Doomsday and Zod being a disappointment. Darkseid might be an even trickier character to pull off well but kudos to them for at least having the bottle to try.

  9. Great sighs of joy. Lovely beginning to the final year which left me full of hope for the season.

    For once, Jonathan did not get on my nerves and I was pleased to see him actually praise his son instead of get all snarky. Way to go, Dad.


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