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Stargate Universe: Lost

‘Lost’ primarily focused on the efforts to rescue the stranded away team, but added depth to what could have been a fairly standard Stargate plot by delving into Greer’s backstory. Plus, it ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger, leaving three main cast members still stranded and with even less hope of rescue.

I was completely stunned by the ending. I fully expected that everyone would be rescued and returned to Destiny by the end of this hour. A “stranded team” cliffhanger is to be expected for at least one episode, but to sustain the jeopardy through a second episode? Now that’s surprising. I thought for certain that Eli would connect to the ship the second time, so when he didn’t and said “That’s it. We’re done,” my jaw was on the floor. Given how dire they made it seem if Destiny left the galaxy, I’m not sure how this situation will resolve. Perhaps our favorite insect aliens will be involved somehow.

Aside from the ending, I thought the overall search-and-rescue mission was average Stargate fare. Watching the teams try to connect was engaging in the moment, but not overly memorable. What really made the episode connect for me was Greer’s story. I wasn’t too surprised to learn that he had a troubled childhood, but was pretty appalled by the things his dad did to him. Seeing him locked under the kitchen floor was bad enough, but I was really bothered by his dad forcing him out of the car in the bad part of town. Was his dad being unnecessarily cruel because the war messed him up, or was he trying to toughen young Ron up? To make him strong enough and resourceful enough to survive? It seems to have worked, but all the same, I was very sad to see Greer taking up the same career that so badly damaged his father. “His choice wasn’t wrong. He just wanted to be somebody. I want to be somebody. ” I can understand him thinking the military was his way to make a difference, but right now it seems he’s headed down that same path to post-traumatic stress. The last shot of Greer alone in his quarters, after losing Scott, Chloe, and Eli, was a very sad capper to the episode.

The other major event of the episode --- T.J. finally telling Young about the baby --- fell kind of flat for me. It just felt like it was resolved too quickly. “I’m pregnant.” “What? How far along? OK. We’ll make it work. [Hug.]” The interactions felt completely true to the characters, but I guess I just wanted more from the moment. Ironic that I’ve been dreading all the drama and angst about this reveal, and now I’m disappointed there wasn’t more drama and angst. Perhaps there will be more to it down the line. After all, Young really hasn’t had much time to process it all yet.

Other Thoughts

Riley trying to continue Eli’s work was a nice touch.

So, Chloe proved useful on the away mission after all. The “you are here” joke felt a bit forced to me, but I give her credit for recognizing that the “decorative” stonework was a map.

Greer getting trapped was extremely predictable. As soon as he separated from the group I knew there would be some sort of cave in. I was momentarily surprised when he came back around the corner and it looked like the cave in wouldn’t happen. But then it did.

I actually felt a bit of sympathy for Scott when he didn’t want to leave Greer. Usually he doesn’t connect with me at all, but I was feeling his pain during their exodus from the planet. Brian J. Smith played those moments well. I was also rather impressed that Scott actually stepped up and left a man behind. I wonder if he would have done that if his girlfriend hadn’t been at risk.

I started getting a bit claustrophobic when Greer was trying to dig his way out.

Did Greer’s dad intentionally set the house on fire? Was he trying to kill himself and Greer’s mom? Or was it just a strange coincidence that the house started burning the night he abandoned his kid in the ghetto?

The wig they had on Greer during the hospital flashbacks looked kind of silly, but his demeanor did make him seem much younger. Kudos to Jamil Walker Smith.

It’s been seven weeks since T.J. revealed her pregnancy to Chloe on the mystery planet.

Side note: I recently learned about a “kino diary” video on the MGM Stargate website that addresses the “terms of use” for the communication stones. It has Eli interviewing Chloe, who is currently being occupied by someone from Earth. She says that the body swap volunteers sign a consent form that allows their bodies to be used in “anything goes” fashion. Basically, it is understood that sexual encounters are to be expected, as reconnecting with loved ones is the whole reason for bringing people home to visit. So there you have it. I really wish the writers would have addressed this issue within an actual episode, rather than in an extra you have to hunt for online. I still think the whole thing is completely skeezy, but at least everyone is going into with their eyes open.

Final Analysis: A pretty good episode with a surprising ending. I enjoyed gaining some insight into Greer, and am looking forward to the resolution for the latest cliffhanger.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Nice review, Jess. I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed this one. I loved the idea of Eli, Scott and Chloe been forced to jump blindly from planet to planet in a desperate attempt to get back to Destiny. Now that’s not a bad idea for a spin-off. If MGM doesn’t go bust they should seriously look into that.

    The ‘we’re screwed’ ending was great, totally unexpected and a nice f**k you to the reset button. Just hope they find a way to resolve this plot thread that isn’t a completely contrived cop out.

  2. I enjoyed this one, too. I really liked the glimpses we've gotten into the backgrounds of both Rush and Greer in the past two weeks -- both somewhat unsympathetic characters who now seem a lot more likable. And I was shocked when Destiny left without them. I'm also hoping for an interesting resolution that isn't a quick Stargate-ish fix.

  3. Really Good. I love how they stick to subverting standard SG plot devices.

    Also great look at various alien landscapes, they didn't forget that some planets can be toxic, that a kino can't dial a gate on it's own, that the gates work one-way and the most important that you can't dial the same gate simultaniously from two places. :)

    They are also using what i thought would be the biggest threat yet (leaving the galaxy), but for now they are only worried that it will leave the strandees behind, but the more impotant part is they will just starve while traveling between galaxies. So now it's a foregone conclusion: they will gain control over Destony and stay in the galaxy with the blue aliens.

  4. Whoa, another ridiculous ep.

    First, the biggest "pull out of your ass" I think I've ever seen in a series. Suddenly, the gate in the planet were Destiny stops is open to other planets!!!!. WTF???. Why the stupid searching for water in a desert?. The ice planet?. If you have access to 20-30 planets just to begin with, why not look for water, technology, people, etc?. It's so stupid "hey, let's leave them stranded in this planet, next week we'll think of something". Next week: "hey, this is all I can think to get them back, it will totally destroy what we've doing up until know, but I don't want to think anymore". Of course, they didn't (which I admit surprised me), so expect them to pull something even bigger out of their ass next week.

    Then, the next "pull out of your ass" to make some cheap confusion. Now you can dial Destiny from two different planets?. Bah.

    Then, the labyrinth again: stupid, stupid, stupid. Didn't they have a map?. Couldn't they reach the place were Greer was from the other side. Obviously, they could, since he got out!. But hey, he doesn't answer the radio, so he's *obviously* dead.

    The big rancor (sorry, that was a rancor even in how it sounded): The running was ridiculous, but Scott stopping to fire some final rounds before crossing the gate?. God, complete imbecile. How I hope he had been eaten there and then. It would be good for everybody.

    And Greer's backstory?. His father throws him downtown, and he arrives *just* in time to find his house burning, while his mother is placidly sleeping with his father instead of suing him in a police station for abandoning his child?. My god, completely unbelievable.

    The search: they didn't even think about splitting the teams until after *TEN* planets?. Give me a break, high IQ scientists acting like idiots again.

    And there is no way in hell that what Eli and company did took 3 hours. Also, the downed alien ship has a Chloe interface (I know UNIX!) and knows where exactly is Destiny and when it is leaving the galaxy?. Please.

    The pregnant thing was the only decent thing about the episode, although I wonder if Young finally forgot about his wife. Now suddenly he's going to "make it work" with TJ?. Or is he just going to make the baby "work"?.

    Well, young Greer's hair was funny too.

    Definitely, I'm masochistic. I must be watching this just out of habit after all these years of Stargate. I'm starting really seriously to hope they cancel it. What a waste.

  5. BTW, my comment appears in the "post a comment" pop up, but not in the post itself. Curious.

  6. A few quibbles with your comments, Anon.

    First, the gate on the planets have always been open to other gates in the system. Not necessarily all the gates in the galaxy, but a few within proximity. That's why the two crew members were able to leave through the gate way back in Air, Pt. 3. Franklin got shot by Greer as he was trying to join them. I think they have limited the exploration to the nearest planet because (1) they think Destiny is stopping at that location for a reason, and (2) they have a limited time frame in which to explore.

    Second, if memory serves, I think that there have sometimes been multiple planets with gates within range of Destiny's stopping point, and they just have to decide which one to gate to. As noted above, they usually go to the nearest one. Or the one that appears to have what they are most in need of. So, it stands to reason that you could dial back to Destiny if you are at one of the gates within range. I'm reasonably sure this issue was covered back in one or two of the early episodes, so it isn't something new they just pulled out of their behinds.

    Third, Greer did not dig himself out on the other side of the collapse. He went out the same way Chloe, Eli, and Scott did. After he freed himself, they clearly showed him checking the nearest map, and there was a directional arrow sketched on the wall to show which way the team went. I think they were hoping he was still alive, but didn't think they should chance it when the whole place was threatening to collapse on them.

    I doubt any of that changes your overall opinion of the episode (and series), but thought it might take some of the "rancor" out of your reaction. :)

  7. Yes multiple gates in range were explained and used in air pt. 3. The only thing that's a bit stretching imagination is the number of non-lethal planets they had in range this week. Yeah when i saw the creature the 1st thing i thought is the rancor from Return of the Jedi.

    Greer's father may have attempted to burn the house himself and he was "sparing" Greers life by dropping him in the getto. Or maybe just left a cigarette burning for all i know. That was a bit unspecific flashback.


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