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Stargate Universe: Incursion, Part 1

Part 1 of ‘Incursion’ was another good episode with some very intense action and major story developments. Yet, it somehow managed to feel more like a staging episode and left me with little to offer in the way of critical commentary. I liked watching events unfold and was pleasantly surprised that the Lucian Alliance actually made it onto Destiny this week, but I ended up feeling like I need to see more before I can fully render an opinion. That happens to me a lot with two-part episodes.

I am a bit disappointed by the resolution to the Young-Telford standoff. I can’t help thinking it was a cop out to have venting the atmosphere be a ploy to break the suspected brainwashing. They did suggest Telford was brainwashed last week, but I think it would have been more interesting if he actually had become sympathetic to the enemy. As I noted in my last review, Stargate Command does have a habit of operating exactly as Telford described. It would have been an interesting choice to really address their modus operandi for once. But by deciding that Telford was just brainwashed into being a traitor, they basically avoided dealing with the issue altogether. Sigh.

On the other hand, Kiva thinking Telford is still on her side when he’s only pretending does seem to offer some good story direction. So I’m willing to roll with it. I shouldn’t have expected this show to take a seriously hard look at the SGC’s standard operating procedure anyway. That’s not really Stargate’s style. (Anyone remember ‘Inquisition’ from Stargate Atlantis Season 5? Double sigh.)

The Alliance soldier turning into a pile of dust was a serious WTF? moment. I felt like I was watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer for a couple minutes. I actually said to my husband, “What the heck just happened? Was that dude a vampire or something?” We’re wondering if the mysteriously disappearing Franklin has anything to do with this. We think maybe he became one with the ship after using the chair that second time. If so, he and Destiny might be trying to protect the crew.

I’m very worried about T.J. I have a really horrible feeling this incursion is going to “resolve” the baby issue. I’ve got serious reservations about having a baby as part of the crew, but I sooo don’t want to see her lose the baby at this point. And I don’t want to lose T.J. either. She’s one of the characters I want to get to know better.

When Chloe lost consciousness after Eli applied a tourniquet to her leg, I actually thought for a few minutes that the writers had really killed Chloe this time. I could sense my husband’s rising excitement at the prospect. ‘Twas not to be --- yet. I’m not entirely convinced that she’ll survive the next episode. She is getting steadily weaker.

Eli checking the Daniel Jackson briefing videos to attempt to better understand the Lucian Alliance was a nice continuity and character moment.

Poor Riley. This week he suffered a head wound, got captured by the enemy, and may end up being a “demonstration” to show that Kiva means business. Man. Other than getting selected for the survivor shuttle back in ‘Light,’ the poor guy can’t seem to catch a break. I hope he survives.

I kind of like that Camille refused to go to her quarters and then attempted to negotiate a hostage exchange. She can be a pretty tough cookie. I appreciate that she keeps trying to ensure the civilians have a voice, and I liked that Young actually gave her idea a chance, if only to buy them some time.

I’m starting to think that if he survives the incursion, Young’s job may be in jeopardy. Jack was none too pleased to learn he hadn’t dealt with the situation “swiftly and decisively” as soon as Destiny was boarded. It’s ironic that Destiny’s crew thinks Young is a wildcard, often taking unnecessarily extreme actions, whereas the SGC is now angry with him for not being extreme enough.

It was nice to see Amanda Tapping this week, even though she didn’t do much besides serve as an example of a commander willing to make tough choices. They are really trotting out the SG-1 favorites lately. When do we get to see Teal’c?

Eli: “Once, I climbed the Red Ridge Mountains on my way to Stonard with a full pack.”
Chloe: “Where’s that?”
Eli: “World of Warcraft.”
Chloe: “Wow. That must have given you quite the sense of accomplishment.”

Final Analysis: A good episode that effectively sets the stage for the season finale. I’m eagerly awaiting next week.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Scientifically speaking what killed that lucian alliance guy could have been radiation from a nearby neutron star, but yeah i'm also in the it was Franklin camp mainly because it seemed tarteget.

    Riley: i was glad he was captured and not killed but he's not out of the woods yet. He's something of secondary comic relief (after Eli) so i don;t want him to go.

    TJ: can't lose the only medic on board... but the baby is fair game. Especially that the writers are just adapting to real life and it wasnt't their idea.

    Chloe: do we want her to go? She's not Tyler from V. She has her moments so let her survive and have her learn somthing usefull in season 2. From the start of the series i was thinking of her as an eventual Wray replacement. Beacause Camille seems to me like the most probable candidate for killing off some time in the future.

    Eli: the scenes with him carrying Chloe got me thinking. Should SGU do what Lost didn't? Actually show an actor losing weight during the show? It would be something new.

    Good episode but it should have been shown together with part 2. The ending cliffhanger felt more like an interruption and not a proper cliffhanger. The only thing suggesting it was coming was the running time.

  2. I think I finally figured out what bothers me about this show. The writers don't seem to know who some of these characters are. The perfect example of this is with Colonel Young. Starting an episode with him killing Telford to unbrainwash him and then not wanting to kill off the enemy felt completely false to me. Did the writers forget that this is the same guy that left Rush (Rusch?) on a planet to die?? At that point, I realized, I haven't been able to become invested in some of the characters because the writers don't know who they are. And if they don't know, how can I??

    Wanting to like the show more.... *sigh*

  3. Well, another decent episode. That makes.. ¿3? this season.

    Young should be definitely kicked out of command. What a disaster he is. Perhaps the fact that Telford is now there is the way the writers are going to put him in charge?. Besides, Lou Diamond Philips's name would look so much better in the cast list.

    30 minutes to watch the other one. I have a feeling that Varro is a SGC mole. We'll see.


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