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We love vampires. Well, we love some vampires more than others. And the rest? We love syphilis more than we love them. (Ew, syphilis.) In fact, we love some vampires so much that we're declaring July [2010] our first-ever Vampire Month. Look for movie reviews, book reviews, and interviews with the writers about which vampires they love more than syphilis. (Ew.) And, of course, stay tuned for more retro Vampire Diaries and Moonlight reviews, as well as new reviews of that little show called True Blood. In the meantime, click for a complete compendium of all our vampire coverage since the dawn of mankind. Well, since the dawn of the site.

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TV Shows

True Blood
Vampire Diaries
Supernatural (Hey, there's a vampire episode! It counts!)

Book Reviews

Justin Cronin, The Passage
Charlaine Harris, The Sookie Stackhouse Series
Stephanie Meyer, Twilight, New Moon, and So On

Movie Reviews

From Dusk Till Dawn
Let Me In

Writers vs. Vampires: Blog to the Death

Billie on Vampires
Jess on Vampires
Josie on Vampires


  1. Have you considered doing reviews of Being Human?

    It's got a pretty interesting take on the vampire mythology and there's on 12 episodes so far.

  2. Good question, Iago. I've never seen the show and I'm not sure if any of our contributing writers are into it, but the show has certainly popped up in the suggestion box more than once. I guess the ambiguous short answer is, we'll see.

  3. I've mentioned it before, so I'll mention it again. Being Human is brilliant, and well worth the watch, especially before the American remake starts in September. It doesn't bother me whether it gets reviewed or not, but as a bunch of people who are so into scifi/fantasy tv, its a show you really need to watch.

    And it's British, and only two series old, so only 16 episodes. Compared to the commitment required for most american shows, it's nothing

  4. Hi Trousers,

    We're definitely considering it. Only the first six episodes are available here in the States, though.

  5. Seeing as its vampire month has anyone considered reviewing Ultraviolet.

    Just to clarify I’m not talking about the abysmal Milla Jovovich film but instead the rather brilliant British thriller series that starred Jack Davenport, Susannah Harker, Idris Elba and Philip Quest as the members of a high-tech paramilitary squad that hunted vampires in ‘90s London.

    The show only lasted for one series of six episodes but was great in the way it treated vampires as pure science fiction rather gothic fantasy. If you haven’t seen it before I strongly recommend you check it out. Trust me, it’s amazing.

    Plus, True Blood fans should get a kick out of seeing Stephen Moyer pop up in a couple of episodes as a vampire.

  6. I just popped Ultraviolet into my Netflix queue and will check it out. Thanks, Mark.

  7. Curse you, Mark Greig, for suggesting that first!
    But seriously, it's good to find someone else who remembers and loves that show.
    I would also point out that it was written and directed by Joe Ahearne, who went on to direct some of the Eccleston Dr Who episodes, Dalek being the one I recall specifically.

  8. ...And it's got Jack Davenport from FlashForward! (Just in case anyone else said to themselves: "Why does that name sound familiar?")

    It's in my queue, too.

  9. Another vampire series that I really enjoyed was Blood Ties. It has 2 series and is quite interesting.


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