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NewsFlash: Lost Auction

There will be an auction of Lost series props in Santa Monica, California, August 21 and 22. (See Profiles in History. Photo credits are also to Profiles in History.)

I spent six years writing about Lost, and this auction is going to take place about a ten minute drive from my apartment. I'm not going. And not just because a ticket costs $65.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's marvelous that fans can literally own a piece of their favorite shows, and storing stuff away forever does nobody any good. And who can afford that sort of warehouse space in Los Angeles, anyway?

But my initial reaction to these auctions is always sadness and melancholy. It's like an expensive autopsy of something I once loved, a slap in the face with the fact that we're never getting another new episode of Lost. Plus, let's face it, the pieces I'd really want to own -- like Hurley's lottery ticket, Sawyer's first pair of improvised glasses, Charlie's ring -- would cost the moon. And a chunk of Oceanic wreckage would clash with my decor.

How do you feel about these auctions? And if you could own a piece of Lost, what would it be?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Don't despair, Billie. We haven't seen the last of Lost. In a couple years, we'll have a movie adaptation, probably one starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as Jack and Sawyer respectively. Will Ferrell can be Locke. Just saying.

    I'm not much into collecting props. Part of me knows they would just be collecting dust in a room I never visit, but I think I'd get a kick out of acquiring Shannon's inhaler or a water bottle with the top cut off. I would want to bid on those just to say I did, really.

    Seriously, though, the hatch counter with the Egyptian symbols would be pretty neat.

  2. I'd take one of those blue Dharma VW buses as long as it actually ran (and I had the dough).

  3. I'd buy the Island, but I have a hard time finding my cellphone when I misplace it, so I think it's better to save those few million bucks for something I can't lose.

  4. I'd love to have one of the fake passports - it's small, easy to store and look at once in a while, and reminds me of the character I enjoyed so very much.

    Plus I could try to use it and see what happens...maybe if I carry it on my next trip over the Pacific...

  5. Steve,

    good idea. I kind of look like Sayid I let my beard grow. I could enter Iraq with no difficulties.

    On second thought, it wouldn't be so useful after all.


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