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Smallville: Shield

Carter: "That is the Sun God Ra, bringer of light and life. He was revered."
Lois: "He has the head of a parakeet."

Lots of Carter Hall with no sign of Hawkman. Except that, given the archaeological setting, it felt like an SG-1 crossover.

Not that that's a bad thing, because I loved it; Carter Hall and Lois schmoozing about Clark and the "whole Egyptian Groundhog Day thing" was the best part of the episode. Carter thinks he's going to die and be reborn soon. I hope that wasn't just a throw-off reference and we get to see it. Not that I want him to die, but you know what I mean.

The big theme of the episode was, of course, going public. As in Clark going public. The annoying Cat Grant went on and on about secret radical costume vigilantes hiding from the public (all the while she was using a secret identity of her own for a very good reason). Another little hint (okay, huge hint) that it's time for Clark to come out into the open. Apparently, in a red leather jacket. Okay by me.

I thought maybe the Suicide Squad had disappeared after last season, but no. I don't have an emotional investment in the Suicide Squad since I don't know them from anything, but Dan thinks they're cool. So I'm fine with it.

No more Chloe for awhile, I guess. Apparently, she did trade herself for Oliver. You know, I've gotten used to no Michael Rosenbaum and no John Glover, but it seems really unfair that I have to get used to no Allison Mack in these last few months, too. *sigh*

Bits and pieces:

— Tess seemed pretty subdued for a change. Guess it was time for a new persona. She gets a new one every few episodes.

— Cat stayed in the apartment above the Talon, just like everyone else who has ever been on this show.

— Wasn't Tracy Scoggins' quickly forgotten character on Lois and Clark called Cat Grant, too? And can you say, completely opposite characters?

— Even before the final scene, Dan noticed that Clark was back in red and blue.

Another good episode. Three out of four cookies with twice the sugar,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. She was indeed called Cat Grant. The comics character went through some weird changes so maybe they took that and ran with it.

  2. No thoughts about Dead Shot, the bullet with Clark's name on it (twice) or even the skull and crossbone "poison" ingested by Clark, Oliver and Carter?

  3. New opening credits, again!. This time sans Allison Mack. Feels kinda empty with only 4 (or 5) regulars.

    I liked this episode a lot, even a little bit more than last weeks, the second time in years that I thought Smallville delivered quality.


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