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Dexter: Hello, Bandit

Dexter: "It's said there are seven stages of grief. I suppose killing someone with my bare hands in a men's room was my way of working through the anger stage."

Very creepy. Very funny. Very Dexter.

Dexter and the kids were trying to regain a semblance of a normal life after losing Rita. Camping in Deb's apartment. Kids back in school. Dexter out trolling for his next victim. None of it working. Maybe the message was that nothing will ever be the same again. Astor and Cody are gone now, and obviously, it's for the best. Astor has intuitively sensed, and correctly, that Dexter caused her mother's death.

It's sort of too bad that Astor and Cody can't take Harrison to Orlando with them. It would probably be best for that baby if Dexter gave him up for adoption. That scene where he set Harrison down on the floor of the rental van while he tested the bloodstains just creeped me out. What chance does Harrison have for anything resembling a normal life? Yes, I doubt that Dexter will continue taking the baby along while stalking his victims; at some point, Harrison would start realizing that other kids don't stalk prey with Daddy. But Dexter, despite how well he did with Astor and Cody, really isn't father material.

The uncomfortable vibe continued with Masuka having a terrible time with blood spatter, and Angel and Maria realizing how incompatible they are. Poor Deb is stressed and overloaded and not ready to be a mother, and why should she, just because Dexter needs one for Harrison? She's resisting her attraction to Quinn, but obviously, she won't resist for long. (What's a season of Dexter without Deb making a huge romantic mistake?)

And Quinn is about to figure out that Dexter is Kyle Butler, and what a mess that will be. Yes, Dexter has an alibi; Trinity apparently killed Rita when the cops were raiding the Mitchell residence. But how can Dexter ever explain masquerading as Kyle Butler?

Santa Muerta cult. Yuk. Boyd Fowler, the animal guy. Super yuk, too horrible. That final scene with the still water and the barrels of bodies bobbing up from the surface was such a huge honking metaphor for Dexter's life. Is Dexter going to have trouble with murder, now? He was ready to give it up before Rita was killed... but he also just said that killing fulfilled his own needs and made him a better father. Which is it?

Bits and pieces:

-- I completely get Dexter refusing to live in the house where Rita died. It would almost be like moving into the cargo container where his mother died, wouldn't it?

-- Loved the scene with Elliott standing above Dexter and the knife. Elliott will never know how close he came.

-- Did Dexter actually hunt down and kill a raccoon? Boyd the horrible animal guy said that the raccoon had defensive wounds on his paws.

-- The lighting in the scene where Dexter and Deb were talking on the balcony made them look like corpses. The kids were at that moment packing up to leave forever. I'm sure the lighting was deliberate.

-- There was a magnet on Deb's refrigerator that said, "Killer Menu."

-- Was it me, or were there a lot of people wearing pink in this episode?

-- In this week's hair report, Dexter's looks shorter and lighter than last week's. Is this one also a wig or is it the real thing? Not that it matters.


Dexter: "Someone left another cake at the door."
Deb: "I just ate a whole tuna casserole to make room in the apartment."

Cody: "I like it here. It's like camping."

Dexter: "Once upon a time, an evil green ogre left a circular spatter at three feet high consistent with blunt force trauma."

Boyd: "This raccoon was killed someplace else and dropped here."
Dexter: (to himself) "He's CSI-ing me."

Dexter: "He's definitely peculiar. But I guess the best and brightest don't typically get into dead animal pick-up."

Dexter: "Helping your children cope with grief. Grandpa's Gone to Heaven. Saying Goodbye to Fluffy. But nothing on Mommy Bled Out in a Bathtub."

Dexter: "It's a rule of nature. Leave some old bedsprings out in the middle of nowhere, and soon it'll be joined by a refrigerator, couch, car engine..."

Another terrific episode. Four out of four tuna casseroles,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Quinn isn't exactly a good replacement for Doakes. Doakes was a smart guy, Quinn is...well, Quinn is Quinn.

  2. The moment that really got me in terms of Dexter's parenting skills was when he told Astor that "no one would notice her" at school. Ouch.

  3. MCH is still wearing a wig, Billie. In fact I think he'll probably be wearing it all season. His hair has grown back now, but it doesn't look the same as Dexter's any more (darker and curlier).

    Here's a recent pic of MCH:

    And on set with Julia Stiles (in the wig, I think):

  4. Love your reviews Billie. I look forward to them as much as the shows themself! You took me all through Lost and now through Dexter. When I first saw Boyd on the screen, I had to really analyze him because he reminded me so much of a creepy version of True Blood's Jason.

  5. Thank you so much, Anonymous. That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. And Boyd actually does look a little like Ryan Kwanten. I hadn't registered that.


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