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Dexter: Practically Perfect

Dexter: "I want my wife back. But this will have to do."

I think maybe Dexter should have checked for stray captives before going to town on Boyd. You think?

What is Dexter going to do with that poor woman? He displays pictures of victims when he takes out a killer. They're supposed to be the reason he does it. He can't just remove an inconvenient, innocent victim, and not just because it's against the Code of Harry; it's not in Dexter's nature to kill an innocent. And he certainly can't just let her go and hope she doesn't remember his face. What a fascinating mess.

Boyd was a fun kill, if there can be such a thing. He was unexpectedly challenging, sharp enough to knock Dexter out, and so deeply despicable. Was he possibly planning to kill Dexter? I thought he went after women, and possibly raccoons. Anyway, it's interesting that killing Boyd didn't give Dexter the release he usually feels. Where are they going with this? Will Dexter recover his joie de murder? Is he moving toward a semi-normal, murder-free life, instead? Of course, then the show would be over, so probably not.

Except for the unusual situation with the stray victim, things were sort of getting back to normal. Dexter and Deb (mostly Deb) found the Practically Perfect in Every Way Mary Poppins nanny for Harrison, and I bet something is going to turn out to be very wrong with her. At the very least, she should have kept Harrison's first step to herself so that Dexter could have been there when it happened again. (Loved the opener. I would not want to face Deb on the other side of a nanny job interview.)

There's the exciting (okay, truly icky) new case, the Santa Muerta (not mierda) murders, plus a new partner for Deb that she probably won't be sleeping with. Could be fun. Could be gross. We shall see. And the Maria/Angel subplot has been more interesting than I expected it to be. Two continuing characters suddenly getting involved and working through a problematic relationship can be a fun (I'm not talking about Deb and Quinn, though). But I must admit I felt just a bit tired when the IA guy came in for Angel.

Maybe it won't be tiresome, though, which is what I'm expecting. This show tends to surprise me. Which is why I love reviewing it.

Bits and pieces:

-- Julia Stiles, the as yet unnamed captive, has been added to the cast as a "special guest star." I bet that means she doesn't conveniently die in next week's episode.

-- Prince Harry. Very cute. I'm glad the therapist confirmed that Harrison is too young to be affected by Rita's murder. And I loved the detailed list Dexter left Sonya. Super Dad.

-- Quinn keeps talking about how easily a guy could get sick of his wife and kill her horribly. Doesn't say much for him, let me tell you.

-- Dexter's latest nom de murder is Darrell Tucker. Kyle Butler is still hovering, too.

-- The dead animal call was probably this week's Most Obvious Symbolism. Dexter himself is like a road kill gator situation. Could be deadly, can't tell by looking at it. Then again, maybe it applied more to Boyd, who wasn't at all easy to take out.

-- Dexter's makeshift kill accoutrements were fun. Duct tape, newspaper, Natural Born Griller apron, rubber gloves, Tupperware for the slide blood. What about the initial kill room, though? What if someone had stumbled over it before Dexter cleaned it up?

-- Deb really should have some Spanish. But then again, I live in Los Angeles and I... never mind.


Counselor: "Do something for Dexter."
Dexter: "Dexter will."

Quinn: "I'm just saying, at this point we might as well be married."
Deb: "Shit on my face if you ever use words like 'we' and 'married' in the same fucking sentence again."

Dexter: "I'm not used to checking the fridge for notes. Just messages from other serial killers."

Masuka: "With all due respect... this man is a knight in shining armor. You should be polishing his lance."
Maria: "Excuse me?"
Masuka: "I meant that metaphorically. Not how it sounded."

Masuka: "Looks like the same treatment as our other... head case. Heh heh heh. Eyes and tongue have been excised. Damn. Don't people just shoot each other any more?"

Three out of four barbecue aprons,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "joie de murder"; "nom de murder"; "accoutrements". Billie, are you trying to turn your reviews very slowly into French?

    I would recommend "joie de meurtre", though. More French-y.

    You know, when it comes to Michael C Hall's performance, it's all about the little things. When the social agent (or whatever it is she does) tells him he should find some release for himself, before he really smiled for her, you could see a little smile on that face, one that only the audience, who knows Dex intimately, could perceive. Awesome!
    Also, the look on his face when he saw Harrison taking his first step. It showed love and fright for feeling love at the same time. All very appropriate. MCH rocks!

  2. I got the very, very bad feeling that they might be looking at writing Angel out of the show. I really hope that I'm wrong on that front.

  3. I also got some sexy vibes between Deb and her new partner.

  4. I have to disagree with Dexter, I doubt even Mary Poppins would be good enough for Deb. Now that is a interview I would've loved to have seen.


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