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Glee reviews update

Serena Yang has been reviewing Glee for us since it debuted last year. Here's a message from Serena:

Even though I've loved writing reviews for Glee this past season, sadly, I will no longer be able to do so moving forward due to the demands of my job.

As you know, all of the reviewers here graciously volunteer their time outside of their full time job to write for this site. Unfortunately, my job is based on chaos - I run a Program Mgmt group for a software company, and we pretty much have a career because releases never go as planned :-) Because of that, I often cannot meet my commitment to post a review in a timely manner, which is neither fair to you readers, or the other wonderful writers at Billie Doux, who end up filling in for me.

So moving forward, Billie, Dimitri and Sandy will be rotating reviews on Glee until they find someone to take Glee permanently. I'll chime in with my crazy points systems in the comments whenever I have time, as I love all of you guys and always enjoy hearing your opinions.

I wanted to thank all of you for reading this past year, and hope that you'll continue to enjoy this crazy show!


Thank you so much for doing such a great job for us, Serena.


  1. That's completely understandable Serena, but I will definitely miss your reviews and crazy points scoring. Once or twice I have been watching Glee and suddenly thought "Hmm I bet Serena will deduct points for that" - it's also because of you that in every group dance number I'm always semi watching out for the reach to nowhere.

    Thank you for enriching my viewer experience!

  2. Thank you for your reviews, Serena -- we'll miss you.

  3. I will miss you too, Serena! Like a sad song being sung as we gaze out into nothing and reach with arms upraised in silent appeal... we salute you!!

    I hope you can be back in the saddle again soon!


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