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Supernatural: Live Free or Twi-Hard

Robert: "You must be starving. Here you go."
Dean: "I'm okay. I killed so many people on the way over here."

This episode bummed me out. And it started so well. The Twilight parody opener with "Kristen" and "Robert" was perfect, right down to the creepy teen obsession, longing looks and stilted romantic dialogue. They even got the name "Lautner" in there.

But I hate seeing Dean as a monster. There are a lot of fictional vampires that I find really sexy, but it's not a good look for Dean, since fighting monsters is such a huge part of his identity. (Sam's usually the monster, not Dean.) Actually, I just realized that Dean's face when he was a vampire reminded me of how he looked when he was forced to torture Alastair; complete misery overlaid by suicidal deadpan discipline. He kept his bloodlust under strict control while he went all superhunter with vampire strength and enhanced senses. Actually, that was rather cool. As was Sam with a machete.

But – again – we all know that genre shows have to have rules. One of the things that made Gordon getting turned so frightening was that we knew there was no cure. And now there's a cure. And an alpha vamp. Two episodes ago, we got an alpha shifter, too. So they just changed the shifter rules and the vampire rules. I assume they're going somewhere with this, and not just changing monster rules willy nilly?

(Actually, the brand new and convenient vampire cure involving the one that turned you sounded a lot like the werewolf cure that didn't work on Madison. Maybe because she'd already killed someone?)

I saved the worst for last. Sam deliberately allowed Dean to get infected, and Dean knows it. It even looked like Sam was turned on, much like his demon blood addiction days. All Sam cares about now is killing monsters. He's become a hunting automaton. He's lying to Samuel, too; I don't think Samuel knows what's going on with Sam, either.

That "how long has it been since we had a beer together" scene made me realize that I've more than had enough. I want my Sam back, and I want him now.

Bits and pieces:

— I've heard the word "Twi-Hard" before; it's a serious Twilight fan. I think.

— Dean cares enough about Lisa and Ben that he felt driven to see them one last time.

— The alpha vamp in the glimpses we saw looked like Rick Worthy, who played one of the Cylons on Battlestar. Or was it just someone who looked like Rick Worthy? And what was with the twins?

— There was no mention of Dean just living with (so to speak) being a vampire, like the character played by Amber Benson. Shouldn't it have been a possibility?

— Loved the uncomfortable vampire fist bump.

— The curly-haired vamp who turned Dean seemed to be really into him. Dean's discomfort with it was sort of funny, sort of not.

— This week: where were they? Did I miss it? They stayed at the Nite Owl Hotel, which I assume was a vampire joke.

— No Misha in this episode. Can angels cure vampirism, too?


Dean: "Look at this. He's watching her sleep. How is that not rape-y?"
And yet, later on after getting vamped, Dean watched Lisa sleep. Nice touch.

Sam: "Where are you going?"
Dean: "Bathroom, okay? Newsflash, Mister Wizard. Vampires pee."
Good to know.

Dean: "Oh, god. I'm Pattinson."

Dean: (to Sam) "Dude, you reek. You're like a walking hamburger."

There was definitely good stuff in this episode, but not enough for me. Two out of four nauseating vampire cures,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. That was defiantly Rick Worthy as the Alpha vampire, Billie. Not sure what he was doing with the Shining twins but it freaked me out a bit.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Liked the idea of vampires taking advantage of the Twilight-craze to scout for potential victims. I am concerned that the writers may have wrote themselves into a corner with Sam. Even if they’ve got a seriously good explanation for his actions (or it’s not really Sam) I can’t see Dean ever forgiving him.

  2. Maybe this one turned me off because of my extreme crush on Dean Winchester, then. I was turned off by the "Yellow Fever" episode, too, when a lot of fans really liked it.

  3. The episode was a bummer for sure Billie, but it was still a GOOD episode. Like you, I hate seeing both these characters suffer so much, Sam is not Sam and Dean is more serious and adult than we have ever seen him. But the acting is stellar, the writing is still just so darned good. It's just hard to see them like this.

    The opening credit is the broken glass. Every time I see it, I think of "Through the Looking Glass". Something is off, it is supposed to be. It has been since we first saw Sam at the very end of last seasons finale standing outside Dean and Lisa's house. I don't know if its any type of alternative mirrored reality, but I guess I'm taking it as evidence that something is very wrong, very off kilter and that is exactly the point right?

    My last stream of consciousness thought... (sorry I ramble when I think or talk about this frakkin show!) Anyone think that they would go further with the Death character that Dean met with in the coffee shop last season? He seemed to imply that Lucifer was just a speck of dust on a much larger scale. Meaning there are bigger, more powerful things to fear than simple little religious figures. But I have no idea what is going to happen, there is no predictability for me right now which is a good thing. I kept wondering how you top the Devil in the bad guy/evil department. Maybe they will continue to surprise!

    Long time reader, first time responding to another awesome review :-) I'm sure much of what I said has already been bounced around here.

  4. Lizzie, great comment. Don't hesitate to post more of them! I thought Death was awesome, too, and I was sure at the time that we'd see him again. And you're right about the looking glass aspects of this season. I think it's more metaphorical, not actually unreality or a parallel universe. But I could be wrong.

  5. Technically they had a beer together in 5.17 99 problems.

  6. Thanks Billie! This blog is awesome, I read it religiously and have for years. I just figured I'd speak up for once.

    I think it is metaphorical as well. The change in tone is so subtle, but so significant. I know its off kilter, but I'm really enjoying it and kinda want to see it through to see where they are taking all of this. I have been wondering since they introduced Death if they would go further into that type of mythology. I found Death and his views on the whole apocalypse and humanity super super fascinating and it added another nifty layer to the already great story.

    Maybe I'm just a Supernatural softie and I can't say that I DON'T enjoy an episode no matter what. I'm fine with that though :-)

  7. Billie another great review. I love reading all the different opinions on an episode. I loved this one, except for Dean and Lisa...they better not end this relationship or I'll be really pissed.
    Yeah I miss the old Winchester Brothers, but have to admit Sera has made this season so different, the boys so off their normal. Can't wait to see where all this goes.

  8. I loved this episode, although the fangs are not very good here. I loved the opening scene and did you notice that the girl looked like Kristen and he looked like Pattinson and the whole dialogue was hilarious. The whole watching you while you sleep is also a jab at Twilight because Edward loves watching Bella sleep.
    I also have to say that Sam is really creeping me out. I wanna know what happened with him.
    And billie, I too have a crush on Dean and he can be my Pattinson anyday of the week.

  9. I stand by my previous comment. This episode is super! The opening scene is hilarious.

  10. Making fun of the worst best-selling books in history is always welcome. :D

    Next episode will probably reveal what Sam is given the title.

    Has Supernatural used tv show and movie title spoofs before this season? I think i remember only song titles.

  11. Something wicked this way comes -- and his name is Sam Winchester. I am now officially creeped out by him. I can think of no possible explanation for his letting Dean get turned than he is, for some reason, not Sam. But, how is that possible?

    I will put my hand up and say that, although I am a tad old for the target audience, I am a 'Twilight' fan. I loved the opening bit -- they got it spot on. I was laughing through the whole thing.

    I think we've seen the end of Lisa and Ben. I, personally, would find it very difficult to continue a relationship with a man who sneaks into my house in the middle of the night, completely freaks me out and then hurls my son down the hall.

    Something tells me the Alphas are going to continue appearing this season. Should prove interesting to watch.

  12. I love Lisa and Ben and I love how Lisa generally reacts so well to everything, but if she doesn't dump Dean they'll both die horribly so I kinda hope she does.

    I spent half this episode thinking, OK, it looks bad, but are you at least going to check whether the angel with whom you share a profound bond can help out? Plus I just want to see Castiel again.


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