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Being Human: Tully

George: How did you find me?
Tully: You're a werewolf living in Bristol. It kinda narrows the field.

After a pretty good first episode, I have to admit I wasn't exactly expecting a completely stellar second episode. I was right, for the most part. Except for Tully. He was probably one of the only reasons why I watched this episode again.

While the first episode was primarily about Mitchell, Herrick, Lauren and other vampires, it is clearly understandable that they [the writers] would then take a stab (pun intended) at a werewolf storyline, so that we could get to know George and his temporary use of the third-person.

It took me a while to realise that we had seen Tully in the previous episode, when George was running through the woods to find a place to transform and Tully is leaning against a tree. He reminds me of a bad-arse version of Phil Collins and as most of my friends will attest, considering the amount of times I've belted out 'You'll Be In My Heart' very loudly (alcohol was a factor), that that is not such a bad thing.

George has been having a bit of a hard time dealing with his transformations, especially after he pretty much destroyed the house in the first episode. I don't think I would have reacted as ... rationally as George did when he woke up in the woods to find Tully staring over him, while he was buck naked. I like that they haven't made werewolves pretty and cuddlesome-looking like they have in some films which I won't mention, but it is fairly obvious what particular movie I am talking about. I hope. Tully is the sort of guy who looks like he could be a werewolf, or a predator of some kind, anyway; especially with his interaction with the waitress in the pub? I think it was a pub. George, fairly understandably, isn't a huge fan of Tully initially, although it is the opposite when it comes to Annie and Mitchell. Tully is charming and friendly to George's flatmates, while George just plain exudes animosity towards his fellow wolf..

I thought it was nice how Tully taught George how to look after himself while he is in wolf form. In hindsight, it is Tully's retribution for what he did to George, by being the cause of George being cursed to be a nightwalker. Although Tully lost points with me for pushing himself onto Annie the way he did. I hope we see more of Tully in the future (no spoilers in the comments, please), because I think he, and the actor playing him, to be amazing. Tully reminds me of someone from another sci-fi show, most likely Buffy, but I can't remember who. Probably Whistler. It's all about the hat and the tracksuit.

I have to admit that I didn't initially like Nina all that much when she is first introduced. She's rude to George and doesn't seem all that nice in general. George's awkward, stumbling attempt to hit on her in front of Tully was funny, though; I like her a lot more than I did Becca in the first episode. Hopefully she isn't going to be another typical blonde who is going to be killed at some point. She's feisty.

Now ... for the vampire porn video that was sent to Mitchell. Who else immediately knew it was Lauren? This can only have some sort of ramification between Lauren and Mitchell. And judging by the promo for the next episode, I'm going to like the results. I'm twisted, obviously. I love their relationship. Is Mitchell already going down a dark road after Becca's death at Lauren's hands, especially after those last few minutes, where Mitchell took the DVD out of the bin. Could be a bit unhygienic, Mitchell.

So, after finding out Tully's endgame for George, despite it being more an act of retribution rather than malice, George ended his bromance with Tully, in a scene almost replicating the first scene between the werewolves. I think my heart broke a bit in that scene. George needs more guys in his life. Having Mitchell and Annie (And Nina) cannot be healthy for him. But having his, well ... Maker, around, probably isn't any healthier. It's not going to be as adorable and romantic as Eric and Godric in True Blood.

If anyone call tell me who played Tully, I'd appreciate it. I think I've found my new older guy fantasy ;)

Bites and Pieces:
  • The Vin Diesel obsessed neighbour reminded me of myself. Except I talk about Jensen Ackles.
  • I wish they had shown Tully and George walking the chicken carcass around.
  • I cringed when Mitchell and Annie kissed. No. No. No. Do not want. Mitchell and Lauren, please.
  • Lauren's line about Hotel California: "You can check out, but you can never leave." Probably one of my favourite lines this episode.
  • Seriously, Tully = Phil Collins in a track suit. I can't be the only one who sees this?


Mitchell: [Voice-over] He should be dead within 30 seconds. The werewolf heart is about two-thirds the size of a human's. But in order to shrink, first it has to stop. In other words, he has a heart attack. All of the internal organs are smaller, so while he's having his heart attack, he's having liver and kidney failure too. If he stops screaming it's not because the pain has dulled, his throat, gullet and vocal chords are tearing and reforming. He literally can't make a sound. By now the pituitary gland should be working overtime, flooding his body with endorphins to ease some of the pain, but that too has shut down. Anyone else would have died of shock long ago. But it won't kill him and that's the thing I find most remarkable. It drags him through the fire and keeps him alive and even conscious to endure every second. Nothing like this could just evolve. This... is the fingerprint of God. An impossible lethal curse spread by tooth and claw, victim begets victim begets victim. It's so cruel, it's... perfect.

George: We have to put a stop to this. Doesn't he understand, these people are British? You're not allowed to talk to your neighbours until you've nodded at them for fifteen years.
[My dad is from England. He thought that line was funny, he does that here, too]

Lauren: And the blood, Mitchell. Can you remember the taste? So rich and warm. You can have it again. As much as you want.
Mitchell: I can't, the cost is too high.
Lauren: Please! Who are you saving, really? Have you seen Britain's Got Talent?

Mitchell: He's a twat!
George: Well, he's my twat!
Mitchell: You know, I'm sure that sounded much better in your head.

George: Do you know the difference between you and [Tully]?
Mitchell: Mmm, I don't know, I don't have to shave my palms?
George: I, I think that's actually racist.

Annie: Maybe he's had a blow to the head.
George: I'm sorry?
Annie: Happened to my Nan. She got hit in the head by a radio controlled plane at a county fair. From that moment - obsessed with pygmy goats.
George: There wasn't a single bit of that sentence I understood.

Mitchell: We can't just dip our toe! We have to dive into the churn of humanity. Laugh with them, listen to their stories.
George: About Vin Diesel?
Mitchell: A remarkable man, I'm starting to realise.
[Good analogy of humanity being chum, whilst George and Mitchell are obviously the implied sharks]

George: Look, don't try to understand George.
Annie: George? George who?
George: Me!

Three out of four chicken carcasses.


  1. Now, see, I didn't like Tully at all. Although I did like the scene with the chicken.

  2. Tully is played by Dean Lennox Kelly, who also played Shakespeare in an episode of Doctor Who among other things. :)

    Also, it's fun to have a fresh opinion of the show from someone who is watching it for the first time. But it's also so hard not to give future plot twists away! I hope you enjoy the ride.

  3. Morgan if you like Dean Lennox Kelly (and who can blame you? Give me the Being Human werewolves over that overlong Abercrombie and Fitch advert any day) you might want to check out the British version of Shameless. DLK is in most episodes and a couple of times you get to see pretty much all of him.

    I actually preferred this episode to the first one because I think George is such a compelling character and Russell Tovey is just a great actor. A case in point is the scene towards the end where George is standing over a naked Tully, ordering him to leave. The reversal in power that takes place over the episode is well done and George's choice is explained really well.

    Annie's development continues apace and I loved her little thing with making tea - a ghost who wants to make people warm is a delightful subversion of the usual horror tropes and it's interesting how Tully's hurting her is what marks him out as a bad guy.

  4. My heart broke for Tully when George ran out on him. Tully is so lonely. Dean brought out that charming pathetic streak in Tully. I wanted to be in Annie's place when he was pushing on her. LOLed when she disappeared just when Tully was about to kiss her, instead he kissed the frig.


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