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Holiday Gift Guide: Glee

So your father/mother/sister/brother/lover/best friend/pet/all of the above is a major Gleek? They're so into Glee that they've bought the all the DVDs (and Blu-Ray, for good measure), all the music, the calendar, t-shirts, mugs and bath-mat. They've seen the cast on tour and stolen Matthew Morrison's empty Starbucks cup, the dregs of which are kept in a vial around their neck. What Gleeful gifts are you going to give them for Christmas?

For those who love Sue Sylvester (or those who hate hair so full of oil you could season a wok with it):

The complete The L Word. Jane Lynch enters in season two, episode two as the lawyer of two characters undergoing a divorce. Imagine Sue if it was actually her job to be one tough bitch, and you'll get an idea of the awesomeness of her L Word character. It's best to start watching from season one though, because you'll be hooked. Here's Billie explaining why.

For the teen Gleek:

High School Musical? Oh crikey - did I just say that? No, wait - check out Camp instead, it's better... still not a patch on Glee though. Yeah... just watch Glee, actually.

For the Kurt fans and aspiring 'Notorious Homosexuals':

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. That book and those that follow it will transport you to 28 Barbary Lane, whose quirky and loveable residents paint a picture of gay and gay-friendly life in 70s San Francisco so joyous and full of freedom you'll spend the next week reading about your new friends and the next fortnight missing them.

Also, you could make a donation in the name of your giftee to The Matthew Shepard Foundation or Stonewall, organisations which campaign to tackle homophobic bullying like the sort Kurt experiences in Season Two. They both do essential work that can change young peoples' lives and maybe even convince some suicidal gay teens to endure the bullying until life 'gets better'.

For the London-based lover of tater tots:

Sign them up to Soho Gyms and their new Glee Class! Work off those Christmas pounds to Proud Mary or a Journey Medley and learn the dance moves from the show (yes, these really do exist - in terms of fervour, Gleeks rival even Whedon fans).

For the aspiring Glee Club attendee:

Apart from a few CDs of Mark Salling or Kristin Chenowith to get them in the mood, and some sheet music from Spring Awakening (originally starring Lea Michele) to make some song suggestions to the club director (note, he'll only turn them down for more Journey tunes) there's nothing you can get for this person... except maybe a Slushie in the face.

Oh, and one last shameless plug - if you Do want to buy Glee merchandise check out any of the ads on the Glee review pages - everything bought after clicking on one of those links helps support the site!


  1. Nice suggestion list, Harry! I love the idea of an a room full of London Gleeks reaching to nowhere in gym slacks.

    Oh, and what do you get when you mix High School Musical with Camp? Why you get Camp Rock, starring Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, of course (Disney Channel reference #9).

  2. Ok Dimitri, your Jonas Brothers references are even starting to freak Me out now. But thanks :) I'm hoping to move to London soon so maybe in 2011 I can do a blog entry about what it's actually like to reach to nowhere in gym slacks!

  3. I believe that's the plot to the next Street Dance movie, isn't it?

    Oh, and if you'd rather, I can start making S Club 7 references after my last Disney Channel one (conditions of the bet).

  4. I'm sure theres a funny quip combining 'reach to nowhere' and 'reach for the stars' (an S Club song) to be found there, but I'm too tired to think of it!


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