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Holiday Gift Guide: Supernatural

It's hard to think of a gift that would say Supernatural. Let's face it, the homeless Winchesters have practically nothing but a classic car and each other, and sometimes they don't even have that.

A twenty-pound bag of rock salt is too heavy to carry, plus it's nearly impossible to wrap. And since Dean refuses to get on a plane, definitely not frequent flier miles. There are the obvious car care gifts like Turtle Wax and coupons for gas. Come to think of it, a men's travel kit might work. Shaving gear, toiletries, holy water, crucifixes -- and a much smaller emergency package of rock salt.

So there's no perfect gift. How about the perfect holiday treat for the Supernatural fan: rewatching "A Very Supernatural Christmas." It may be the most twisted, gruesome Christmas-themed episode of any genre show. And it manages to be touching, too.

And at least I know what to get the angel who has everything: a much better cell phone plan.

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  1. I want the Winchesters to have a nice, home-cooked meal for the holidays, so I'm inviting them here to Long Island, New York for a feast! There will be turkey, roast beef, stuffing, potatoes (white and yams), pies (apple, pecan, cherry and coconut custard), plus brownies and cannoli!

    Afterward, we can all snuggle together on my sofa, watch whatever TV they want, and enjoy petting my dogs.

    Come on over, Sam and Dean!


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