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Supernatural: Caged Heat

Sam: "You know what? When angels and demons agree on something, call me nuts, I pay attention."

Well, they had to make a hugely serious attempt to retrieve Sam's soul, and this was it. And they discovered what I'd already guessed: that Crowley was lying to them.

Getting Sam's soul back isn't going to be easy? Duh. And "Sam" went a lot further to get it back than I expected. I was surprised that Castiel thinks Dean shouldn't retrieve Sam's soul. Yes, paralysis, insanity, psychic pain, I get it. But the thing is, wouldn't it be like when Dean was in Hell while his body was buried on earth? I've assumed that the real Sam, our Sam, is suffering horribly and will keep on suffering forever if he isn't rescued. I've also been hoping that archangel Michael would protect the real Sam from Lucifer, although considering what a dick he is, maybe not. And why has no one mentioned that Adam is trapped in the box and suffering, too?

So I was disappointed that Sam didn't get his soul back (although the television reviewer in me knew that such a major plot point wouldn't be resolved so soon), but I am still enjoying our badass soulless "Sam" the superhunter. At least he's still strongly loyal to Dean. (At this point, "Sam" could have betrayed Dean a dozen times, and hasn't.) His homemade, bloody devil's trap? That was really something, and so was his bloody smile. And I absolutely loved "Sam" luring Castiel back to earth with the plot synopsis of Raiders of the Lost Ark. At least he still has a sense of humor.

Mark Sheppard got to behead himself. I bet that's not something he gets to do on other shows. Guess Crowley doesn't have to search for Purgatory any more, though, because he's there. I'm rather sad that Crowley is no more, but it was probably time; he used to be a lot more fun, but lately he's been way too evil.

And I was right that Crowley was using Mary to get Samuel to do his bidding. But did Samuel even once consider how Mary would feel about her father betraying her sons? Not to diss Mitch Pileggi, who is always good, but I'm a lot more intrigued by the idea of a young Mary in the series, interacting with her grown sons. Could be fascinating. Couldn't the writers make that happen, anyway?

My favorite part of this episode was the previously "junkless" Castiel discovering porn, and almost immediately putting what he learned into practice – and with a demon, yet. "I learned that from the pizza man." So much fun, and surprisingly sexy. I love Castiel. I've missed Castiel. Please let the fight in Heaven go on without him; I want him on Earth with the Winchesters.

And speaking of sexy, this episode was packed with sexual double entendres; Meg in particular was actively and explicitly flirting with everyone. And she showed bravery when she stayed behind to fight the hellhounds, as well as when "Christian" was torturing her. Yes, Meg is evil and must die, but I hope they bring her back.

Bits and pieces:

Caged Heat was a women-in-prison exploitation movie. Appropriate.

— The Alpha shapeshifter is dead. What happened to all the babies? I guess Castiel got rid of all of them. Purgatory?

— Was that female djinn from the first episode of the season?

— Cousin Christian Campbell is gone. Did we ever know the real guy? Was he always possessed?

— Yes, very skinny is apparently very in, but tied up and naked, Meg looked like she was twelve years old.

— I was wondering if the writers would continue with Castiel's new interest in sex, and then I remembered Future Castiel in "The End" was into orgies. So I'm thinking that yes, the writers will continue with this. At least I hope they will.

— The boys stayed in a deserted house instead of a motel. That went with the rest of the episode, which took place mostly in Crowley's icky prison.

— The advertising on my site usually takes content keywords to create an appropriate ad. I usually see religious stuff when there are a lot of references to angels. I can't wait to see what it's going to do with angels and porn.


Dean: "We have been going on these freaking Crowley runs, and it's not getting us anywhere. I mean, the only thing that's really changed is now I need a daily rape shower."
Sam: "Okay, you're right, let's go with Plan B. Oh yeah, we don't have one. So until we do, sorry dude, stock up on soap-on-a-rope."

Castiel: "It's very complex."
Dean: (not listening) "Mm hmm."
Castiel: "If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong."
Dean: "You're watching porn? Why?"
Castiel: "It was there."
Dean: "You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don't talk about it."

Samuel: "This is what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?"
Castiel: "We're not supposed to talk about it."

Meg: "What was that?"
Castiel: "I learned that from the pizza man."

Crowley: "Best purchase I made since Dick Cheney."

Dean: "I'm standing in pee."
Sam: "Consider yourself lucky."
Dean: "Yikes."

Crowley: "Castiel. Haven't seen you all season."
Loved that one.

Dean: "Of course, I would have given you an hour with her first."
Castiel: "Why would I want that?"

Three out of four angels watching porn,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally! Castiel in an episode longer then three minutes! It's been what? Twelve weeks? And boy, have I missed him. I was laughing out loud when he kissed Meg. *sigh* I'm so happy now! : )

    But I was kinda creeped when Sam bit into his wrist. I was like,"Huh? Are they doing the whole blood thing again?" Abd me question never really got resolved I guess.

    And boo!!! I liked Crowly!

  2. I love Crowley and will miss him. A part of me hopes that since he was looking for Purgatory and the alphas weren't telling him where it was that he had a backup plan where if someone torched his bones he would go to Purgatory and then he had a way to come back.

  3. percysowner, that is a very cool theory and it actually makes sense. Maybe we haven't seen the last of Mark Sheppard on this show.

  4. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and wondering if the writers were going to continue with Castiel's brand new interest in sex or if it would be gone by the next episode, and then I remembered that in "The End", future Castiel was into orgies. I rarely add to an episode review when I'm done with it, but I *have* to add that.

  5. I thought this episode had some really good stuff in it, but I did not care for Castiel getting his groove on. Especially with Meg. Ick. I do not like Meg in this host body. Like Ruby, she was much more entertaining in the blonde.

    I did, however, laugh heartily at Castiel repeating the "we're not supposed to talk about it" bit after Samuel showed up and discovered him watching porn.

    I loved Samuel's part in the story this week. Plus, Dean pleading with him to learn from their mistakes when it comes to making deals with crossroads demons was a nice bit of continuity. I would imagine having a very hard time not wanting my child back, even if it meant screwing over her children, because in this case, he knows, loves, and misses his own child, and he doesn't really know Sam and Dean at all. But I also understand how it seems from Dean's perspective, and Mary would absolutely want Samuel to help her kids rather than bring her back from the dead.

    I'm not thrilled about Crowley's demise. With the bones being burned, does he simply cease to exist? Or does he go back to hell? Because I thought only the monsters go to Purgatory. Not demons. Unless he did some preemptive spell thing, as percysowner suggests.

  6. OK, Sammy remained loyal to Dean. Doesn't this indicate he is slowly growing another soul inside him?

  7. I'll admit it; I rewound my recording of the Castiel and the porn thing TWICE to watch. I loved it THAT MUCH. :D

    More Castiel, please! :D

  8. Very good episode. And Castiel discovering porn was a hoot. I love Crowley but kinda glad he´s gone. And that talk between Dean and Samuel about Samuel had to learn from their mistakes was touching.

  9. I found myself strangely rooting for Meg in this episode. Probalby because I suspected she would die. So i was really suprised they killed off Crowley. Mark Sheppard don't go!

    The brothers got Ruby's knife back. Anyone remembers where the colt is?

  10. Castiel always reminds me of Columbo. Do they ever play on that?

  11. I think the trenchcoat is more of a tribute to Constantine than Columbo.


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