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Smallville: Masquerade

Oliver: "This is definitely the most romantic of my recent kidnappings."

Even with all of the dead bodies, this episode was so much fun. At least until the end.

The double couple stuff was great. Chloe and Oliver can't even go out to dinner incognito without a case of mistaken identity, kidnapping and violence. And I enjoyed Lois wrestling her wedding problems to the ground; I thought the wedding diorama was funny and totally in character. I particularly liked the U.S. military heavily represented on the bride's side and vigilante superheroes on the groom's.

The secret identity stuff was fun, too, and not just the costume tryout. I dare say that Clark finally adopting the glasses and mannerisms of the traditional Clark Kent was a pretty big moment in the history of this series. Smallville has always been about Clark Kent, not Superman, so it wasn't surprising that Clark found it difficult to alter his core identity, to take that final step. It's so nice that he gets to take it with Lois right there to help him.

Oliver's identity issues may not have been as momentous, but they were more serious and a lot less joyous. He had two identities, then one, then nothing – and then he was taken over by the encroaching Darkseid darkness, which bums me out. Oliver's "disguise" in the opening scenes had to be this episode's Most Obvious Symbolism; he was all in black, right down to his hair.

So Darkseid has been encroaching and threatening all season, and now he seems to have officially arrived. You know what? This season so far has been so much fun in a Memory Lane sort of way that I almost wish we didn't have a Big Bad. But I guess eight more episodes consisting of Clark saving people in whatever new costume he adopts plus a great big fun double cousin wedding would get boring. Oh, well.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark went from London to Metropolis in no time flat and that's not considered flying? Did he skim over the surface of the Atlantic Ocean?

— Chloe got another amazing costume and not just for dinner; she resisted the temptation of the seven deadly sins in a killer red dress.

— The ultimate threat being symbolized by the Greek letter omega is actually rather fitting for the final season.


Lois: "You do not get to whoosh your way out of this one."

Lois: "Micro vision?"
Clark: "It's my power. I can call it whatever I want."

Three out of four outstanding red dresses,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Much as I enjoyed this episode I can’t get over how horrendous those English accents were. Could they not find anyone in Canada who could at least do a passable English accent?

  2. I loved Clark's quote about his power it was absolutely adorable haha!

  3. Anyone else get a total Christopher Reeve flashback when Clark push up his glasses with his middle finger and call Lois "Miss Lane?" ;-)


  4. I seriously doubt apologising for bumping into someone and putting on glasses could change Jeffs opinion of Clark so quickly or maybe he just a rude person who is a critic when he's not being intimated.....

    1. Yeah I couldn't understand that exchange at all... he basically says what the real Clark would say. Maybe a little more stiffly? But why would that make the little guy practically scoff at him?

      Also when did he get that zooming featu- sorry, MICROvision???? :OOOOO I thought the frost breath was the last of his abilities (without flying), that freaked me out when the show got into it so nonchalantly... new powers used to be a milestone on this show in the early days... Did I miss an episode?


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